Otome Game Review: Sora*Yume

The story is about Mizunaga Satsuki whose parents run some antique item store. One day she finds a ring in the storage room and it turns into some caped dude with a sword through his chest. She pulls the sword out and then he tells her the reason he’s not bleeding is because he’s a demon. She hears this and passes out and hears various ikemans proposing their love to her. She wakes up thinking it was all a dream until she wakes up to the demon-man right in her face. Turns out she’s released the seal of the ring and now he’s looking for the Heliotrope ring and asks Satsuki to help him find & destroy it. The reason is because anyone who puts the ring on will get their wishes granted, but at the expense that the ring will devour their blood until it merges with their body & turns them into a hateful blood sucking vampire. As Satsuki searches for the ring with the help of her tsukaima, she starts to discover many things about herself and the people around her. Skip to my final thoughts to avoid spoilers!

Yamase Yuuto – I did Yuuto first because it seems like his route is the least revealing about the story plot so he’s a safe first character to do. Yuuto is the medicine store owner’s son, Satsuki’s classmate & childhood friend. Being the childhood friend of course he’s loved Satsuki forever and when he was a shota he’s even asked Satsuki to become his oyome-san when he becomes cooler, but yea of course she’s forgotten about that lol. Yuuto has a major inferiority complex to Kyou who he thinks Satsuki would prefer over him. Yuuto’s route is pretty bland most of the time but he does have a lot of cute tsundere moments ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ They talk about how they used to sleep together when they were kids and Yuuto freaks out because she’s so close to him. When he walks her home at night, she hears a cat in the bushes and glomps him. He’s so surprised he turns red but then hugs her back surprising her as well |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . They go to the summer festival with Isshin & Suzuna and he brings her a yukata that he helps her put on (/ρ\)いやーん. When they split from the other 2 he tells her how he’s upset that she no longer calls him by his first name. She says it’s because when they were in middle school she called his name once and he gave her this angry look so she started calling him by his last name ever since. He told her that it’s because he just got confessed to by a girl and he rejected her saying he likes Satsuki…and when Satsuki showed up he was just really shocked. He tells her to call him by his first name which she does..but then that’s that. I mean the dude just admitted that he liked you wtf girl? (ಠ_ಠ) She keeps having dreams and meeting up with that shota and one of the dreams has the shota with blood spilling out of his mouth. The day before the town lockdown Yuuto tells Satsuki to stay away from him for a while. So then she runs into the shota who’s like raging that she doesn’t remember his name and calls him Yuuto. He starts strangling her until Yuuto comes to save her.

The shota disappears saying he’ll take her precious things away from her. Yuuto then tells her that if she’s with him, she will be in danger and he won’t be able to protect her. So then in the first end I did, crazy shota returns and says he’ll take revenge on Yuuto and uh I guess he turns Satsuki into a vegetable or something? Ugh freaking otome.girly labeled this end as “pink” which in my eyes means Good or Normal…THIS IS A BAD END LOL. There was no CG either so not worth bothering with. In the good end, Yuuto admits that he has a special blood running through his veins different from other humans. This kind of blood apparently causes the weird reaction in Satsuki and has various spirits try to enter her body because her powers or something increase. That’s why he said he wanted to stay away from her and apologized for not telling her anything and also why his parents were against him being with her. Satsuki says that she won’t hate him for that and confesses that she likes him as well. So then Kyou cockblocks and tells them dinner is ready and after dinner asks Yuuto to stay over….in Satsuki’s room. Even though Luen protests, Kyou acts like a wingman & gets him drunk to get Satsuki & Yuuto to get together xDD The next day when Yuuto plans to return home Satsuki stops him saying she doesn’t wanna be away from him even if nothing good comes out of it. Sadly their cute moment is cockblocked by Kyou again OTL. Luen then rages & tells Satsuki to stay away from Yuuto as well. Yuuto plans to go take care of all the demons outside on his own, and he kisses Satsuki and passes a sleeping medicine into her mouth. He tells her that when she wakes up everything will be resolved. Satsuki protests but instantly passes out. Yuuto leaves some of his blood with Luen to use to stop any spirits because apparently his distant relative was a demon slayer and he has the same blood. When Satsuki wakes up she asks Luen if there’s a way for her to be together with Yuuto as long as he can control his powers.

So then because Satsuki’s powers increased from being with Yuuto she goes nuts & summons all her tsukaima to help her find where Yuuto is. She takes the 2 tubes with Yuuto’s blood with her for protection while she runs after him. She runs into the evil ghost shota who has the Heliotrope ring and he tries to I guess merge his spirit with her but then Yuuto shows up & stops him. Shota then claims that he’s gonna take over Yuuto’s body and admits that he’s the criminal behind all the recent occurrences in town. So then he starts strangling Yuuto and Yuuto’s like “alright fine dude I’ll give you half my body I mean we both like Satsuki it’s awwright yea?” So I guess this is where shota was possessed by Heliotrope and so his REAL side defeats the vampire side. He then drinks the remaining test tube of Yuuto’s blood and says that if he disappears all the other spirits will disappear with him. He says goodbye and disappears saying maybe one day they will meet again. When they get back, Kyou takes the ring from Satsuki and becomes Luen’s new master and Luen says goodbye to Satsuki. He tells her if she wants to know the details to ask her parents that will be home god knows when (lol wut?) Satsuki gets back home with Yuuto waiting for her and then they sleep in her bed together (no implied secks I’m afraid!) In the epilogue they both confess to each other again (why..) in the classroom that they love each other and then they kiss behind the curtain but of COURSE we don’t actually get to see that! We just see them in the freaking curtains COME ON TAKUYOOOOOoooo. Anyway Yuuto yea..Yuuto is so hot in his CGs (*´д`*)ハァハァ but I feel like he really got shafted. I mean I feel like they really coulda milked more out of the whole childhood friend thing. Even the whole dream that she saw where she confessed to her…that was really never dwelled on when it should have! At some points I couldn’t tell if they were just being bffs or if they were in love but before we knew it boom Yuuto was in her bed lol wut? Just feel like they took things too slow and then rushed it at the end…what a shame since I really liked Yuuto as a character ;_;.

Misakubou Isshin – Isshin’s route was heartbreaking because you basically had to reject Yuuto and crush his route flags all the way down ;A;. Isshin is apparently a yakiniku master. So anyway for a while it’s just the usual Satsuki hanging out with him, Yuuto and Suzuna and like I felt nothing happened and suddenly we’re at the fireworks festival and BOOM he’s like “I like you” to her. I mean I guess I sorta started seeing it when he kept staring at her in the ferris wheel during the amusement park scenario but still it felt rather…sudden. Kinda like yea I’m okay with him falling for her but I personally just didn’t really see it coming because the general scenario was so…bland I guess? Satsuki didn’t see it coming either since she was like lol wut? Shit starts to get weird when Suzuna becomes all yandere, and when Satsuki has a dream of being inside of her mind…where she has a split personality. If that wasn’t weird enough, the next day in school Satsuki comes to class and nobody knows who she is. So then Satsuki realizes you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone when Isshin doesn’t remember his feelings for her, but she’s now completely in love with him. \( ^o^)/ And why did all of this happen? Because Suzuna has a major crush on Isshin and I guess she gets posessed by some jealousy demon or some shit that she’s the one who erased Suzuna from everyone’s minds. When Suzuna sees that Isshin and Satsuki are still walking to school together she rages again.

I mean just for doing Isshin’s route you gotta screw over your best friend AND childhood friend! So then Suzuna makes everyone think that she and Isshin are dating and the only ones who think its weird is Yuuto & Satsuki. Yuuto asks him like “Are you guys dating? Do you like her?” And Isshin says “yes we’re dating…” but he has the most depressing look on his face. Yuuto asks him “I think there’s someone else that you like..” and then Isshin’s head starts hurting because he’s trying to fight Suzuna’s brainwashing spell. It hurts him too much & he passes out. While he’s unconscious, she says to herself that she wishes he would remember her and that she loves him. When he wakes up she says she’s glad he’s conscious again and then she blurts out that she likes him. Isshin’s like “!?” and then Satsuki runs off the roof top. I guess her confession broke the spell and Isshin remembered everything. Luen explains that this is all because Suzuna got her hands on the Heliotrope ring and made a wish for everyone to forget Satsuki’s existance. So then Suzuna shows up and is like posessed by the ring (which is trying to merge with her so it can absorb her blood) so she’s all yandere and tells Suzuna to GTFO cause she’s got a hot date with Isshin. Luen, Satsuki & Yuuto run looking for Suzuna and find her passed out in the park, with the Heliotrope ring nowhere in sight. Satsuki uses one of her tsukaima to look into the past to see what happened and basically the Heliotrope ring admits to erasing everyone’s memories of Satsuki because Suzuna liked Isshin and he only liked Satsuki. So then the Heliotrope demon gives the ring to Isshin and says he wants to see what Isshin will do with it…but warns him if he’s too greedy he will become hateful like Suzuna.

Luen & Satsuki then go looking for Isshin, they find him at the school. Luen can’t go in because of a barrier so Satsuki runs in there on her own. She begs for Isshin not to use the ring anymore but he says he wants to bring the smile back to her face and make everyone remember her again. He says he still wants her to have a place she can go to every day & smile and he continues using the ring to reverse Suzuna’s spell. His eyes turn red & he grows fangs as the ring starts to take over his body. He then tells her that he wants her blood and since Satsuki loves him, she agrees and after he bites into her neck she passes out. When she wakes up he appears to be back to normal and he tells her about how he lives alone because his parents died in a car accident. He was really upset that his parents left him but then he forgave them when he found a photo from the accident and ont he back his father wrote “even if we’re far apart, we’ll still always be by your side”.  Satsuki says that she loves him and will always be by his side even if his parents are gone.  He also says that the ring fell off when he sucked her blood, even though once you put that ring on you can’t normally remove it. He asks her to close her eyes and gives her an apology kiss. In the epilogue, turns out Suzuna is back to normal but she’s more assertive and doesn’t keep all her emotions bottled up. In the meantime Isshin & Satsuki go making out in the place where he first confessed to her. How unfair! Isshin got 2 kiss CGs!!  Anyway Isshin’s route was like really boring until Suzuna finally snapped, dat ho. I always thought she was crazy when I did Yuuto’s route but Isshin’s route pretty much confirmed my suspicions. Also why does Takuyo keep getting Fujita Saki to voice all their yandere female sub characters? 😆

Mitsurugi Kyou – Kyou is Satsuki’s cousin (ewww Takuyo & their stupid cousincest) who’s in college even though at first I thought he was her age xD. Kyou is very smart and he’s also a really good cook so he often makes meals for Satsuki & Luen and also helps Satsuki with her homework. He was asked by Satsuki’s dad to help her out with the store while her parents are gone and he’s not exactly thrilled to find out she’s living with an older bishounen all alone. Needless to say he has a lot of rivalry going on with Luen but to the point where he pretty much knows how to get Luen under his thumb… 😆 Kyou seems like this happy laid back guy but at a moments notice he changes his personality 180 degrees especially if it comes to anything relating to his feelings for Satsuki and jealousy of Luen. Amarube tells her to be careful of Kyou saying that he may be using her. Things start getting weirder when it seems to Satsuki that Kyou has an “older girlfriend” who he always changes his tone of voice from sweet dude to yandere bastard. During the summer festival, she goes together with the shota who she finds out is named Suzushi. He runs off when he thinks that Satsuki may have a crush on Kyou and when Satsuki finds him bleeding from the mouth, Kyou is there and he tells her to stay away from the shota. She ignores him and then shota goes into Heliotrope ring mode I guess and she gets enveloped in some dark aura. She cries for help and suddenly she’s back in the forest with Kyou by her side.She realizes Kyou’s fucking crazy and she’s like “noo stop being yandere and be the usual Kyou-nii!” and he’s like “what the hell do you know about the real me?” He then says that he knows she likes him. She’s then enveloped in the weird dark aura and she passes out as Kyou says he will “grant her wish”.

She wakes up back in her room and Kyou seems back to normal while he explains that the shota escaped from the hospital and was returned there. So then Luen explains to Satsuki that the reason Kyou was so yandere is because he put Satsuki’s ring on, which got recently powered up. I know he’s evil guys but like omg afterwards they get home and eat cake and he licks the cream off her face and goes ごちそうさま~ and I’m like |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ For some reason Satsuki’s all like “Don’t leave me..” and so Kyou decides to stay at her house until her parents return. The next day her mom calls her saying she can’t get home just yet cause they’re in the Congos lol. One day while they’re making dinner, Kyou pushes her down and says “I don’t want to ever let you leave here” and Satsuki’s so shocked she pushes him away and runs to her room. She continues to have weird dreams about conversations between Luen & Kyou but has no idea what it is. So if that wasn’t weird enough, while Satsuki emos the next day thinking abuot Kyou suddenly it becomes night time and she’s at the festival with him. He comes up and hugs her from behind saying that he loves her and asks “What can I do to satisfy you?” Suddenly he lights up & disappears and then reappears back to his normal self. Kyou then tells her that they destroyed the Heliotrope ring and the shota’s now gone. Next day when Satsuki comes to school it’s like the twilight zone. Some random girl she doesn’t know walks to school with her, Yuuto is strangely polite, Suzuna is some class idol with fanboys fawning over her, and sensei is a laid back wacky guy. 😆  When she gets home her parents call like they’re fighting some magical girls and Satsuki freaks out but Kyou tells her that this is her dream that he was able to enter.

Kyou then tells her that he can summon Luen just like she can, and that ever since that night at the festival with the shota, Satsuki’s just been in this 1 ongoing dream. But in this dream world Kyou was able to enter and the only ones that are “real” in her dream world are Kyou & herself. This is also why she hasn’t been able to summon Luen. He also says he’s had trouble going into Satsuki’s mind for a while until the night before when he came & explained about the Heliotrope ring, which means up until now the Kyou that was in her dream was an illusion that she had created herself. All those dreams that she had of Kyou & Luen were actually bits of reality that she was able to see. She passes out & wakes up with illusion-Kyou asking her why she’s so unhappy with this “world”. Satsuki realizes she can’t be in this dream world forever so she tells Kyou-who’s in her mind that they should get out & she needs to wake up. Kyou says that he’s been trying to get her to wake up but something in her heart is keeping her from waking up, & so with Luen’s helped he jumped in to see what it was. The real Kyou then decides to explore Satsuki’s “dream world” with her to see if they can figure out the cause of her not waking up. When they get back, back in the real world Luen informs them that Heliotrope aura is coming from Satsuki’s body and that it’s possible they didn’t fully destroy it like they thought. If that wasn’t bad enough, Satsuki’s one sided love for Kyou causes the Heliotrope to increase her feelings and she starts getting various wounds on her legs, and eventually other parts of her body.  This is because this is Heliotrope’s way of getting blood from Satsuki and if she doesn’t wake up soon, she will turn into a blood sucking vampire herself. Kyou asks her what her wish is but she’s too embarrassed to tell him so he offers to walk around her world to see if they can find another solution. They end up at the festival again and for some reason Kyou says he likes her and Satsuki says she likes him too…but then he says he cannot answer her feelings or be together with her. Suddenly her dream world breaks down into nothing and she finds herself with Tohru in the space club room. He tells her to not give up & that he’s always by her side before he disappears again.

She wakes up and finds herself with Kyou, who says that when he went to carry her into the shrine rest area, they ended up in her classroom. She knows that he will try to get her out of this world even if it means sacrificing himself so she lies & says she hates him to try & get him to go back without her. He can see through it and says he didn’t go back that time because he didn’t want to leave her alone. He tells her that he does some job that takes people’s lives (although it sounded like he just destroys ghosts who have unfinished business or something lol.) Because of this job he feels that he’s unfit for Satsuki who he feels is pure and innocent. Satsuki’s like “LOL no you’re not” and she hugs him ^q^.  This breaks the spell and she finally wakes up from Heliotrope’s posession back in the real world, with all her scars gone, thanks to Luen destroying it. Also turns out the 27 year old “girlfriend” is actually his cat Yoriko-san who is 27 in cat years (so like 3 in normal years rofl xDD). プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He goes to take care of it and gives Satsuki a kiss on his way out |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ In the epilogue, 1 year later they go to the summer festival together, for real this time. Kyou also becomes Luen’s new master to assist him with his work, which he still refuses to explain to Satsuki. I noticed I was missing some Kyou CGs so I decided to do his bad end in which Satsuki confesses to him in which he promptly rejects her. She yells at him for being a pansy & lying to people because he doesn’t want to hurt himself or anyone else. He admits that he’s terrified of doing so, and Satsuki tells him to go back to the real world without her because she can’t stand being with him with a 1 sided love. He tells her to hate him  and she refuses so he says he’ll just do something to make her hate him. I dunno what the hell he does but then he disappears and the “dream world” Kyou shows up instead and thanks her for choosing him instead. So yea basically she gets posessed by the Heliotrope ring completely. Kyou definitely had his moments…I liked him a lot..but then I think, did I like fake Kyou or real Kyou?? 😆 I didn’t like how the real Kyou didn’t even tell us what the hell his actual job is meh. He was more comedic than romantic to be honest. I mean when in the epilogue Satsuki made a joke about wanting to be his waifu he was like “……..( ´_ゝ`) SO ANYWAY LETS GO GET SOME FOOD YEA?” Wtf man (ಠ_ಠ) I almost prefer the demonic Heliotrope Kyou lol at least he was (*´д`*)ハァハァ . The real Kyou was emoing all over the place and all I could think of was like お前何がしたいんだ?(ಠ_ಠ) So yea I guess this route had its ups & downs but in the end I’m left feeling kind of undecided on whether or not I really liked him as a character seeing how my favorite parts of his route weren’t even his real self.

Amarube Tohru – Tohru really starts showing up when you do Kyou’s route, and he’s the token senpai character. He’s always trying to get Satsuki to join the astronomy club and always says really weird stuff to her. One of the things keep keeps saying is that she should stop wearing the ring she uses to summon Luen and forget about its existance. She tells him she can’t because she made a promise with the person inside the ring and then she summons Luen in front of Tohru. So then later on Satsuki goes to the summer festival with shota Suzushi and he gets all sad & ronery that she won’t pretend to be his girlfriend for the day. He gets upset saying he’s all alone and that Satsuki brought the color into his life. So then Tohru shows up and Suzushi’s like “don’t talk to others besides me wahh” and tells Tohru to GTFO. Tohru is like “why are you talking to this evil shota” and tells Suzushi to back dat ass up. I guess this is Heliotrope talking and he says he will take Tohru’s body and so…he does and Suzushi’s shota form disappears. Tohru passes out so Satsuki takes him home and lets him sleep in her room. The next morning Kyou comes in and is like “………” *walks out “SORRY FOR INTERRUPTING” LOLOL プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ For some reason Tohru’s like lost all his memories and has no idea who Satsuki is, but he keeps saying that she has a pretty face. When Satsuki tries to take him to a hospital and they begin to leave Mihoro, Tohru gets extremely sick and demands that they return back. So then Tohru gets all clingy to Satsuki and says he refuses to leave her house and refuses to ever be without her for a second. When she goes to school the next day he follows her saying he couldn’t stand being without her and in school nobody knows who he is.

He then begins drawing sketches of some hair clip that he says his “bride, the bride of the god” will wear. The rest of the route he spends most of the time sleeping like a log at Satsuki’s house while she, Luen & Kyou try to figure out what the deal with his memories is. His health starts to get worse and one night he tells Satsuki that he’s worried that when he gains his memory back, what will happen to the him right now. He says he loves being with Satsuki and he loves her and he’s afraid that this part of him will disappear. Satsuki tells him that she likes him before and after the memory loss and that she wants to be with him no matter what memories he has. The next day when Satsuki goes to school, afterwards Kyou comes to tell her that Tohru’s disappeared from her house. She runs to the shrine forest and finds him there where he babbles on why does he feel like he’s been living for thousands of years even though he’s supposed to be a senior in high school. Satsuki tells him “lets do some astronomy club activities!” and so they go to the astronomy club room at the school. So while there Satsuki wishes to know the truth about Tohru and suddenly she sees a flashback where he’s there, but the people around seem to be from an older time period. Well turns out Tohru’s actually the god of that shrine, and he’s just bummed out because nobody visits him anymore except during new years and for special wishes (exams etc.) 😆 Apparently it was decided a while ago that he’s not allowed to actually grant wishes, and he can only listen, which made him further upset because he loves all the people of this village. So one day Satsuki came to him and made a wish saying “I want to eat candy.” I guess he had some stale gumdrops lying around so he decided to give one to her, but at the time she couldn’t see him so it looked like the candy was floating in the air to her.

Her mom told her to drop that filthy thing, but Satsuki thanks him for the candy and they leave. After that Satsuki would climb all the way up to the shrine to see him over and over which made the poor ronery shrine god very happy. They return from the flashback and Tohru’s memories have all been restored. Tohru admits that he was supposed to disappear because he broke the god’s rule and changed the future with his powers to make it so that Satsuki wouldn’t die….and all because he fell in love with her.  The reason he didn’t disappear though is because of that night at the festival when shota took over Tohru’s body with the Heliotrope. Luen points out that if they destroy the Heliotrope, Tohru will disappear, but if it’s not destroyed it will take over his body like in all the previous routes I did. Tohru’s final wish is for Satsuki to kill him, and Luen gives her that sword that was inside of him from the start of the game. She stabs him as he hugs her until he finally passes out (´;ω;`) A week later, Satsuki, Luen & Kyou return to the shrine. Satsuki finds out that the reason she can summon Luen is because of the Mizunaga bloodline which can save people, and which is why her parents are often away from home. As usual Kyou becomes Luen’s master in order to help him break his ring seal, and Satsuki plans to take over the same work that her parents do instead of going to college. After Luen & Kyou leave, suddenly she runs into Tohru. He first pretends that he doesn’t know who she is (and I was about to flip a table thinking another stupid reset end..) but turns out he was just trolling her 😆 She cries and asks why he’s back and he says he thought he was supposed to be disappear but it’s possible that the Heliotrope ring granted his wish of being together with Satsuki. He then explains that he’s no longer the shrine god, and he’s become human. (*´ω`*) So let’s see the biggest downer? No Kiss CG! What gives! Freaking Isshin got 2! What is this bias ;A; Just because he’s a god he doesn’t get to ちゅちゅ with the heroine? (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Well other than that I thought this route was really sweet..albeit fantastic but still nice. xD Sort of gives me Chigira senpai vibes with the whole god falling in love with humans thing though. FYI if you’re missing CG #2 for Tohru it’s actually in Luen’s route so no need to bother with the bad ends.

Luen Eglantine – Well Luen as you know is summoned by Satsuki via the ring. All we know at first is that he wants to destroy the Heliotrope ring which he pretty much does in all the other routes up to now. In this route Satsuki, Suzuna, Isshin &  Yuuto go to the abandoned house where supposedly a child died in a fire but they never found his body. At one point she hears a voice telling her to play with him, and it’s obviously that shota Suzushi who’s been haunting her the entire game. Satsuki freaks out cause there’s this ghost hand coming out of the wal and she passes out 😆 She then gets sick so Luen takes care of her and even spoon feeds her |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ After Satsuki returns to school, an older version of Suzushi transfers into her class and the first thing he wants to do is hit on her. He tells her that he remembers who she is and about their promise together even though Satsuki has no idea wtf he’s talking about. He also refuses to talk to anyone but Satsuki and gets pissed at anyone who takes his time away from her. He mentioned that when he was younger he was always sick and he spent most of his childhood in a hospital bed. So basically while Satsuki spends time looking for Heliotrope with Luen, her friends keep asking why she keeps ditching them and she gets frustrated but obviously it’s Luen’s route so you gotta pick him over them lol. When they get home Luen says he feels Heliotrope coming from that -a -way and he points to Suzushi standing in front of Satsuki’s house. So then Luen goes to stab Suzushi and Satsuki passes out. She wakes up and freaks out at Luen and he’s like “um no?” because apparently that was all a dream as Satsuki had passed out when summoning Luen the day before. When she turns the TV on the announcer says that it’s 8/31, 5 days before the date Satsuki thought it really was.

Luen tells her she must still be sick & mixing up dreams & reality and tells her to rest. This also means it’s before Satsuki ever met with Suzushi, and she questions why does he feel so real even though she’s never met him in real life? So that afternoon Suzuna comes to visit her, just like in her “dream” and so we got a major case of Groundhog Day going on here 😆 When she comes to school Suzushi is the transfer student once more, but unlike last time he doesn’t seem to be aloof from everyone and isn’t only focusing on Satsuki. However that instantly changes when he asks to speak to her in private and Tohru cockblocks & she choses to talk to him first. Suzushi then freaks out & throws a tantrum (including tears lol) on why she made a promise with him first but is talking to Tohru instead and then he leaves saying he’ll be waiting for her on the roof. When she comes to talk to him, he explains to her that he’s been repeating this world over & over and that he really did get stabbed by Luen. So again since this isn’t his route Satsuki doesn’t remember anything about him… so he freaks out again about how much he’s suffered to be able to meet with her once again. He says since she cannot remember him, there’s no meaning to his existance and so he leaves upset. He comes to school late the next day and apologizes for being a whiny bitch, but after school he meets with her and is quite unhappy that Luen is there. Luen isn’t too thrilled either because the whole Heliotrope vs Luen thing starts up again. He stabs Suzushi once more and Satsuki passes out once again only to wake up in her dejavu land back on 8/31. She comes outside her house to see Yuuto bringing Suzushi to her house, meaning in this replay she’s meeting him before coming to school. He goes into yandere mode again and says that since Luen is in the way of them being in their own little world, he’ll just get rid of him.

She wakes up again and it’s September 1st this time. In school Suzushi transfers into her class as usual, but this time he claims that he doesn’t know her…and as expected, Satsuki is unable to summon Luen from her ring. So after school, Suzushi comes to her house and it seems like her parents are home because their suitcase is there. They go looking for them around the house and in her parents’ room find a blood stain. Suddenly they hear a blood curdling scream downstairs and when they come down, they se e Luen standing there, sword in hand, with her parents lying on the floor below him in a pool of blood. Satsuki sees this scene and passes out, but this time she wakes up in a hospital, on 9/3 with the reality that her parents are dead. Satsuki is so confused and lost on what to do while Suzushi tries to comfort her as they return to Mihoro. When they return home Satsuki insists that she still believes in Luen despite what happened and Suzushi finally snaps (I KNEW HE WAS FULLA SHIT LOL) from Mr. Nice Guy mode and is like “damn you still believe in him, aah my plan failed!” ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ┌┛)`Д゚)・;’ガッ!! So then Luen comes back and tells us for the 4th time that Suzushi is the Heliotrope. Again she passes out and I think I lost count at this point and Luen tells her that she’s still sick and she’s mixing up dreams with reality. Once again she goes to school and this time the sensei does say that they will have Suzushi transfer into their class but he never actually shows up to do his intro. Luen & Satsuki then go looking for Suzushi, and when they run into Yuuto he yells on why Satsuki is with someone who killed her parents. After they talk to Tohru, Luen decides to return to Satsuki’s house and destroy Heliotrope whicih means killing Suzushi. Apparently the moment he first appeared he was already completely taken over by the Heliotrope so there’s no way of saving him. Satsuki starts crying and Luen hugs her to comfort her (*´ω`*).

She then sees a flashback where a woman is talking to Luen saying she wishes she was born a man so she wouldn’t be forced to bear a child and pass down the Mizunaga family blood. When Luen goes to fight Suzushi, Yuuto & Isshin get posessed by Heliotrope and hold him back. Suzushi then admits that he really is the Heliotrope and demands that Satsuki entertain him on the beach. When they get there Heliotrope tells her that Suzushi is completely gone from inside of him, in otherwords he’s dead. He also says that Satsuki has the blood of “Izuki”, a woman who Luen was in love with, and later killed. He plans to take Satsuki’s blood but Satsuki tells him she won’t let him do as he pleases with Suzushi’s body anymore and so she calls upon Luen and uses that sword of his to stab Heliotrope and destroy him. When Satsuki & Luen return back home, she tells him she found out about Izuki and so Luen tells her the story about how Izuki chose to accept her fate of having to bear a raise an inheritor. He stopped seeing her for a while and when he finally decided to see her again, it was too late and she was taken over by Heliotrope when she made a wish to look forever young. She then turned into a vampire and was locked in a cellar by the villagers. Luen wanted to save her so he tried to destroy it, but he killed her with it, and her (many) children put a curse on him and sealed him in the ring Satsuki has. Satsuki thanks him for telling her everything and suggests they destroy the ring so Luen can be freed. Luen says that he’s not going anywhere and while he thought of Izuki as a friend, he sees Satsuki as a lover and they both agree to be by each other’s side until Satsuki’s time runs out (〃ノωノ). (The kiss CG was so adorable I died |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ ) In the epilogue Satsuki & Luen are still trying to find a way to destroy the ring so he can be freed, and she smacks her finger against some weird looking statue….the ring breaks プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ So basically Luen & Satsuki continue running the antique item store together using his powers to help customers find rare items. Ahh Luen had this “I’m all srs but I will have manly blushes” moe going on for me so I was like キュ──。+゚(*゚Д゚*)。+゚──ン!!  on multiple occasions. I mean throughout the game he’s really sweet & helpful to Satsuki and his route was definitely one of the more interesting ones with the whole Groundhog Day scenario lol.

Asamine Suzushi – Suzushi’s route is pretty much a mirror of Luen’s except that you just pick flags for him instead of Luen. Additionally Luen is a lot less caring about Satsuki’s deja vu situation (like he’d rather eat dinner instead O_o;). At one point Satsuki explains to Suzushi why Luen stabbed him and the whole Heliotrope business but I’m like sitting there going “lol why are you faking it HELIOTROPE.” I mean after playing Luen’s route it’s kinda hard to believe that Suzushi ISN’T the Heliotrope at this point (´・ω・`;). Satsuki starts losing her marbles and freaking out on Luen and crying everytime she meets with Suzushi. Suzushi’s like “hey I don’t mind being in Groundhog day with you as long as we can be together forever…and ever….and EVER.” 😆 So after harassing Satsuki like the entire game, she finally gives him the time of day and they hang out, eat burgers and キャキャウフフ by the river. Suddenly he gets really sick and leaves telling Satsuki not to follow him and she wakes up the next day with the time flipped back to 8/31. The only person who believes her is Yuuto that the world is repeating. (What a darling ;_;) To prove that she’s not lying Satsuki tells them everything that is gonna happen in the following days. When Suzushi transfers into her class, he says that trying to tell her friends is a waste of time because once the loop completes, everything will be reset & she’ll have to explain everything each time. Satsuki chases him down by the lake and they have a rock throwing contest. He says he likes her and she messes up & loses…and so he gets to do whatever he wants to her. He of course takes the opportunity to kiss her on the cheek |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  God damn I hate you Suzushi but I like you at the same time!

So the next day it doesn’t loop and September 2nd comes, but most of the class is missing. Suzushi comes in but before class even begins, he starts having his seizures again. The sensei tries to get him to hang in there but Suzushi throws a shitfit and tells everyone to STFU before he runs out of the classroom. Satsuki runs after him and hears a scream, but when she goes outside suddenly she finds herself back in the classroom with Suzuna, Yuuto & Isshin all there with no idea wtf she’s talking about. When she asks what date it is, she finds out that she’s been thrown back to September 1st. She runs to look for Suzushi and instead finds him sucking the blood off some dude. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ He tells her “it’s not what you think!” and suddenly she’s thrown back to 8/31 but she wakes up in tears. Luen gives her his sword and explains the deal with the Heliotrope taking over Suzushi’s body and that if she destroys  Heliotrope, Suzushi will die. Even if she decides not to destroy Heliotrope, it will eventually suck all of Suzushi’s blood and he will die either way. She cries herself to sleep and wakes up on 9/1 again. She rushes to school, without the sword just so she can see & talk to Suzushi. Unfortunately when she gets there, she finds out Suzushi hasn’t transferred into her class. When she asks sensei about it, he says that he was supposed to transfer but he never showed up. Satsuki runs looking for him and finds him on the verge of losing his will to the Heliotrope, and he admits that he has the Heliotrope ring. Suzushi then explains that all he wanted to do what just キャキャウフフ with Satsuki forever, and ever, and evarrr! And that’s why she was thrown into an endless loop. Satsuki calls him a selfish shitlord and demands that he turn her time back and stop the looping. Suzushi starts bawwwing and Satsuki feels bad and gives him a hug and says she likes him a well daww (*´∀`)むふ♪

He then admits (what I expected) that he’s become 1 with the Heliotrope and eventually he will lose his mind completely to it. Suzushi apologizes for everything and returns her back to 8/31 and everything up till now has been turned into a dream. Satsuki knows this was not a dream and she refuses to believe this. As promised though, Suzushi is no longer a transfer student and nobody knows anything about him. She goes to see Tohru in the astronomy club room and he shows her a flashback sequence when she first met Suzushi as a shota & they played hide & seek together. While playing together they find…the HELIOTROPE RING! DUN DUN DUN. Satsuki gives the ring to Suzushi but when he returns to his house his mom bitches at him because he’s got a weak body and he shouldn’t be going outside. His parents gave up trying to cure him I guess and so they locked him up in his room…and then the next day Suzushi died but he didn’t realize it because he’d become casper the friendly ghost…and thats why he couldn’t fulfill the promise to meet with Satsuki at the beach. When he didn’t show up, she came to his house to ask about where he is, and the servant there said that there’d nobody named Suzushi there. His parents then moved away from town after dumping his body somewhere to forget the horrible memories, and the people looking for his body gave up & burned the house down. After seeing the flashback Satsuki cries & runs to Luen asking him for his sword. She runs to Suzushi’s burned down mansion and findshim sitting there all alone….with the Heliotrope now taken over most of his body in a really grotesque way….Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ He also stabbed a sword into his thigh so that his body doesn’t move as the Heliotrope wants it to.

Suzushi explains that when the ghost him ran into her years later, he realized it was her, and he then made a wish that he wanted to be the same age as her and spend time with her. He says he regrets making that wish because he should have just accepted his death and stayed a ghost instead of merging with the Heliotrope. Satsuki blames herself for making him go outside with her to play that day and for giving him the Heliotrope ring. Suzushi says that it’s not her fault and if it wasn’t for her he would have been alone all his life. Suzushi asks her to stab him and destroy the Heliotrope, since he’s just living on a wish that he had made. So if you chose not to stab the poor sap, Satsuki makes a wish to be with Suzushi together forever….and ever…(yandere is contagious I guess?) and so the 2 of them are thrown into a dream together….but I guess in reality she probably gave her body to the Heliotrope until it eats away at the 2 of them completely ( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ So for the true end, you gotta stab him and so Satsuki stabs him and wishes she could change the past the day she met Suzushi. Suddenly the game flashes back to the day that Satsuki met him and this time something tells her not to ask him to come out & play with her….and so she tells him she’s going home & she leaves. On her way home, she finds the Heliotrope ring and something tells her that she must not put it on. She runs to her mom at the beach and throws the ring into the water. Her mom then tells her that she wants her to meet the son of a friend of hers, who’s unable to go outside and is very lonely. Needless to say, that boy is of course Suzushi. THE END. Oh man what the hell I feel like there should have been more to this! Like a few years later pic….come on man ;A;. Eh…I think Suzushi’s story was really good but he spent most of his route bitching whenever Satsuki dared to even talk to other guys, and when he finally gets his chance to shine the writers shaft him over by throwing us back into more flashbacks & dream worlds. (´・ω・`;) I definitely feel like Suzushi’s endings could have been handled better so I guess in a sense I’m disappointed.

Well it was certainly more interesting and deep than I thought it would be. I mean at first people told me it was gonna be a horror game but I had trouble believing this when you had silly gag music playing most of the first half of everyone’s routes. I guess it really hit home when I got to Suzushi & Luen’s routes but otherwise I’d still think of it as more of a mystery game than anything? While I did enjoy the whole Groundhog Day scenario, I still feel like they could have handled Suzushi’s ending better…I mean isn’t he supposed to be like the main guy? Why did I instead enjoy Luen & Tohru’s stories so much more….they made me feel all warm and fuzzy while Suzushi left me disappointed lol. Kyou was like (ಠ_ಠ), Isshin had his moments but his route was like “how come in his route this is okay?” kind of deal and Yuuto was just shafted even though I love the darling. As far as play order I recommend the one I did it in, Yuuto, Isshin,  Kyou, Tohru, Luen, Suzushi because the story unfolds a lot nicer that way. The game feeling overall reminded me of Kaeru Batake de Tsukamaete so if you liked that game I definitely recommend this one. The omake was really nice with the count down voices & the extra drama which contained some fujoshis squealing over Luen x Kyou, Luen posting on 2ch, Tohru posting about his yome on Niconico and Kyou being a closet otaku プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. I wish they’d make a fandisk with Cgs for these dramas, it would be like the most epic win thing ever…make my dream come true Takuyo! XD Anyway while not all routes were amazing and each one took some time before it really got interesting, I think overall it’s definitely a good story and worth a play. The CGs were fairly decent, the music was really fitting to the whole game atmosphere & each route took me about 4-6 hours to complete (with skipping). I wish Takuyo would make more games like this, but their newest release Shinigami to Shoujo looks really different but who knows what that will be like. Also the best part? No mini games! That’s right this game is straight VN only so you can sit back, relax & rest your hands (●ゝω・●).

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  1. *skipped spoilers* I’ve already decided to play this game based on Japanese reviews, and I’m glad you confirmed the same (because this game had mixed reviews) so now I’ll be looking forward to it more.. I’m already very much looking forward to Shinigami to Shoujo. From what I’ve know it is very different, it should be a setsunai life/death themed story and the story will unfold in arcs (branches between a character ending or continue with the main story/next guy’s arc). Plus the BGM sounds as good as CZ..*can’t wait*

    Thanks for the review and hints!

  2. I think 4shiki mentioned that the game was full of stereotypes…which yea it was but I mean aren’t all games? Don’t we all play them for the scenes we know and love? 😆 Well I suppose if you’re feeling about that the way I am I think you will like this game.

  3. Oh, Yuuto. (Rip that vest off!)
    So cute ;_; too bad his route was kinda cop-out sigh. Oh well lol at least we still got some cute scenes, right?? Haha
    I really liked Kyou’s character design but of course he just has to be the cousin (argh Takuyo, y u do dis?!) lol but I guess I saw that coming 😛
    I’m glad this game was good though, maybe I’ll try it on an emulator… see if my laptop can handle it lol XD
    I’m actually looking forward to Shinigami to Shoujo, I think the artwork looks amazing and the opening is by Love Solfege _>

  4. it doesn’t work on the PSP one…japanese text wont show up so good luck with that 😆 yea shinigami looks great but it feels really different from takuyo’s usual stuff

  5. Yeah I agree when I saw Shinigami to Shoujo I was so excited then I saw the Takuyo label and I was like “Lolwat?” hahaha just wasn’t expecting Takuyo to be the one producing it… the artwork looks a lot more smooth in Shinigami to Shoujo too lol and yeah…. ;_; I forgot about that PSP thing… lol maybe I can get it to work somehow on a different edition or something lol I will try my best to get it to work!! >_>

  6. I understand how you feel about Suzushi’s ending…
    in the PSP version they were kind enough to give extra side stories for the guys once you finish their route. LOL So you got to see Suzushi as a normal high school boy for a bit longer ^^;

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