Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys -Super Mint-

So now that we’re done with the cotton candy aliens from Honey Milk, it’s time for Long Torso, Trap & Non-Rapist Yusa in Super Mint! The virus plot appears to remain the same…until Jesus comes along and kills the vaccine! Boom suddenly the vaccine plot is gone and Super Mint is now left to create a West Side story plotline to keep us entertained so that we don’t think this game is THAT shallow. Sadly, this doesn’t work, so I hope you like our choice of mans this time around or you’ll be bored to tears like I was.

Kirishima Iori – Iori’s a model & Gyaru-o from Shibuya, so he’s pretty tall but has this grotesqeuly long torso rofl. Personality wise Iori is pretty laid back and speaks in so much slang that Takumi has trouble understanding what he says half the time. He likes girls that eat junk food…so I guess he loves dem fatties? He even licks the ketchup off her face when she’s eating a burger lol. Iori is the type that says what he wants without worrying about what others think about him, so when Chihiro wants to continue TYB despite the weird shit going on, he really appreciates that in her. Iori has a younger sister named Itsuki who’s been sick and in the hospital for a long time..and on day 4 the hospital calls him telling him that somethong happened. Iori’s kinda…slow so he starts freaking out and it’s up to Chihiro to calm him the fack down while they rush to the hospital. So funny but this is when Iori finally stopped that stupid annoying ass fake voice that Suzuki does, and went back to his normal sexy voice 😆 When they get to the hospital Itsuki says she just tripped & fell down some low steps and that she’s fine lol. Then Itsuki starts teasing Iori about how he & Chihiro are rabu rabu while he starts tsuning and telling her to stfu |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ While they gon on a date on day 5, he has to save one of his Shibuya buddies from getting beat up by a gang from Roppongi. That night he tells her he wants to drop out of TYB because he’s gotta be like West Side Story and stop dem gang wars! So the first thing he does is go after Jesus and starts shit with him \( ^o^)/ Chihiro runs there to stop the fight and tells everyone to STFU and that Iori has a sister who’s gonna be worried about him. Jesus gets bored and leaves with this groupies lol.

On day 6 they go to a planetarium for their date and he realizes how much he’s in love with her despite him entering TYB for shits & giggles. In the epilogue he tells Chihiro to be prepared for magazine interviews & such since she’s now his girlfriend, and then they make out on the streets of Shibuya. So in Iori’s true end, he reveals that it’s his fault that she’s so sick. Apparently when they were loli & shota, she found a stray puppy and wanted to adopt it but he wouldn’t let her because their mom was raising 2 kids on her own and they couldn’t afford it. So due to this Itsuki secretly was feeding the puppy in a nearby abandoned building..but some stupid college students put a bunch of pranks there for their kimodameshi. One of them involved some kind of dangerous liquid which fell on Itsuki and made her so sick that she can get a heart attack at like any moment or something. Due to this she’s stuck in the hospital probably the rest of her life. From that day on Iori blamed himself that if he let Itsuki adopt the puppy that this would never have happened. So then like out of nowhere Iori, Chihiro & Shinnosuke try to figure out who that inspector guy is that keeps spreading rumors to cause the gang wars between Roppongi & Shibuya. I guess since Jesus stabbed & killed the vaccine, they needed another plot to try to make this game feel less shallow? Anyway turns out the “inspector” posting all the stuff on the boards was actually none other than ITSUKI! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ When Iori & Chihiro visit her in the hospital he asks why she did this and she said she wanted to be connected to the outside world somehow. She’s pretty much lost her marbles from being stuck in the hospital room for so many years so I guess she just went nuts when she found out she could “manipulate” people in the outside world.

Iori yells at her that because of her b/s a lot of people in real life got hurt. After Iori & Chihiro leave the hospital, he hugs her and cries manly tears on her shoulder. (´・ω・`) He then apologizes and says TYB was fun, then he runs off. The next day he goes on public broadcast all over Tokyo & lies to everyone saying he’s the “Inspector”. Iori says that he did this because he has to take responsibility for his crazy sister. In the meantime the Roppongi & Shibuya gangs start raging war on each other until Chihiro gets there and tells them to stfu and focus on the real enemy: Inspector Iori. So then like everyone beats the fuck out of him until he can’t stand and Chihiro holds him in her arms…ヽ(;´Д`)ノヤメテー Then Jesus comes over & is like “alright the battle’s over, let the pansy over there get hugged by his girlfriend, leave Shibuya alone. ( ´_ゝ`)” So after that, Itsuki, Iori & their mother move out of Shibuya elsewhere. They visit Itsuki in the hospital and I guess she’s had PTSD from that incident because she’s mentally blocked it from her mind. Iori says that he can’t abandon his sick sister but he wants Chihiro to support him and they make out on the hospital roof. Anyway Iori really reminds me of Tenjurou from VitaminZ since he likes to surf and he’s a baka who always accepts a fight that someone picks with him. The thing is Ten was cute but Suzuki’s voice just grated me 80% of the game and having this whole West Side Story plot was just….meh lol. I can’t stand it when Suzuki is yelling like crazy (see Death Connection) so the last scenes in his true end were like  (((ノ`皿´)ノ ⌒┫:・┫┻┠’. ウルサアアアィッィ! His blushing moments were cute but him constantly grating my ears + yelling. The best part was in the omake section, in Vol. 6 the 2nd to last voice bonus…….THATS HOW I WANT SUZUKI TO SOUND. WHY CAN’T HE SOUND LIKE THIS THE WHOLE GAME. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ So yea if you are like me and like his normal sexy voice, I recommend to play VitaminX instead lol.

Lucy – Lucy dresses like a trap but he’s probably manlier than Ayumu from Honey Milk. I remember in Honey Milk also there was a scene where he walked into a ramen bar and ate the entire bowl faster than Kotaro could lol. I mean if they just chopped off that stupid ponytail of his and gave him some normal clothes he’d look less stupid and perhaps actually be attractive. Lucy’s from Akihabara so he’s like a trap idol there and he always wants to bring Chihiro to “his world”. In addition to being Akiba-kei he also talks with various kaomojis on his blog making it looks like my own blog ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ When they go to Karaoke during the group date, Chihiro sings so fucking terribly Lucy has to teach her how to stop blowing up everyone’s eardrums (lol VitaminZ flashbacks xD.) Thanks to Lucy’s singing he’s able to distract Roppongi gangs from beating up poor defensless Akiba otaku 😆 On their next date they go to a maid cafe and then they go watch Lucy’s live performance. Unfortunately Lucy’s got some hard core BL fanboys who rage at Chihiro and beat her up out of their  homo rage…until Lucy gets off stage and tells them to STFU and GTFO lol. On date day 6 he takes her to his apartment near akiba to avoid all the crazy fans. Apparently Lucy also lives off cup ramen because he doesn’t have time to cook between school, work & singing.

They spend the day playing video games in his room, and then she tries to cook something for him and ends up cutting her finger (insert finger sucking CG which flew by so fast I couldn’t even click on it!)In his good end, Chihiro ends up cooking for him while he gropes her from behind. In the true ending, the stupid rumor plot comes up (well might have been less stupid if I didn’t spoil the whole thing for myself orz) and this time Ikebukuro and Akiba guys start fighting with each other. To stop the fighting Lucy sings a song broadcast all over Tokyo and calms everyone down. Afterwards he takes her to the ferris wheel where they were together alone for the first time and he confesses that he likes her. Then they walk around Akiba and he kisses her a million times. Meh.  I mean I just can’t take this dude seriously when he just LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING CHICK. I mean at least in VitaminX Goro became…manly. I can’t stand these games where the trap is a trap until the end =_=. Apparently his real name is Isono Rui but I have no idea when that was mentioned because I had trouble paying attention to most of the route =_=. It’s such a pity because he had a lot of really cute lines but the disconnect between his seiyuu & his character design was just over 9000 to me. I mean he’s from Akiba, why couldn’t they just have made him be some dorky otaku. At least he woulda looked like a guy and it woulda been like 10 times more fun! They do things like go to maid cafe and walk around Akiba, but I found the side char otaku to be more entertaining than he was. ( ´_ゝ`) At this point the only saving grace is to just imagine him as Eric from Beastmaster & Prince 😆

Kujou Takumi – Takumi is the rich and proper bocchan. While he’s voiced by Yusa Kouji, he’s prolly the 180 degree opposite of Yusa’s usual characters.Rather than being obnoxious like Yuuto, he’s more like old style Japanese dude who cherishes his family and every other word out of his mouth is “marry me”. I mean he thinks TYB as this match making omiai thing and that the girl you get with will be for you to date with the intention of marrying ^q^. The other guys often call him a katabutsu, which he is because most of the time he feels like he has a 40 foot pole up his ass. He bitches about everyone’s Japanese being improper, but he makes stupid mistakes himself. He’s so proper he doesn’t understand Japanese slang at all and had no idea what Iori meant when he said “panne” 😆 The upside, he’s probably the most normal looking TYB guy in the entire cast, but I suppose that “plain & proper” look fits his image well. To be honest this kind of character irritates me for being so UPTIGHT all the god damn time (it’s worse than me rofl) so when Takumi gets “thrown off” his katabutsu train, it’s actually more amusing. When they go to the arcade to play ping pong, Ayumu stops by and almost kicks his ass. The rest of that day Takumi kicks everyone’s butts in any sports game but when they have a video game competition he loses immediately ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \On day 3 he says that they should get married that day just because you raise one of his flags lol.

When they go on a date on day 4 he even offers to escort her to the…bathroom プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵She’s like wtf no lolol. On the way home they run into some Roppongi & Shibuya guys fighting each other but she tries to break it up and of course Takumi has to protect her. I have to side with Takumi though, he’s like “you don’t know this guy why do you get involved” lol IKR who cares ( ´_ゝ`).  Because of that she almost gets hre faced sliced up that night by one of the gang members until a policeman shoos them away. On day 5, Takumi takes her to his house to meet his mom & sister who are more laid back than he is, since apparently his stiffness is from his father lol. Even his sister Kairi is like “why did you pick oniichan? I woulda picked Iori” /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Turns out the mom & the sister were the ones who submitted him into TYB hahaha. So bro. XD In the good end epilogue he’s like “I know we’ve been dating for only a month but…WILL YOU MARRY ME!?!?” ( ´_ゝ`) Like lol dude you’re like 17-18 what the hell…but Chihiro is completely o/c in this route so of course she says yes. In Takumi’s true end route, with the gang wars going on, he comes to his father for advice. He has Lucy help him look up on the internet regarding all the gang wars. The next day though, Chihiro gets captured by the gang members and they call Takumi from her cell phone threatening him that if he doesn’t come alone they will kill her.

When Takumi gets there they beat him up bitching abuot some internet rage (´・ω・`;)Soon as the chinpira go to attack Chihiro, Takumi gets up and opens up a can of whoopass. One of the guys pulls out a gun but fortunately Takumi’s dad shows up with the cops because he thought his son’s behavior was strange before he left the house. He found her location thanks to Takumi’s mom registering Chihiro’s phone number in the dad’s phone as “the 2nd daughter” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. So yea in the epilogue Takumi wants her to date him with the purpose of marriage as usual and he kisses her. The best part was the kiss CG for that scene though..if you poke his mouth (before the kiss) he starts freaking out that he now must kiss her, and if you poke his arm (?) he’s like “where are you touching! it’s too early for that!” アッヒャッヒャ!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノアッヒャッヒャ! Anyway despite Takumi being a stiffass at first, he really warmed up to me with his sillyness and with Chihiro & others constantly tripping him off his pedestal. The last part I kinda wished he kicked all the gang dude’s asses but sadly we didn’t get to see that in action. My favorite part was probably his mom & sister, it reminded me of Starry Sky after summer and I laughed a lot ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ It was nice to hear Yusa in this shy/serious guy role (like in Tsubasa no Oka Hime) rather than his usual rapist role so I could probably say that Takumi might be my favorite character in Super Mint. (Well I would have liked Iori if SUZUKIS VOICE DIDNT GRATE ME ( ಠ益ಠ )) His last secret tale was really cute too XD.

Well my complaints were listened to from the last game and the game no longer stops when you flip windows, and music doesn’t randomly shut off. The only complaint this time is when using Jump  it would skip everything though, not just dialogue you’ve read. This means that you would skip some of the BBS scenes relating to the true end plot of the game, although after playing Iori’s route first and spoiling myself, I guess that didn’t really matter to me anyway. The man selection this time…was kinda poor. My first impressions were Takumi stfu, Suzuki stop grating my ears and Lucy cut off that fugly mop in your hair and put some pants on. ( ´_ゝ`) After playing each route my after thoughts were what a waste of Kaji Yuki’s voice, Suzuki why don’t you sound hot like in your omake, and Takumi ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ . I played in a really stupid order so for best results play Lucy, Takumi and Iori last 😆 Overall though kinda meh lol. The ending was just strange because they suddenly wanted us to care about the virus plot when in reality the entire game centered around 2ch gang wars. I actually read some of the secret tales and some of the final scenes for Iori & Takumi were really cute….when you got to send them cell phone messages they were all like キュ──。+゚(*゚Д゚*)。+゚──ン!! 今すぐ会いたい!! Lol anyway I didn’t read all the secret tales since unvoiced reading is demotivating but I do recommend checking out those last few of each guy. Otherwise I’m just looking forward to Dark Cherry! Suwabe, Toriumi and Namikawa щ(゚д゚щ)カモーン


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  1. haha lol yea the style takes time to get used to…one of the artists’ earlier games Vitamin X everyone looked fat 😆 so maybe this is an improvement…

  2. YAY! A megane that isn’t jerky as hell/rapist. I might play it just for that. :X

    The art is REALLY stylistic though. Dunno if I’m digging the continent-long waists though…

    Awesome review!

  3. I like Jesus but thanks to this game I kinda like Shinnosuke a lot too 😆 His stalkerness is quite charming. Lucy is indeed wtf creeper… :S


    man selection does seem kinda meh but i was lookin forward to lucy cuz he just looks wtf creeper trap lol. guess ima jus play jesus’s route haha

  5. alchemy> I mean the killer nightingale is in the game…for like 2 days then Jesus gets rid of him so technically that counts I guess? Lol Yea I don’t really like Yuuto either and I can’t wait for Dark Cherry…even if the plot is balls I like all the characters in it.

    Rin> Lmfao maybe its good I did Iori first? Well at least we know he speaks normally during the thing with his sister? God Suzuki why you have to do this to us D:

  6. I was actually hoping for some better improvements from this game after I finished HONEY MILK. Looks like I got my hopes up too high XD I wondered this though, why did they have Killer Nigtingale on the front cover on the limited editon pack when he wasn’t going to have a huge role like he did in HONEY MILK? Maybe Rejet wanted us to believe that Killer Nightingale will a main role? Oh well, game was quite disappointing, but I beared with it for the sake of completing it.

    I do have to agree with you on DARK CHERRY though. I like the cast better there. At first I didn’t really know what to think about Shinnosuke, because he looks like a narcissus (combined together with the Ore-sama and Suwabe Junichi reminds me of Atobe Keigo from Tennis no Oujisama), but after seeing his true personality, I love him XD

    I wonder how Jesus is going to act in this? I’ve thought about it, but he doesn’t seem the type to doing romantic things like Yuuto (I’d hate him more, but that smile made me go dokidoki), Takumi or Lucy. But that’s cool, I rather have a guy to be not interested in this than to fall in love so easily.

  7. Congrats on finishing!

    LOL I skipped Iori’s part, even though I already know what’s going on. Now I kinda regret seeing the “truth” eye in the gallery, since the game’s so shallow there’s nothing left to enjoy. xD I hope Dark Cherry will be awesome for Jesus’ sake.

    Iori’s fake-ish voice irritates me so much I’m losing motivation to finish his route.. and I do like Lucy, but that’s probably because I’m imagining it’s Erik talking lol. I wish he’d dress up more like his followers instead and took his make-up off. (´・ω・`;)

  8. …I like the emotes that you use. It makes your reviews very amusing. /shot/
    How do you do them? oAo

  9. cheratomo> Iori woulda been cute had he not sounded so obnoxious

    Mimi> I like Iori’s fanarts on pixiv, they draw his body properly 😆 Yea I’ve been waiting for Dark Cherry since the entire franchise came out lol

    Scarlet> Did they? I can’t imagine what the hell the plot would be as the game is so shallow lol

    koori> lol I know right! They shoulda cast KENN that woulda been awesome xDDD yea I was sick of “Come to LUcy’s world” Ugh I hate that whole 3rd person dialogue. I’m very curious about Jesus I mean he seems like he doesn’t give a damn about anything so it’s hard to picture him going on group dates lol

  10. Congrats on finishing~

    I tried to like Iori…I really did, but Suzuki just felt mscast for him as the Tenjurou hur-durr vibes made it all the more worse. That, and the nearly nonexistant torso XD;

    Lucy…wasn’t any better with ”LUCYLUCYMYWORLDYOURWORLDLUCY \o/”

    I’m not sure how to feel about Dark Cherry either after Jesus killed Mr. vaccine with BL-Love…/(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

  11. I think they did a one-shot manga on this series in G-Fantasy the other month >__>

  12. I liked Iori’s design… if his torso wasn’t so friggin long =_= like wtf man lol that’s just not right >_> sooo weird lol
    Hmm Takumi doesn’t sound that bad in the end lol and it’s so weird to see that Yusa Kouji is voicing him lol but at least he’s not rapist like, so that’s always a step up, right? XD
    Anyways I’m excited for the last TYB, Jesus FTW!!!! >w<

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