Poupee Tanabata 2011 & 3 Year Anniversary

Looks like this year’s Tanabata items are in the shell spring, boo lol. Fortunately because of that I was able to buy LAST year’s Tanabata wallpaper for only 15 ribbons! Yippie! So if you want this year’s don’t blow 1,000 ribbons…just wait a year and it’ll be like 90% off 😆  Also what’s with the bamboo randomly sticking out of the roof? XD;

In other news, in about 3 days is my Poupee’s 3 Year Anniversary! It’s been a while hasn’t it…here’s how my poupee’s changed throughout the years:

I picked a random date because the stupid flash refused to go back beyond September 2008. As you can see, I changed my hair a lot lol…and when they had that surgery campaign, I changed my face as well as you can tell from my recent screenshot at the top. So strange how quickly time flies~


2 thoughts on “Poupee Tanabata 2011 & 3 Year Anniversary

  1. aw, I didn’t actually have any shells so I had nothing to blow but seeing how I keep getting duplicates of shit I already have, maybe that’s a good thing 😆

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