Tartaros Offline Event News & Announcements

Cause apparently a shit ton of things were announced I figured I’d translate it! First the next town will be called Aisen:

Most likely will start from level 68. Seeing how the level cap was just recently raised and there’s about a 2 month span between level cap raise I’m guessing we can expect this at the end of August, early September.

Upcoming August (?) Avatars. I just love Pinkos *v* but yea it’ll prolly be so insanely expensive I’ll never be able to afford it (´・ω:;.:… Aerlot & Cromodo look so gay. I bet that was intentional.

Some new upcoming systems were announced:

  • Recycling system for avatars. This saddens me because if someone recycles an avatar, that means it doesn’t go on the market and the chances to get it are gone forever…
  • Scenario replay system…wanna see Egreet & Nagi kiss again? Wanna fight Landas another 20 times? Now’s your chance.
  • Inventory restructuring. Supposedly they will give more slots but I have a feeling it will require cash to open so I’m not that excited about this.

In Korea, Tartaros is made using 3D studio max just like Pangya. I guess that’s the thing to use now. So funny since I think in America most people used Maaya? At least that’s how it was back in 2002.

Character popularity ranking on the Japan server (as in which character do you use as your main):
1. Ruko (dur)
2. Ilishia (durr)
3. Nagi
4. Aerlot
5. Soma
6. Shubalman
7. Pinko
8. Cromodo ;_;
9. Elpintos (lol)

Which server do you play on:
Athena: 29%
Gaia: 32.7%
Zeus: 38.3%

Yay Zeus!

Female to Male Ratio on Tartaros:
Female: 28.6%
Male: 71.4%

For some reason I expected more girls but I guess that’s already a good break for the sausage fest of MMO games.

Tartaros Players by Age:
Under 15: 4.5%
16~20: 30.8%
21~25: 34.6%
26~30: 16.9%
31~35: 8.3%
36 and Up: 5%

Looks like there’s more ossans that play Tartaros than lolis & shotas but seems like the game is basically popular with college kids & OLs/Salarymans? 😆

Top 5 Tartaros BGMs:

I don’t really like Wheel of Fortune THAT much…but I totally agree Burning Obolus is pretty damn awesome. Still, I think Kaver Shard Orbit is like one of my favorite Tartaros BGMs lol.

Apparently for the Madoka collab 99,381 Avatars were won on all 3 servers…yet I hardly ever see anyone selling or wearing them (ಠ_ಠ)…also I guess for the 2 Grief Seed events over 11 million were collected.

Next anime collaboration will be with Kopihan. Wtf is this shit (ಠ_ಠ) Why can’t we get a collab with something people actually know about like Madoka OTL. First of all there’s only 2 guys in that picture, that means all the avatars I bet will be female only again (with pinko getting shafted because of her robot part 1000). All I know about Kopihan is that the artist is the guy who designed all the Crypton Vocaloids, KEI. Also Dengeki Online is scheduled to release some Tartaros manga but I don’t expect anything out of it. Hopefully I can get my hands on some raws.


On July 10th, from 11Am – 11PM Japan time there will be 2.5x drop & experience. That’s 10PM – 10AM EST. il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。

...気合ダァ!! ヽ(★`益´)ノ 気合ダァ!!

Also the lady who voices Ruko, her favorite character in Tartaros is actually Aerlot. The lady who voices Lian on the other hand likes Mimi & Fukumen K 😆

Anyway that’s all I got from this. Very exciting I guess? I’m still level 65. I feel like it takes me 15 days to get a level now, but that 2.5 exp event, I got my 1 day anti fatigue thing and some level 70 and below 20% remove fatigue pots ready щ(゚д゚щ)カモーン