Poupee Mystery Event 2011

Well at least this year’s Mystery event makes more sense since it appears to be detective items to make your poupee look like someone out of an Agatha Christie novel. Too bad I really don’t care to bother with these kinds of things so I’ll be passing on this event for now. Honestly out of all the events Katherine brought back, she had to bring back one of the lamer ones ( ´_ゝ`).


4 thoughts on “Poupee Mystery Event 2011”

  1. reading posts like this make me realize I joined poupee at a bad time ;P
    I do buy a lot of stuff from the market instead because they’re way cuter

  2. I know right? I got a lot of ribbons saved up still from that ribbon campaign and I was so excited to spend them ’cause I’m finally rich and then… everything looks like poo lol it’s so disappointing. So much monies and nothing to spend it on. Lol

  3. yea the morrocco items were hideous too but since there was no event background change I didn’t bother posting about it. Poupee items are so fug now that I have like 11k ribbons and doesn’t seem like I’ll be losing them anytime soon..

  4. good god did you see the morocco items? One of the dresses made my poupee look pregnant… lol like that’s just wrong. xD didn’t like the mystery event so much, and I love anything dealing with mysteries :\ but the mystery even clothes were like fugly old time london gone extremely wrong lol

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