Galge Review: AIR

Our hero Kunisaki Yukito comes to a town to try and earn money with his puppet play. Unfortunately the kids laugh at him and the doll gets blown away somewhere. While he’s looking for it like a bum without any luck until he runs into a blonde haired girl named Misuzu. She demands that he hang out with her because she appears to be bored out of her mind and the only way she gets him to come along is by offering him food because he’s a starving bum. She offers him to stay at her house since she knows he has nowhere to go, and even though he protests, Misuzu says that he’s her friend so it’s okay. The mom isn’t too thrilled but she lets him stay in the shed as long as he watches over Misuzu while she’s at work.:lol: As Yukito spends more time in this town, he discovers the past ties with her while looking for a “girl in the sky”. The Ps2 version had Yukito voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru which definitely gave the game a lot more life. Also fortunately unlike Kanon, it actually had automode.Well this is as much spoilers as I’m going to give in the intro so click to read them all….or just skip to my final thoughts!

Kirishima Kano – Kano has the spherical dog Potato that we all know and love. Her older sister Hijiri is the town doctor who at first meeting with Yukito raged at him for sleeping like a bum on her office doorstep and having her lose customers. One night he goes out near the shrine in the forest and he finds Kano tripping balls babbling about some nonsense. This episode seems to come back later when Kano is with her sister and Yukito overhears Hijiri telling the thing that possessed Kano that  Kano is Kano and nobody else. He shakes her out of it and it appears like she was just sleepwalking. Then Kano’s sister comes looking for her and thinks that Yukito had his way with her until Picochu manages to save him 😆 So I guess after you get into Kano’s route, Yukito leaves Misuzu’s place and ends up sleeping on the bench by the train station while hanging out with Kano and her sister. One day when Yukito and Kano go out by the lake she falls in and gets the ribbon on her hand wet. Yukito suggests she take it off and ring out the water but she says she cannot take it off no matter what. Eventually Yukito ends up working in the medical office with Kano’s sister to earn some money since his puppet play wasn’t going too well. Kano’s mother died when she was 3 because she got ill after giving birth to her. Her father then got sick from overworking and died as well and Kano felt guilty for “not helping out”.  One night he finds Kano missing in her room so he runs to the shrine and finds her there all posessed. She then grabs and strangles him until I guess the spirit leaves her body and she passes out on top of Yukito.

When Yukito tells Hijiri what happened she tells him a story of the past when she &  loli Kano were at a summer festival buying some balloons. When they bought one Kano accidentally let it go and that was the first time she ever cried so much. She wanted to apparently fly into the sky to see her mother once again. After the festival ended, they never got any balloons and so they walked over to an empty shrine nearby. While there Kano found a single feather and thought she could “fly into the sky” with it so they both reached up to get it. Of course nothing happened and the shrine caretaker told them to GTFO, so they left the feather and on the way home Kano said “I guess I can’t see mom anymore huh.” One night Hijiri found Kano in the middle of the night slicing her wrists with a scalpel. Hijiri got worried about her so she put that yellow ribbon on her hand and told her that “when you grow up you’ll get magic powers so don’t take it off until then.” Kano was young so she believed it but this was to prevent her wrist slicing when she got posessed. So that’s when Hijiri decided that she will become a doctor like their father and one day rid Kano of this “disease”. However by now Hijiri’s realized that Kano’s “disease” can’t be cured by ordinary medical means. Hijiri feels guilty because the one who told Kano about her mom being in the “sky” is herself, and that she was the first one to touch the feather so she doesn’t know why Kano is the one who got this “disease”. Kano knows that Yukito is a traveled who will leave their place at some point so in a desperate attempt to get laid she asks him to do her. Yukito is all for dat loli ass so he agrees but asks her to take off her hand ribbon.

When Yukito wakes up the next morning, Kano’s missing in action and so are his clothes :lol: She comes back telling him they’re in the wash and gives him her father’s clothes to wear instead. Next day when Yukito’s at the bus stop waiting to leave the town, the bus comes and Yukito decides he’s gonna stay here after all. When he returns to Kirishima’s place, he finds a letter from Kano and she’s run away because her “disease” is sooo meiwaku so Yukito goes looking for her. He finds her passed out with her ribbon off her hand and blood spilling from her wrist. He brings her to Hijiri who stops the bleeding and says that it’s not life threatening. Yukito decides to bring Kano to the shrine once more with Hijiri to try to break this “curse”. They break down the shrine doors and barge in looking for the feather, but when they get to it Yukito says it’s not a feather. Suddenly he hears a woman named Shiraho tell him a story about how her baby Yakumo had a scar on his hand and the villagers shunned them saying he wouldn’t live too long. One day the baby saw a feather and Shiraho caught it for him and gave it to him, wishing and praying that they would raise the baby safely. That fall a war had started, and Shiraho’s husband died in battle. Shiraho decided to leave the village with Yakumo and she eventually arrived in this village. Everything seemed okay until the baby got sick and got a strange scar on his other wrist, and the doctor said that it’s because the baby brought the plague and the shrine god here has punished him. The doctor tells her to “give it up” or else the villagers will come after her, the baby, and possibly after the doctor as well 😆 Shiraho decided to kill the baby with her own hands but she couldn’t do it.

Instead she decided to kill herself and save the baby by slicing her wrist, which somehow worked and she died. (´・ω・`;) So then we flash forward to loli Kano speaking with her faceless mother telling her that she’s gotta go home or else her sister will be worried about her and that she has a crush on a guy who’s looking for a “girl in the sky”. She thanks her mother for giving birth to her even if she wasn’t able to live long. The “dream” ends and some days later, Kano wakes up and is back to her genki self telling Yukito that they’re going to the summer festival together as she punches him into the creek. I guess the curse has been lifted now that Kano was able to “let go” of her own mother and move on. Potato and Hijiri are there too and Hijiri buys Kano a balloon. After Hijiri leaves, Kano ties her ribbon on Yukito’s hand saying that she has magic powers to make someone like this town and never want to leave. She then kisses Yukito and he says that this magic is already on him and just then Kano’s balloon flies away into the sky. Well what can I say, it was an interesting story with Kano being posessed by some sad old baba but the romance in this route was like wut. I mean okay I realized she liked Yukito….like way in the end. I just didn’t “feel” the romance when she was like “TAKE ME!” At that point she just sounded like some desperate slut lol. Oh well I suppose Maeda Jun wasn’t thinking about romance but about wrist slicing and then realized “oh wait this is a dating sim *adds ero scene* alright done.” 😆 Kano’s super happy voice and “UNUNUNU” was really annoying and honestly I actually found her dog and sister a lot more entertaining /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.

Tohno Minagi – Minagi is Misuzu’s classmate so they’re probably the same age. Minagi is the only member of the astronomy club and enjoys sewing, even turning Yukito’s performance doll into a cute girly thing lol. She has a younger girl named Michiru who is always with her. Michiru always kicks Yukito calling him a pervert and he always punches her on the head for saying stupid things 😆 I actually found Michiru to be a lot more fun than Minagi (besides being voiced by Tamura Yukari) because Minagi’s VA spoke so softly that most of the time I had no idea what she was saying. In fact if I couldn’t read Japanese text I really wouldn’t understand Minagi at all because she just muffles everything. It’s almost as bad as Mai from Kanon but at least there we knew Mai was just saying “…” most of the time. After Yukito leaves Misuzu’s house and bums at the train station, Minagi ends up buying food for him instead. Yukito hears that her mother is sick but when he runs into her, she seems completely fine until Minagi tells him that his mother has an illness of the heart. She apparently thinks Minagi is Michiru, Minagi’s younger sister who passed away. After the night when Yukito hears Minagi’s mom call her “Michiru” Minagi stops coming to hang out with the actual Michiru and Yukito. When Yukito visits Minagi’s house, her mother says “I don’t have a daughter” and shuts the door on him. When Yukito talks to Hijiri about it, she explains that Minagi’s mom woke up from her “dream” of thinking Minagi is Michiru but in its place she also then forgot about Minagi’s existance as her daughter. Yukito runs around looking for Minagi, and finds her on the rooftop of the school building. Minagi explains that Michiru was actually never born because her mother had a miscarriage.

Her mother then got really upset & lonely because Minagi spent most of her time with her father, but Minagi loved her mother & was never able to express it. Her mother then went crazy and rejected Minagi until Minagi pretended to be Michiru so her mother would “accept” her…but now this “dream” has ended and her mom finally snapped out of it (after visiting a shrink), forgetting Minagi in the process. The reason is because for such a long time her mother thought of Minagi as Michiru and when she finally accepted Michiru’s death, by then Minagi was already gone from her memory. She finishes by saying that her mother’s “dream” is over but her own “dream” is waiting to end. Minagi’s father had fights with her mother because of her going crazy about the miscarried baby, so he left her and went off to marry another woman in a town far away. So then Minagi gave up being “minagi” and was “michiru” to her mother and would wait for her father’s return at the train station daily. Due to this she got lonely and stopped smiling so by the time she reached elementary school she never made any friends and was always alone. She would blow bubbles near the train station to kill time until one day Michiru appeared and that’s how they became friends. On August 7th if you ask Minagi to give Yukito a good morning kiss this sends you into Minagi’s normal ending. Yukito asks Minagi to leave the town with him, so he can show her the real world, not just a “dream”. He takes her to her mother’s house to make her realize that she “does have a place” but she runs off again. Michiru comes to Yukito asking him to make Minagi “wake up” from her dream (and then she disappears) so he rushes to the school roof top during a rainy night, to find Minagi there waiting for him.

Minagi realized that she was the one who rejected her mother thinking her mother would never accept her again. So then I Yukito has this brilliant idea of having sex with her to snap her out of her illusions and she’s like “ohh make me FLY!”  😆 The guide I was following listed this as “rape route” but seriously how is it rape when she’s basically stripping for him and going TAKE ME! lol. So anyway Minagi & Yukito jump on a bus and get out of town, and while on the bus Yukito suggests to combine the sand bottles of Minagi & Michiru into one. So now if you go back and tell Minagi to wait until tomorrow instead of a good morning kiss, you will get her true end. In this one Minagi goes back to living with her mother who finally remembers who she is. Michiru comes to Yukito and says that she has to return to the sky where there is a sad girl who only dreams of sad dreams. Michiru is going to return to this girl and share all the happy memories she made with Minagi and Yukito and return her the wings she “borrowed”. Minagi invites Michiru to eat dinner at her house with their mother, and when the mom asks Michiru her name she says her name is Michiru after making sure it was okay with Minagi. Michiru is happy she can say thank you to her “mother” and she cries as she eats the hamburger her mom made. So they have fun eating together and hanging out as usual until finally Michiru tells Minagi that it’s time for her to go, so she thanks her for all the good times and disappears into the sunset. Minagi then tells Yukito that she got a letter from her father letting her know that she has a half sister named Michiru …who happens to look like the Michiru we know :). Aww anyway that was a cute end and I liked it a lot more than Minagi’s “love” end lol. Now that I think about it I don’t think I really felt any romance between Minagi and Yukito at all and most of Minagi’s route just focused around her letting go of her “dream” and facing reality in regards to Michiru.

Kamio Misuzu – Well Misuzu is pretty much the heroine of the game. Sometimes it’s to the point where I feel like the game was basically written around her and Kano & Minagi are just filler lol. Misuzu has a habit of saying gao, drinking nasty juice boxes and being a loner. She doesn’t have any friends so when she runs into Yukito she demands that he be her friend and hang out with her 24/7. Misuzu lives with her “mother” Haruko (who’s actually her aunt) because her father dumped Misuzu on to her not wanting to deal with her illness. Yukito thinks Misuzu is pretty normal until one day when they’re playing cards she starts crying uncontrollably and when he tries to make her stop, she pushes him away so he leaves the house and sits outside. Misuzu then goes to find him asking him to go home with her and says she will help him try to find the girl in the sky. She later tells him that she keeps having dreams that she’s in the sky and only surrounded by clouds. In addition she says she feels like she keeps going back into the past and that while she’s in the clouds she’s very sad. A few days later Haruko tells Yukito that when Misuzu likes someone she can’t control her emotions and the reason this was never a problem with Haruko is that Misuzu doesn’t really like her all that much. Due to this Misuzu was never able to make friends with anybody and was a longer most of her life. She also thinks she’s a burden on Haruko since she was forced on to her,so that’s why she always kept her distance from Haruko as to not get in the way.

While the 2 of them live under the same roof, they live completely different lives. The day after  Yukito asks her to go to the beach with him, Misuzu suddenly says that her legs won’t move. She says she’s had this before but usually it would fix itself and so this time it’s really strange. Yukito tells her to sleep but she says she doesn’t want to because she had a weird dream the night before. Apparently she was flying higher & higher into the sky while a bunch of people were trying to shut her out. When Misuzu goes to sleep that night, Yukito gets into an argument with Haruko because she even refuses to look at Misuzu’s condition. Yukito then remembers his mother’s words about “saving” a girl which basically has the same symptoms as Misuzu and when that girl dreams her last dream she will die. Yukito is confused because the girl he’s looking for is supposed to be in the “sky” and Misuzu is not. When he tells this to Haruko, she thinks he’s full of shit and goes off on her hot springs vacation. When Yukito tries to go to the beach with Misuzu again she breaks into a fit of tears and ends up staying home. The reason none of this has happened before is because until now Misuzu has never bothered to make friends, but this summer she decided to make friends which is why she pushed for Yukito to be her friend so badly. When Misuzu says she wants to go to the beach again, suddenly her legs stop moving once more. Yukito attempted to contact her classmate to help Misuzu feel better and less lonely but Misuzu politely refused because she didn’t want to be a burden and said that Yukito being her friend is enough.

That night Misuzu began to feel strange pain, just like Yukito’s mother described. Yukito hugs her all night (or perhaps has sex with her in the PC game) and tells her to bear with it as much as possible, knowing himself that being with her is what causes her the pain. As his mother said, “if your hearts get close you will both be ill” and sure enough the next day Yukito feels horrible pain on his back. He tells Misuzu that he plans to leave her house and Misuzu becomes upset because he said he’d always be with her. Yukito then tells her that the 2 of them cannot be together because they will both be ill so he’s running away from her. Misuzu accepts this fate and they say their goodbyes as Yukito leaves immediately. However before he gets away from the house, Misuzu comes out asking if she can come with Yukito and says she had a dream where she was locked up waiting for someone to rescue her. Yukito leaves anyway saying he needs to get away from her and while he’s bumming around he remembers his mother pleading him to save “that girl” and to use the magic she taught him. He runs back to Misuzu’s house and goes into her bedroom saying he’ll always be by her side, and he will make the doll move for her so she can smile again. Misuzu doesn’t wake up so Yukito makes a wish to return to the time when Misuzu was able to smile by being with him, to start things over once more..and so Yukito disappears and Misuzu wakes up from her final dream. This is basically the “ending” for Misuzu’s route which is bootleg & pointless since she has a true end route but this is required to do to open up Kanna’s route.

Kanna (the 1000th summer) – This is a choice-less route that shows us the feudal era past. The story shows us the characters Kanna, her guard Ryuuya and servant Uraha, 1000 years prior to the events that happened in the “Dream” arc. Kanna is one of the last “winged” beings, and she’s kept as a prisoner in her castle away from her mother since she was born. When Ryuuya talks to one of his fellow guards he finds out that Kanna’s mother is being held prisoner not too far away from here because she apparently did something evil. One day Ryuuya finds out from his guard leader that they plan to move Kanna to a different location and Ryuuya & Uraha will no longer be with her. Uraha is angry at this and plans to run away with Kanna and when Ryuuya finds out he decides to jump on the bandwagon and help them….because he wants to grant her the wish of “seeing her mother”. So one fateful night, the 3 of them escape and run through a deep dark forest while people chase them down. On the way Kanna tries to learn how to juggle to show her mother when they meet. While being with Ryuuya  for a while, Kanna falls in love with him. Uraha suggests that Kanna “give herself” to Ryuuya and forget her “status”, and then Ryuuya would tell her about himself because men tell women they love about themselves. (She also told Kanna to show her titties to Ryuuya and Kanna had no idea why www.)

He pretends to jump on Kanna but then is like “Uraha I know you’re watching come out already lol”. Uraha comes out and Kanna tells her that “it didn’t go just as keikaku” 😆 Apparently Uraha just wanted Kanna to learn the art of sex by practicing with Ryuuya rofl. Eventually they finally reach Kanna’s mother and to prove that she is her daughter, she reveals her wings. They help her mother escape and they run into the forest, but they get chased down and when some archers shoot arrows at them, her mother gets in the way to protect Kanna. She says that she was going to die anyway being kept up in this mountain so she doesn’t regret doing this. Kanna tried to show her juggling skills to her mother but kept dropping them and her mother smiled and then passed away. Kanna said she wanted to live in peace so to act as a decoy, she flew up to the sky so that Ryuuya and Uraha could escape. The guys that were chasing them started shooting arrows at Kanna, and then the monks cast a spell on her that would force her to die & reincarnate whenever she fell in love. Ryuuya wanted to kill himself, upset over the fact that he couldn’t protect Kanna but Uraha stopped him, saying she cannot live without him. Ryuuya & Uraha then set on a journey try to find Kanna since she just disappeared into the sky and both of them can still hear her crying voice. They go to buddhist monk temple where Uraha uses her magic powers and is able to spiritually “meet” with Kanna who is crying in the sky that everyone left her.

Apparently she’s seeing an illusion that everyone around her died and when Ryuuya sees her spiritually he gets upset because he’s “right there” but she cannot see him. Just like with Misuzu & Yukito’s curse, Ryuuya being the one Kanna loved, also is affected by the curse and Uraha says that he will die within a year. Kanna’s reincarnations will continue to have the curse also because winged beings pass their dreams on and on, which is why Misuzu said her dreams kept going “back in time”. Ryuuya says that wouldn’t the curse break once Kanna reincarnated into a human, but Uraha points out that her soul is so strong that a regular human body would not be able to handle it because it would be like trying to fill a bucket of water with an entire ocean. Uraha then suggests that she & Ryuuya have a baby to pass down their desire through generations save Kanna and break her curse. The other reason is that when Ryuuya dies, Uraha says she will be lonely so having a baby will be like 2 birds with 1 stone! So then they screw that night and she gets knocked up. Uraha also made a doll that she was able to manipulate without strings, and this is the magic power that was passed down to Yukito. And so a year goes by and Ryuuya’s on his last moments of life. Before he goes, he tells Uraha that she can live happily with the baby and forget abuot him and Kanna. Ureha tells him she will never forget him and then cries as Ryuuya dies. OH GOD I CRIED TOO (ಥ_ಥ) THEN THEY PLAYED ORGEL MUSIC AND I WAS LIKE 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 うえええん The final shot shows Ryuuya & Ureha going to heaven together to reunite with Kanna. (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ)

Misuzu True End – In this route, instead of dying from the curse, thanks to the magic powers passed down from Uraha, Yukito is sent back in time as a crow to the beginning of the summer and he meets her once more. Sadly he doesn’t seem to have any memories of who he was, and he’s kind of a bird brain so he has trouble understanding what she is saying. The game now takes place from the crow-Yukito’s POV as he follows Misuzu and she decides to make him her pet and names him Sora. While he’s in crow form, he sees his human form sleeping by the beach, but of course has no idea who that is. Misuzu attempts to make friends with “Yukito” once more because she says that she’s lonely after all and she wants to make friends with someone. She then approaches Yukito eating a giant riceball and buys him some nasty juice and we’re come a full circle. Sora is kind of a weird crow though and he can’t seem to fly so he often falls out of the window and wobbles around. Yukito and Haruko aren’t that fond of him but he’s really fond of Misuzu and is alwyas by her side. At night he looks at the stars and has a sad & sickening feeling which he cannot explain. On the 23rd, Misuzu’s birthday, she helps Sora learn how to fly. A few days later, when Misuzu isn’t able to get out of bed, thanks to Sora being there with Haruko, she has someone to talk to, and she decides that she will be a real mother to Misuzu. So the night that Yukito disappears sacrificing himself to save Misuzu approaches and he disappears again but Sora remains.

Misuzu tells Sora that she must do her best so that the next reincarnation of her won’t suffer like she has. She tells herself over & over that it would have been better if none of her reincarnations suffered and that she never fell in love with anyone and then she breaks down and cries. Sora is so distraught at Misuzu’s condition that he remembers that he’s Yukito, and wishes to be by Misuzu one more time. He gets frustrated that he’s a crow and cannot speak to Misuzu so he wobbles over to his puppet to try and manipulate it. Yukito turns into human form and hugs Misuzu saying that the 2 of them must fight to try to reach the “goal” that none of their reincarnations before were able to reach. Misuzu begs him not to leave her, but the next morning he’s back to being a crow, with her having no idea that the crow is him. Haruko returns from her trip and tells Misuzu her feelings about why she ignored her all this time and tells her she plans to be like a mother to her from now on. Misuzu says she’s happy that Haruko wants this but she wants to continue living “separate lives”…because if her mother becomes a “special person” to Misuzu, she will disappear just like Yukito. She tries to get Haruko to hate her so that she will go back to ignoring Misuzu and Misuzu won’t feel anything special towards her. Haruko tells her she doesn’t care if she disappears as long as she’s loved and not hated by Misuzu, even if for a short time. Misuzu gives in and cries admitting that she loves Haruko and doesn’t want to hate her.

Haruko then spends all her time with Misuzu and gives her a haircut. A couple days later, Misuzu’s dad (the husband of Haruko’s sister) comes to Haruko saying he wants to take her back. On the night of August 7th Misuzu tells Haruko that her “wings” hurt and that if tomorrow she wakes up and shes “different” that she forever will remember Haruko’s smile. Needless to say on the morning of August 8th, Misuzu’s legs won’t move again and she’s forgotten who Haruko is. To get her to stop crying, Haruko distracts her with Sora while she tries to think of ways to make Misuzu remember her. When Haruko takes Misuzu out for a walk, in a wheelchair, she runs into her dad, Keisuke, and he’s shocked to hear that his daughter’s lost her memory & ability to walk. He demands that he get Misuzu back now and he will take her to a good hospital to “cure” her problems. When he asks if Misuzu wants to stay with Haruko before she can answer Haruko begs Keisuke to give her 3 days and if by then Misuzu wants to leave, he can take her back. Sadly in those few days Misuzu continues acting cold towards Haruko and so Keisuke ends up taking her back with him on August 11th. Before he leaves, Haruko asks if she can bring Misuzu to the beach with her one last time. She takes a sleeping Misuzu on her back and while she looks on to the sea she wishes she spent more time with her when she was younger. As Keisuke starts walking away, Misuzu wakes up in his arms and pushes him away, and wobbles awkwardly towards Haruko yelling out “mom”.

Haruko hugs Misuzu and says that she will keep Misuzu with her and be the best mother she can for her. Keisuke gives up and leaves, but asks if he can at least bring a doctor to see Misuzu at Haruko’s house. The day before the summer festival, Misuzu cries of pain in her “wings” again, and Haruko remembers what Yukito told her about Misuzu’s gradual demise. Haruko begs her not to sleep or else they won’t be able to go to the summer festival together. Unfortunately the next day it rains and Misuzu is sleepy but Haruko continues to try and keep her awake telling her that they will go to the festival & planetarium later. Unfortunately the rain doesn’t stop and the festival is cancelled, but they are able to get Misuzu the stuffed dinosaur that she wanted. The next morning Misuzu says she wants to go outside and so she & Haruko go for a walk by the sea side. Misuzu tells Haruko and Sora to stay 10 meters away from her, and then she gets out of the wheel chair and starts waking towards them. When she reaches Haruko, she says that she’s done her best and reached her “goal”. She then dies in Haruko’s arms. 。゚(●゚´Д)ノ。゚ヽ(  )ノ゚。ヽ(Д`゚●)ノ゚。。゚ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚。ウワァァァン!! Some time passes & Keisuke visits Haruko worried about how she is, and asks if she wants to come live with him. Haruko says she’ll be fine on her own and she’s been visiting a nursery school and playing with the kids there. After Keisuke leaves, Haruko runs into Sora and tells him that it’s time for him to fly. Sora tries his best and is finally able to fly up into the sky. The curse has now been broken and Kanna is finally freed from being trapped in the sky. The game now focuses on the loli & shota that Misuzu waved to at the beginning of the game. They are the next reincarnations but they will no longer be suffering like Misuzu & Yukito have been.

Ahh my eyes are still sore from the massive amount of BAWWWWW I did in Misuzu’s true end (ಥ_ಥ).  I was hoping this version would give Misuzu a happy ending but sadly this was not the case so don’t get your hopes up like I did (ಥ_ಥ). If you think about it, Kano & Minagi’s routes were soo pointless to the whole game. I mean they were just fap inserts (if you include the crappy ero scenes in the PC version) because the entire game was about Misuzu and Kanna. That said, this game lacks romance, seriously lacks romance. Okay yea I know it’s an eroge and a nakige and a mange but if you’re gonna go doing that to Misuzu, at least give her some romantic scene or something. I even felt like Kanon had more romance than Air did. Air seemed like it just wanted to frustrate you and then make you cry, which btw it did very well! So if that was the intention Mr. Maeda, you’re doing it right I guess? Also had I not read wikipedia/some forums, I would have made no sense of Misuzu’s true end. I mean yea it’s obvious what happened but all the jazz about the curse, I would never have guessed. Didn’t help that in Kanna’s arc I could barely understand a damn word anyone was saying because they were using old timey Japanese. System wise I almost flipped a table thinking the game didn’t have auto-mode. However it was just cleverly set up so that you changed the text speed from “instant” to slower and then that would activate permanent automode…which also meant that if I wanted to stop & take a too bad! ( ´_ゝ`) Also the skip function was horrible and you had to kinda guess where there was unread dialogue based on how fast the skipping was going. On top of that it was a manual skip so you had to hold & press down the skip button. So yea overall better than Kanon, but still pretty god awful. You will be happy to know the PC version of Clannad has a decent system when it comes to all of that so hopefully if you decide to play the PS2 version of that (I don’t know why you would but anyway..) it should be easy to navigate. Anyway I’m still not sure if I can say this is a GREAT game or not.  The music was probably my favorite aspect, and Midorikawa Hikaru, Kawakami Tomoko, & Hisakawa Aya made the game a lot more fun to listen to. While I loved Misuzu’s arc, I feel so bad for her since she really got shafted the entire time, and Minagi & Kano are just meh. The story for Misuzu & Kanna is very good, but some parts felt so long and repetitive and I wish they had replaced them with something more appropriate for a “dating sim” (*cough romance cough ero doesn’t count as romance cough*). If you’re a Key fan though, this is definitely like one of their staple games so I would recommend it for that reason. The game feeling is very close to Kanon and it’s guaranteed to make you cry a river. I would imagine though, this would be more enjoyable if you have no idea what the story of Air is, since I was already spoiled from watching the anime it was a bit predictable. If you do play it, I recommend PSP or PS2 since this is one of the few games where I think Midorikawa Hikaru did a great job.

RIP Kawakami Tomoko.


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  1. Omg yea when they brought out the orgel I just bawwed lol
    I wasn’t sure how to take Midorikawa at first but he just grew on me!

  2. nice review 🙂 so on ps2 version yukito seiyuu’s midorikawa hikaru..not that I’m complaining though 😉 kana’s and misuzu’s story + the soundtrack = bucket of tears

  3. yea PSP is basically like PS2 but the images are slightly “sliced” off because of the different resolution. I cried like a mofo in the anime and well it wasn’t any different in the game. ;_;

  4. Ah, Air was actually the first anime I ever watched so it will always have a special place in my heart ;_; Will definitely get the PSP version sometime soon!

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