Celestial Gods Event

First of all SGI must have read my mind (or my blog) because I said I didn’t wanna buy Lucia’s other kimono and instead was going to wait out on her miko outfit. Lo  & behold this update they bring out her miko outfit. I bought it instantly ;D

It goes really well with her fox mask except:

(lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!

何で直ってないチクショ!(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

Needless to say I have a feeling even if I reported this glitch they would never fix it because I think a friend of mine tried to report this last year when the fox masks first came out. Anyway on to the event!

Mutant dolfinis drop out of every 6th, 12th and 18th hole. That means if you intend to play vs you probably have to play at least a 6 hole so its faster to just do a tourney. The official site lists which mutants ninja dolfinis drop out of which course. Once you have 2 of each (you can get 6 per game with a motion item) you can go ahead to Caddie’s Cauldron and exchange them for some FABULOUS prizes! The prizes are such things as a 500k pang pouch, some crappy cards, some love chocolates and some rare caddie…

😆 So yea like on my 3rd box Sporty Pippin came out! I’ll never use her though because I lose on some control and I think at 23 control I start missing Pangya more than I already do ε- (^ω^;  ふぅ  My other 2 boxes were bronze cards. Actually I think the Minty treasure increasing card actually works as I’ve been using it and getting a lot of scratchy cards & bronze/gold cards from the treasure lol.

Well after like 4 tourneys I kinda got sick and quit /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Yea you can see my patience with Pangya isn’t that long lol. I guess it would have been more fun if I was playing & chatting with friends rather than having to turn chat off because of languages I don’t even think I can figure out what country they are from. ( ´_ゝ`) Good luck everyone with the drop event! I might play a little more in the next couple days to see if I can win the 500k pang pouch.


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  1. yea I’m kinda glad she’s my main because I just love all her outfits. I guess the staff really put more effort into newer characters than older ones but Hana’s stuff is really cute as well. (Cecilia & Arin’s are probably the 2 most boring ones.)

  2. Can’t blame you. As soon as I won Sporty Pippin, I stopped playing too. And if I had the money, I’d buy Lucia’s Miko set; it’s adorable. Funny, I don’t use Lucia as often, but out of all the characters I own, I get more tempted to buy HER stuff. 😀

  3. lol good luck winning them! I’m saving my scratch cards for Max’s ears so I can win them for JP or something since there’s nothing else I want from the repeating scratchy sets lol.

  4. Looks like Pangya US releases the best outfits in shop, which is really nice!

    And the return of Kooh’s ear is great, too. This is like an invitation for me to return.

  5. うん3個箱あたったよw
    友達の皆いっぱいあたってるみたいだからあたりやすいかも? (●゚ー゚●)

  6. ピピン当たったの?

  7. well, its not like i could buy anything else with that change money, at least i now have no more money showing up to tempt me into wasting more

    im happy enough being able to improve my records nowadays

  8. lol I dunno I still think buying the boxes is a waste of money ^^; …especially since you won nothing while I won decent stuff from just grinding a couple tourneys. I’ve only redeemed for about 9 boxes so far and I’m getting lazy already and lost motivation lol. I probably won’t win that 500k pang and since I already got Pipin there’s not much else I care about..

  9. sgi must really read your blog, or you`re really uber lucky

    well, i had some change to waste so i bought 10 of those boxes + some 3 from playing. all i had was pangs =_=

    on the bright side, i used my scratchies i had saved up and got the ssaf and the wedding but no elf X3
    (yeah well, i dont play with either chars and i dont even have a ceci to boot ahhah, but i can still sell it)

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