The poor man’s weapon & armor guide.

I’m not a tartaros pro and I don’t really spend money on the game anymore so I guess here’s a guide for cheap but still doable weapons armor.


Level 1-27: You level up quickly here so it doesn’t matter. Use whatever works for you. +5 weapons are enough.

Level 27 – 40: Either 27+5 if you can get one, or 28+5 will do. Also if this is a sub character you can use tesbell weapon.

Level 40-44: You can use tesbell until 44 or get a 40+5. Alternatively if you have the money you can buy a 40+10 which will last you until 48 OR if you can do the 58 dragon challenge and you get the ピナス weapon that will also last you until 48.

Level 44-48: A 44+5 will do. You can skip this if you have the weapons I mentioned above.

Level 48-58: I’m not kidding, you can use a 48+10 /11 until you’re 58~59 (if you want a 59 weapon instead.) Caliber exp sucks and you do N anyway so no need to bother with Mugen or 56.

Level 58-65: 58+10 or 59+10 will do. If you can get +11 great but I don’t wanna risk it so unless you can find a +11 in the auction stick to +10 when upgrading on your own.


Level 1-27: Whatever drops lol.

Level 28-40: Either 28+3 or if you can get 32+3 would be enough.

Level 40-48: 40+3 will do until 48.

Level 48-56: 48+3 will do. You can actually wear 48 armor until 58 if you want.

Level 56-65: Alternatively if you get 56 armor you can wear that until 65 OR upgrade a 63 armor to +4 or higher (or there’s no point in switching.) If you were wearing 48 armor until 58, get a 58 armor and try to gamble it to +4 or higher. You don’t have to since it’s higher than 48 but you will probably be wearing it until 65 or possibly even 68 (?) depending when the next armor update is.

Some tips:

  • After 48, a +5 weapon will just not cut it. Well you can try it but prepare to do N quests for the rest of the game because you will not kill bosses in time on M and it will take you 20 min or something on Expert. It’s okay if your party members have +10s though and don’t mind you leeching. (You can leech off me all my chars have +10/+11 weapons lol!)
  • If you have upgrade stones lying around and you keep getting saijoukyuu armor for a character you use, gamble it! For 3-4 I usually have good luck going straight but from 4-5 I like to use a Level 1 lucky stone to increase the upgrade chance to 58%.
  • Don’t upgrade armor with optional stats you don’t like. What if it succeeds but here you upgraded a top for Aerlot with physical attack or something.
  • In Arnica & Shinpan you can easily craft armor which can turn out green or blue. If you get blue armor it will give you better optional stats so try crafting. Blue armor or 最上級 armor does not drop as of Caliber.
  • Level 56 armor that isn’t shitty or white can be only obtained from either the 58 challenge or crafting (ew.)
  • If you plan to farm armor for a character do it with at least 1 other person. Solo armor drop rate is bad. Also try to do it during a 1.5/2x drop event for better chances.
  • Mugen stuff is nice. It’s the equivalent of 56 armor and has set bonuses. If you can try to save up your money and maybe skip 48 armor and jump to mugen armor if you can’t find any decent 48 stuff for sale (*coughSoma*cough)
  • If you want to buy an avatar SET that came out recently then save your money in advance. If you don’t buy it within a week it’ll be immediately sold out (either weapon or the armor) and then good luck trying to hunt it down for a decent price.

Anyway I hope this helps. Feel free to ask me any questions. Regarding +10 weapons, I’ve only ever had good luck upgrading once when I upgraded Cromodo’s 48 weapon to +11. At the time I used no safeties and this was before they introduced the blessing stone/joukyuu safety system & lowered the upgrade chances. I recently got Pinko’s 59 weapon to +10 but I used 5 level 2 blessing stones (which took a million challenges to make but it was worth it cause I saved like 25 million.) It’s actually cheaper and less time consuming to just save up & buy a pre-upgraded weapon but if you plan to upgrade on your own without safeties, grind some challenges (like the level 17 one) and collect those blessing stones!