Poupee Lingere 2010

I got blue this year 😆 The previous years I got black and black/pink one. Honestly I wish she’d give us something we could regularly wear. I mean when you only wear that on your poupee it looks like a ho – otherwise you can’t see it anyway.

6 thoughts on “Poupee Lingere 2010

  1. Actually, I tried my luck at the shell spring, I got 4 items that were mulch green. D: Thanks a lot Kath for the most useless items ever. Go suck on my giant snowglobe ring. 😐

  2. I got bright orange/pink. It looks really cute!… But when the hell am I going to wear it? ( ´_ゝ`)

  3. Last year was my first time getting a lingere gift from Kath, and it was surprisingly a nice lacy pink one hehehe

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