Otome Game Review: Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~

Welcome to the never ending chronicles of eyeless…wait! It’s a miracle! Tsukiko has EYES! Thank god, the poor girl was going blind in all 4 games but finally honeybee decided to give her some face surgery. So anyway now I guess would be the time period between when the Spring series ended and the “last” CG of the game when they all got married lol. The game starts in the fall and takes place over about a 2 year period but it goes by really quickly. The first part of the game requires you to do some stupid route with some side characters which then unlocks the “after story” with one of the 3 guys (depending whose name you pick a million times in the first part.) After you finish one of the guys good ends there’s also a mini epilogue. While there are 3 endings for each guy you only need to do 1 of the endings to get all the CGs. The other endings are just extra babbling/scenario by the character and since it’s from his POV it starts to get annoying..FAST. Sigh anyway not gonna be much to write here but enjoy! Continue reading Otome Game Review: Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~