Poupee Shougatsu 2010

Well it’s time once again for Katherine to rip us off with the kimonos. All the good ones are 400+ ribbons and everything else is ugly shit. Instead of buying one this year I decided to settle on just wearing last year’s stuff and buy some of the catcher items from the market. I think from now on I’ll just be buying market catcher items. I have so many stupid duplicates now that honestly it’s just not worth it anymore.

Here are the previous years new year backgrounds. They look quite similar every year don’t they? 😆


3 thoughts on “Poupee Shougatsu 2010”

  1. Pfft I bit the bullet and started using poupee girl again. I had like 1000 ribbons that I never spent and got one of the new kimonos. \o/ I’ve been looking at fashions lately and remembered how much I liked looking at people’s clothes and stuff there, lol.

    Anyways yeah just sent you a friend request. :D;

  2. I don’t like to post links to my poupee here so if you don’t mind giving me your poupee profile link name I’ll just add you as a poupee friend 🙂

  3. Random person found your random blog. What’s your poupee name? The side banner seems to just go to the front page instead of yours. 😐 I’d love to add another poupee to my friend list! 😀

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