Pangya 4koma #304

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Otome Game Review: Happy☆Magic!

I don’t think Pony Canyon should ever make Otome Games but they did and I was unfortunate enough to play it. Actually I didn’t really do any background research on this (like I never do honestly) but it feels to me like they just got a bunch of famous seiyuus just to do some drama CDs and then made the otome game as a side thing? Kinda like with Starry Sky. Of course unlike with this game, HoneyBee actually had a decent artist and programmer do the game. Anyway the story is very simple. Your teacher tells you to snag a man before Christmas or something and then you will get a special “jewel” depending on which man you snag. So now with your annoying tsukkomi cat Nyaa (voiced appropriately by ishida akira) our heroine Temari, who is also studying to be a witch, is ready to catch some pokemans bishies! Continue reading Otome Game Review: Happy☆Magic!