Otome Game Survey

Aksys Games is interested in bringing some Otome Games to the US. More importantly they are interested if you would buy any. So please cast your votes here! I personally don’t care since I play my games in Japanese…but considering how 90% of R-18 games are complete and utter CRAP I don’t think I’d ever buy most of the games I played anyway >_>; The only game that comes to mind that I would buy (if the fking yen to the dollar ratio wasn’t so terrible) is probably Bloody Call.


4 thoughts on “Otome Game Survey”

  1. Filled in the survey… while I’d happily buy a translated otome games, I guess it also depends on which platform it gets released on… :S

    But in terms of storyline, I think the all-ages otome games usually have a better storyline, since they don’t need to make an excuse to fit in 18+ scenes…

  2. All ages, or games that can all ages are the best.

    Still, I would like more 18+ games for girls, so I don’t have to resort to games for guys. I play because I think the way they tend to handle sex is hilarious. I know, I’m doing it wrong, but they’re so funny…

  3. Well there are a lot of good otome games…but none of the ones I want are 18+. But they translated yojinbo, which is a pretty nice funny game with no sex, so maybe they can translate all ages stuff.

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