Streaming live on Justin.TV!

Ustream kept disconnecting me and Livestream client just crashed on me so with a friend’s help I’ve set myself up on Justin.TV. You can visit my channel below:


I’ve had a few people test the stream and so far so good. Hopefully this will last longer than Ustream did -_-;

Enjoy and feel free to drop by the chat (oゝω・o)


Wow good thing I left Bright Shadow while the leaving was still good.

So much fail GamepotUSA, SO MUCH FAIL 😆 Man this is awful. Why do I feel like Tartaros is headed the same way >_>. I checked Bright Shadow Japan is still functioning so I guess they make enough money from their stupid gacha to vouch for continuous service lol. Speaking of Tartaros:

…now that this is finally out of my hair, I probably won’t be logging into the game unless there’s a decent event.

Poupee Girl Pajama Party

I think most of the pajamas are ugly actually but I love the nifty hand pillows! I’m actually down for anything I can put into my right hand since it seems like I have too much left hand sundries anyway (wtf is a sundries? 😯 )