Messing around with body movements

Messed around a bit with Arin’s model

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Party Castle Service Closed.

Uh I just happened to stumble upon this article but turns out Party Castle has closed its doors as of 8/31/2010. Wow that’s sad, it’s not even a year that the service has been open! 😯 I guess it’s just dumb luck all these games I quit eventually ended their service. I guess I must have a knack for knowing when something is epic fail 😆

Apparently you can still download the client and play around with stuff offline though.

Tartaros to ban foreigners.

I got an email this morning about MK changing their “privacy policy” and game policy. I mean usually the first thing I do when this happens is see if there’s any information regarding a foreigner block. Lo and behold:



Regarding foreign connections:
Based on the license for this game, which is meant for Japan only, foreign connections are restricted.

Now it’s possible that this will be on a basis of “if someone complains about gaijins we will ban them” sort of deal rather than doing what Gamepot did with Pangya Japan….but this is basically what Prius Online did. This means that at any time, they can block foreigners. I guess I might as well uninstall the client now. At this point even if I come back, the fact that we can be banned at anytime it feels like a waste to even hope to continue to play in the future.