Otome Game Review: Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no Heihou~

This is basically Fushigi Yuugi x Romance of the Three Kingdoms story. A girl named Yamada Hana (nice generic name!) gets sucked into the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms book and from there she has to help with war strategies in order to bring peace and stop the fighting! That’s great, except I really don’t give a crap about battle tactics! Really let the game decide it for me! I don’t care who wins or loses as long as I get some kissing/confessions at the end. I think I picked the wrong game to play 😐 Spoilers ahead~!

Koumei – So because Sugita Tomokazu voices Koumei I decided to his route first. However because I followed a shitty guide, it didn’t specify that you had to first do the “normal” boring no love end to then get the Koumei good end SIGH. So unfortunately I realized this too late after I found a better guide so I had to go and play the normal ending first. Basically the entire time she spends giving them war advice, then she jumps back in time and rescues Koumei as a shota and then makes friends with some random nanpa guys. Later she jumps back to the present (well present book time lol) and because of what she did in the past, the future king was the baby she saved from a burning fire, and when she runs into the opposing arm it turns out to be those nanpa guys.

They call her their doushi-sama and so she is saved. Koumei only showed up a few times as her “teacher” and she his disciple so there was hardly any scenes of them together. The only good scene was when Koumei told her that she saved him in the forest “in the past”. So anyway I redid the route to get Koumei’s good end. In this one she had more scenes of him as the shota Ryou-kun (which btw they never explained why the hell his named changed.. >_>). Turns out shew as his first love and he’s loved her ever since. In the present time she found out that he loved someone but that person was “no longer there”. Also anytime he’d do anything romantic towards her, he’d always say some excuse to make it seem purely like a teacher and disciple relationship. After all the wars were settled, he took her out on a date. At the end, he brought out her book and opened the last page saying that this world no longer “needs her”.

She was upset saying that she was not “ready to go back” and she had lots of things to tell him. Then the credits rolled and I raged and flipped over many tables ( ಠ益ಠ ) but thankfully there was an epilogue where she did not return to her world. Instead she stayed saying she wants to be by his side and that this country can be fine without her book. He tells her the truth about his feelings and she of course tells him that she loves him as well. So she ends up staying there as his lover now and at the end they joke around about her calling him Koumei-san instead of shishou. (〃▽〃)ポッ It was such a cute ending but I really wish there was an actual kiss scene. That was the biggest disappointment T_T It also seems that only in Koumei’s route did his father die. In all the other guys’ routes the father survived. Sad. 😦

Gentoku – Gentoku is the oniisan x ojiisan crossover character. Oniisan because he looks young and ojiisan because he’s voiced by Miki Shinichiro 😆 He’s the leader of his group and the oldest brother between himself, Yokutoku and Unchou. He always treats Hana like a little sister and pats her on the head. At some point they both get thrown into the past as well and they run into shota Koumei. Since this isn’t his route, they just save him and his father and that’s all we see of him. Instead, this time around, Gentoku gets thrown back in time with her. They find the baby and save it from the fire and eventually go back to the present. Anyway war stuff ends (yea yea nobody cares 😆 ) and there’s tension between Gentoku and Hana. Fuyou hime tells Hana that one sided love is bad and she then goes and confesses to her own crush (one of Unchou’s subordinates.) He accepts her love and so Fuyou tells Hana she should confess too.

Unfortunately by the time Hana is busy figuring out when to confess, Chuubou says that in order to join forces Gentoku must marry his younger sister Shoukou. Gentoku asks for Hana’s advice but she just holds back her tears and says it’s a good idea to strengthen their alliance. Afterwards she cries in her room and gets yelled at by Fuyou for supporting this decision. Afterwards, Shoukou comes to live at that palace and she requests Hana to always be like her “bff” there and always asks her to come to her room. This makes it even harder for Hana to bear with her feelings for Gentoku and she often cries in her room telling herself she’ll support him until it’s time for her to go home. She wanted to make sure Gentoku didn’t die in the final battle like the book said.So then turns out it’s a trap! Shoukou was just some dude sent as an assassin to kill Gentoku. Gentoku knew this from the start so there was never anything for Hana to be jealous of.

So then after what felt like an endless war scene, the assassin attacked Gentoku. Hana was about to use her book to go back to her world so that he could be saved. However he yelled at her to not do this and before she could open it, his guys came and got the assassin arrested. From there Hana cried a river babbling about how she shouldn’t have fallen in love with Gentoku, and he promptly grabbed her hime-sama dakko style and brought her to his room where they proceeded to admit their feelings to each other and FINALLY MAKE OUT キタ━━━━∵(゚ε゚(ヽ( ´ω` )ノ)゚з゚)∵━━━━!!! So then Hana decided to remain in this world with Gentoku and with her wish the sangokushi book returned to her world on its own. Doing the route twice gives you a scene where he kisses Hana while she sleeps before going to “marry” Chuubou’s sister.

Unchou – Unchou, who I’ve coined as UNKO is always cool and tsun and seems like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It doesn’t help that he’s also voiced by Takahiro Sakurai 😆 However once we find out his backstory, I think I can understand where he’s coming from! Bacailly Unchou is stuck in Groundhog Day. He was teleported to the Sangokushi book in the same way Hana was. The reason he was teleported though is there was some angst between him and his grandpa/brother because he failed his middle school exams. He was so bummed out he just didn’t know what to do with himself so I guess he was taken for a ride in the romance of the 3 kingdoms! 😆 Unfortunately they also borrowed bits from Dante’s Inferno and so Unchou was stuck in limbo inside the book. He would be teleported back to the time where Hana always jumps to (with shota Koumei) and there a big village fire happens.

It seems that each time this fire happens, the REAL Unchou who adopted him disappears and suddenly the entire world sees him as the new Unchou. So basically this has been happening over and over and it’s driving unko-chan insane. 😆 So finally he tells Hana the details about his dejavu and Hana now wants to save him from his misery. Aww ain’t that sweet. Unfortunately she can’t save him until she buries him out of this major angst hole he’s dug himself into. He bitches about how he wants to stay in this world and doesn’t want to go back. He’s finally starting to cope with the fact that he’s stuck in this eternal limbo and each time others around him change but he stays the same. Hana’s like “no damnit!” So during the final battle Unchou says he would be a lure, but instead Hana jumps on his super-horse(tm) Sekito and acts as a lure instead.

Unfortunately being the typical female heroine, she gets captured and Unchou wishes upon a book for her to live so he goes and saves her. After he saves her he’s suddenly all like I LOVE YOU MAN and so when they come back to Gentoku & Co. they explain that they will be returning to their world. They both make a wish and hold the book together and Unchou says no matter what he will find her. As I had expected, he was the guy she bumped into at the library who dropped his glasses. And so now this guy is a new transfer student in her class (even though he’s like way older because he failed all his exams 😆 ). Sadly that was the end and there was no new epilogue or CG scenes upon a 2nd running. Also his kiss scene was a complete ripoff. 😡

Yokutoku – This was probably the most disconnected route of the game. In fact I’d probably recommend even playing his route first just to get it out of the way. Yokutoku is a giant teddy bear baka. The official site says he’s like a dog, but I side more with shota-Koumei’s opinion of him being a bear. He’s huge, like bigger than any guy in the game. Nobody messes with him, especially when he is drunk. Unfortunately, when he is sober, he acts like an idiot and completely ruins my wonderful image of Hoshi Souichiro’s voice. (Homare-senpai 。・゚゚(ノД`)あ゙~ん!!) The only time he sounds decent and like he’s actually got a brain, is when he’s drunk. I know, ironic. Additionally at the very last scene where he cries like a little child while confessing his love to Hana, he actually speaks normal instead of his usual AHEHEHE idiot voice. ( ´_ゝ`) Even when they jumped back in time, all they did was get trapped, then beat up some guy and save some shota. Then later on instead of the usual war, all he did was get attacked by some guards. I don’t know it was just stupid and pointless. I mean I think he’s okay as the “side character” but his route..meh. Also what the hell is that kiss scene? It looks like he’s rubbing his nose into her eye 😆

Shiryuu – Voiced by Ishida Akira he is the polar opposite of Yokutoku. He is young (about Hana’s age), and small in body size. Oppositely to Yokutoku he is very cool, composed and mature…aka not a complete drunken idiot 🙄 He first says he’s ordered to kinda be Hana’s bodyguard but obviously it changes into him doing it because he likes her. The most hilarious moment of the game was when they jumped back in time and she went to take a bath near the waterfall. Needless to say Shiryuu accidentally walked in on her naked 😆 Gosh I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder than during that scene. Later on too he said he would xdress so she wouldn’t have to deal with sleezy men but sadly there was no CG for that. After they come back to the present, there’s this whole nonsense where Koumei is thrown in to stir him up with jealousy. It’s like geewiz why couldn’t Koumei hit on her this much in HIS OWN ROUTE (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻ So then they had another battle and Shiryuu protected her even though he was soloing like 20 guys and had like 20 arrows shoat at him. (´・ω・`;) Yet in the epilogue he was completely fine and then he asked her to marry him. And have his babies. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Dude, at least date or something first, you’re still young sheesh! Also during the kiss scene it looked like half his face just…disappeared. Do we REALLY need to censor kissing scenes?? 🙄

Moutoku – Moutoku is the leader of one of the other kingdoms and voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki. At first he seems like this women loving playboy because he hits on Hana the moment she is captured, rather than treating her like an enemy spy 😆 Additionally he then brings her to his lavish parties where she now has to fight off all his concubine whores who are pissed off that he’s giving all his attention to Hana instead of them. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ So anyway because Hana choses not to get saved by Shiryuu and remain with Moutoku, I guess his obsession with her grows. I mean yes we know he’s in love with her, but this kind of love we call YANDERE mkay? 😆 So he’s so obsessed with her, he even sets her room on fire so that her book burns to a crisp and she now has no way of going home. He couldn’t care less that she can’t help him with any war strategies, he just wants her to be with him forever…and ever..and ever ((((´・ω・;`))))

She gets really upset about this begins to trust him less. Unfortunately this is not just as keikaku for him and he then begins to trust her less. Too bad for her this means he forces her to be in a locked room monitored by guards who only let her leave for a bathroom break. She thinks that Moutoku no longer needs her and he’s locking her away to get rid of her..when all he wants to do is keep her like a bird in a little cage. Anyway she attempts to escape and some jiji gives her some sleep medicine in order to involve her in a Moutoku murder plot. All she wants to do is put him to sleep for a day so she can escape but she only later finds out that someone is out to kill Moutoku while he sleeps and then blame the whole thing on her. She realizes this last minute when she is in Moutoku’s room and instead she drinks the medicine herself. The killers mistake her for Moutoku and slash her and run away. She falls asleep and is returned to her world.

She cries because the book isn’t there and she tells her mom at home that she has someone she loves and she wants to be with them. When she goes to sleep in her world she wakes up the next day in Moutoku’s bed while he’s holding her hand crying. He says he didn’t know if she was going to wake up, and then she tells him there that she loves him. She says she wants him to trust her feelings and he tells her to never betray him. (In the past he got really betrayed by his best friends/family members I don’t know I wasn’t paying attention lol.) So then he tells her to get well soon so he can do naughty things with her, and we get this bootleg kissing scene (yet again) where we can’t see above their mouths. SIGH. What else is new 🙄 Meh well I liked Moutoku as a character but when they made him all obsessive/yandere that sort of put a huge damper on things. Also he has a lie detector built in. He can tell when people are lying which is why he never lies to anyone. I guess in a way that’s kinda cute since it means when he told her he “likes” her it was for real….all the way from the start 😛

Bunjaku – This route felt like the worst filler in the game. Bunjaku is basically dedicated to serving Moutoku so it feels like the entire route revolves around this point. Even though Hana is still in Moutoku’s palace because she’s now going after Bunjaku, her status is a lot lower. For example she’s now told to go serve beer to drunk chinese warrior men who then slap her ass 🙄 Bunjaku also makes fun of her for not being able to read complex Chinese kanji. At the end the entire “plot” is Bunjaku is now thinking about siding with Hana about stopping the war and being all peaceful rather than following Moutoku for once. In the climax scene all Bunjaku does is stop Moutoku from going to fight by also then stopping one of his ally guards from stabbing Moutoku. YEA KNIFE POWER 🙄 Suddenly they return to the castle and Hana’s all like OMG I LUV U and Bunjaku is like “…you won’t be a nuisance if you stay by my side!” Why don’t you just say “I want you to be beside me” or something? Sigh I don’t know it was all just so fillery to me. It was also extremely long which was worse because I could not find myself caring about this character. His personality was boring, his seiyuu only did random background roles and even the character design itself was boring. This route is pointless and you could skip it and miss absolutely nothing.

Chuubou – I thought Koumei would be my favorite character but that all changed once I played Chuubou’s route. I can’t help it, I AM WEAK FOR ORANYANS. THEY’RE SO CUTE WHEN THEY’RE ANGRY AND THEN THEY TURN AROUND BLUSH AND GO 別に!(;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ(;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ(;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ So basically the entire beginning time Chuubou’s full of himself and constantly bossing Hana around. She ends up staying at his palace as a “peace treaty” between him and Gentoku. However Chuubou commands that she not come back to Gentoku and that she stay by his side. She asks why and only ever receives “because I said so hmm!” As usual they jump back to the past and this is really where the two of them get closer. During a rain storm she scrapes her leg and is unable to run. Chuubou then offers to carry her on his back and they sit in some cave until the rain dies down.

Hana gets cold so he gives her his coat but when he starts getting cold he commands that she sit next to him. She realizes this helps keep them warm but the two of them turn as red as tomatoes. Chuubou apparently is younger than Hana as well, even though he’s leader of his country. He’s probably only a little bit younger so he’s probably about 16 years old. Anyway he bitches and moans but after they save the baby from the fire (and we never see it again thank god! 😆 ) they go back to the present. There’s long periods of war and Chuubou demands that Hana stay by his side. She starts to think its because she told him about her book and that he’s only keeping her around for the usage of the book. This really hurts her and for a few days she doesn’t really talk to him.

Eventually the 2 lolis that are there + Chuubou’s (real) sister Shoukou come up with a plan to get these two to KISS AND MAKE UP HELL YEA 😈 So one day Shoukou brings Hana to outside Chuubou’s meeting room. As Chuubou comes out the 2 lolis push him into Hana and he bumps into her kissing her in the process キタ━(゚∀・)━( ゚∀)━(  ゚)━(  )━(_゚_)━(゚  )━(∀゚ )━(゚∀゚)━!!!!! Hana is shocked but her heart aches cause she wants more of those sexy Chuubou lips. She runs to her room and he runs after her and after she cries telling him he just wants to use her. He finally stops being Ora and gets to being Nyan. He hugs her and tells her that the only reason he pretended to care about the book is so that he could keep her by his side. He tells her he likes her and wants to know her feelings. She just babbles on how she doesn’t “dislike” him so then he says “so that means you like me” and after more of her babbling he shuts her up with a real kiss キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━(。A。)━(゚∀゚)━(。A。)━(゚∀゚)━━━!! AND THIS WAS A REAL KISS NOT SOME BULLSHIT YO (*´д`*)ハァハァ

So then the whole plot of Shoukou marrying Gentoku is brought up again. Just like in Gentoku’s route Koukin plants the trap Shoukou to come and assassinate Gentoku. However this time Hana spots something fishy going on and she confides with the real Shoukou, Chuubou as well as Gentoku and the crew. During the wedding, Hana dresses up in the bridal gear instead and since her face is covered up she fools everyone. However during the ceremony the trap attacks Chuubou to start a war between Chuubou and Gentoku’s army. Gentoku’s army retreats because Koumei has super future seeing powers (wut?) and Shoukou and Hana come with them to try to talk them out of fighting. Chuubou comes with his army to Gentoku’s place and says he will accept the peace treaty with Gentoku and he wants Hana to stay by his side. Hana wishes the same and so her book vanishes meaning she can no longer go back to her world. So yea basically she lives happily ever after with Chuubou in his palace in the epilogue. AHH CHUUBOU IS SO CUTE. His seiyuu also did Musica in Rave which I think worked well for his character type. ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆ Chuubou-tan is my favorite, it’s a shame while I broadcast most of this route nobody was around. Everyone seems to always watch when I’m broadcasting crappy characters 😆

Koukin – I wasn’t really looking forward to Koukin because he was this crazy yandere. I mean he always had this ^_^ look on his face then when he opened his eyes it was more like ( ಠ_ಠ ) Creepy. 😆 Fortunately though this was much better than Bunjaku’s route and mostly because his seiyuu was hot as hell and all his closeup face CG scenes were like (*´д`*)ハァハァ x1000. Koukin acts cold towards her the entire time but that doesn’t stop Hana from worrying about him and getting closer to him. She sees the sadness in his eyes and she finally finds out what it is when they jump back into the past. Unlike with the other routes they instead run into Chuubou’s dad who in the present time has been assassinated. Koukin’s problem is he can’t get over Chuubou’s older brother’s death who was basically Koukin’s BFF. So Koukin’s been wandering around battle fields trying to “find a place to die”. This is why he sent a fake Shouko to Gentoku’s wedding because he didn’t want a peace treaty, he wanted the battle to continue. However after he got hurt in battle protecting Hana, the book kept saying he would die. Hana just couldn’t stand this and with the help of the mischevous lolis she was able to tell Koukin her feelings, as well as her feelings of love for him.

By then Koukin already had become attached to Hana as well so even though he tried to, he couldn’t kill her. So at the end the wedding is called off and then Koukin passes out because of his wounds. Hana stays by his side and he confesses his feelings saying that because she was able to “forgive him” he is able to cope with his best friend’s death. At the end Hana plans to return to Keishuu with Gentoku & the rest but the mischevous lolis are at it again and they lie to her saying Koukin’s feeling ill. She runs into his room and sees that he’s okay and then Koukin tells her she was “set up”. He manages to be like “DONT YOU HAVE SOME REASON NOT TO LEAVE THIS WORLD…LIKE YOU SAID YOU LIKED ME WTF GIRL!” 😆 Needless to say she babbles on about how she thinks one of the lolis is his fiance and he’s like “uh no I’m not a pedobear (´・ω・`;A)” and then he tells her that he likes her as well. Kiss scene was pretty decent, I have no complaints. In the epilogue she stays with him in Chuubou’s castle and everyone pokes fun of him for being all raburabu with Hana. The game ends with him playing that musical instrument whose name escapes me. I don’t know what happened to his stupid fangirls but thank god they never re-appeared after that one scene =_=;

Souan – I was really excited about this route back early on until I found out THIS IS THE TRAP THAT MARRIES GENTOKU (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻ I was still holding on to the fact that he’s voiced by Kishio Daisuke (T__T!) Souan’s route was actually a lot shorter than I expected but it was really quite sad. Souan is actually Chuubou’s younger half brother – same dad, different mom. So of course he’s like the “bastard child” of the house and he is told to “hide in the shadows” or else it would make the family look bad. He is then picked up by Koukin to be raised into an emotionless war machine. For a while he seems to have no emotions and only follows orders, but he eventually starts to get emotions around Hana as usual 😛 So during the sham wedding Hana begs him to stop it and when Koukin almost kills her, Souan protects her and says he will not let anyone touch her. Gentoku finds out that Chuubou knew nothing about the plot and so the alliance doesn’t break and Koukin’s locked up in a cell (serves your right dickface sexy beast man. 😡 ) Souan leaves the Chuubou army and then tells Hana he loves her. The two of them move to a random village where they become medicine makers and help heal the whole village. They live in a poor house but after making some money Souan says he wants to move into a bigger and less ghetto shack in case they “increase” their family 😆 I kinda feel sorry for Hana to be honest. She got a good end living like a poor bum lol. That kinda sucks so actually I don’t know if this was that much of a good end OTL.

This game had amazingly high production values, which is something I haven’t seen in a long time 🙄 The artwork was clean and beautiful, the music was lovely and the backgrounds were incredible. The annoying thing about this game is I had to change all my PC settings to be in Japanese (Date, time etc) because the game is setup to personally greet you based on your time. For example when I would come home for lunch and play the game one of the guys would ask me “Hey there, you hungry?” Then before bed when I shut down one of the guys would say “Already over huh? Have a goodnight!” So yea that’s the reason I had to set myself to Japanese time/date system lol. It made running English programs in Japanese kinda annoying but at the same time made the game a lot more personable xD The gameplay was mostly…boring. I mean yea the game is about war strategies and basically after the first 4 guys I would just force-skip through any war stuff just mindlessly pressing the choices from the guide. I hated how they saved the romance until the very very end for every route except Chuubou. He admitted his love early on so then at least we had some time for more relational development rather than I LOVE YOU → bad kissing scene → game over 🙄 My favorites ended up being Chuubou, Koumei and Gentoku. The others….eh…I guess Moutoku was okay..lol.  And man I just feel sorry for Unchou, in that pity kind of way. Anyway I think the game is still worth checking out, if for at least the 3 favorite guys I listed lol..and of course for the music, art and the seiyuus. The war stuff is annoying to sit through but those guys at least make the sitting worth it. Can’t say that about the others though llllll(-ω-;)llllllガーン…

Also, here’s a DURARARA Parody Video of this game (●ゝω・●) Also…a kishimen lol.


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  1. Ahaha, I loved Yokutoku – I must have been in a weird mood because the whole teddy bear/idiot thing plus the crying at the end had me squeeing. I think it was right after I played Gekka Ryouran, so it was so nice to have a NORMAL nice guy who didn’t need extensive therapy (compared to them, the mean drunk thing was nothing). And Gentoku – I was surprised at how good the romance was, I’m so used to the oniichan being oblivious until the heroine practically attacks him.
    I only have Unchou left so I skipped that part of the review.

  2. Ohhh dang. I did Chuubou’s route first, because I thought he was the cutest. (Him being a total tsundere totally made it even better 😀 😀 :D) I’m not sure I’m going to like the other routes. xD LOL Jk jk jk jk. I’ll probably like… eh I have no idea Souran’s route as well as Koumei’s most likely ha ha ha 😛 AGHHHH every other route is going to have such a tough time living up to Chuubou’s route~ haha!!

  3. I did notice the extra scenes in the endings but I only played the routes twice if there was an extra cg. You are right I know absolutely nothing about romance of the 3 kingdoms. I may take a look on Wikipedia but I definitely wouldn’t replay the game. The story may be good but in the end I’m just in it for the romance lol. I sadly have too many hobbies (and full time job )to even have time to play games twice orz

  4. T-this is where I prove I spent too much time playing Rensenki and looking up information on China’s history and historical figures! /o/;;; On a similar note, I -would- suggest looking up The Romance of Three Kingdoms (even on Wikipedia) and just replay the game after for better understanding. Reading through your review, I doubt you knew it was based off that.

    @ Shishou’s name change: Historically, it worked that way in China. You had your birth name (Ryou in shishou’s case) and then as you grew and gained accomplishments, you took on a different one since only family and close friends could call you by your original name. More on that at this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_style_name

    I’m probably one of the few who did this, but did you try and see what happens if you chose the ‘wrong’ answer for each of the important, non-strategic-meeting choices? Especially during the travels to the past. There are interesting premature endings located there! This is something you can do that with everyone else’s routes, finding alternate endings. Same with replaying of others routes since it will also give you extra scenes.

    Speaking of those, did you notice that you can read them during the ending credit movie of each guys?

  5. Cloudy> yea its very time consuming. Took me 2.5 weeks and I played it daily for like 4-5 hours lol! But yea if you try it play the characters I mentioned above at least 😉 But yea the kissing sigh. At least we can tell there’s mouth contact unlike some others orz

    pocket> bunjaku isn’t really tsundere? chuubou is tsundere bunjaku is…just a dumb ossan 😕 i guess Japanese girls like guys who obsess over them? that would explain popularity of terrible R-18 games full of rapists..that’s their most common trait! 😆

  6. @hinano: lol, i didn’t play bunjaku’s route yet. but i can’t hate tsunderes and i know he is one. XD

    about moutoku, yeah i can understand why people won’t like him. i normally don’t like characters who are possessive. in his case, i think its a pretty key point that he actually did not burn down hana’s room. even though he is possessive, he hasn’t done anything to hurt her. if he had burned down her room, he would drop from my favorite character list for sure. XD but he must be popular for a reason, seeing as he is in 2nd place. 8D

  7. Oh I heard lots of good things about this game! I’ve been meaning to play it because of the seiyuu cast and the art but I’ve no time to get it. OTL But haha you got cheated on the kissing scenes(then again this happens in a lot of all ages games) and it looks like the guys keep covering the kiss with their hands.

  8. pocketbiscuit> ooh yea I fell asleep during bunjaku’s route and I didn’t really like moutoku much either ==; I mean I guess I felt bad for him but meh… so yea I probably missed that part. I wish koumei had a longer route too I was like raging when the credits came on xDDD

    cents> yeaa I loved Koumei too but I guess since I played Chuubou’s route afterwards I liked Chuubou more ?I think if I had saved Koumei for last he might have ended up being my favorite. Pixiv fanarts ftw x3

  9. I adore oranyans so I knew Chuubou would be my favorite right off the bat, but Koumei became the surprising favorite even despite the lack of kisses. ;_; All those comics on pixiv with ‘幸せになろう’ got to me~ This completely made me want to replay it now heh 🙂

  10. haha, i didn’t finish this game yet. but for moutoku’s route, he actually did not set her room on fire. he did not deny it when hana asked him because he wanted to use that opportunity to say that he would like to keep her by his side. in the scene where bunjaku tells hana to go see genjou (because she is feeling down), genjou tells her they found the real culprit who knows about the book and set the place on fire because he thinks moutoku is there. ^^

    i wish koumei had a longer route. i almost had a heart attack when the credits started rolling. but the end was really sweet. <333

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