Tartaros 1.5xp

Posting from my phone lol. Since tartaros got into 6th place for that online game contest, there will be 1.5x exp daily from 9/3-9/9 8-10pm and 1-3pm Japan time daily. Additionally everyone will receive 10 revival scrolls. Maybe time to level up Pinko and Ruko again, but if I crash from errors even once, I’m done.


5 thoughts on “Tartaros 1.5xp”

  1. コメ返し♪
    さすがガメポ ┐(○`ε´○)┌って感じwww

  2. It seemed to execute the commitment only for 1st place in an online contest in the game that I was doing(pangya).
    The result was 8th place.
    Nothing is executed.(○`ε´○)!!

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