Disappearance of Ilishia Campaigns

First is another login campaign. From 3/26 – 4/1 if you are logged in for a certain amount of time you will earn various prizes.

5hours+ = experience book x 1
10hours+ experience book x 1, revival scroll x 3
experience book x 1, revival scroll x 3, cp book x5
40hours+ experience book x 1, revival scroll x 3, cp book x5, level 5 tios x1

Omg they are tempting me with tioses again! So yea needless to say, login as soon as you get a chance and just leave your computer on for 2 days haha. The next event is another 1.5 exp event.

Date: 3/26-3/28
Times: 1PM – 3PM Japan time, and 8PM – 10PM Japan time (this is midnight – 2AM and 7AM – 9AM EST)

I need to get Cromodo to 40 so I may stay up late or wake up early to grind >_<; Tonight I think I might do challenge missions so I don’t gain fatigue until it’s time for the exp hour.

Additionally the disappearance of Ilishia will bring us a new area and a new scenario – I’m guessing Delio’s castle? Perhaps it will bring us the new character Elpindos since her weapons and armor are now available in the shops. According to the story Aelrot goes somewhere separately while Ilishia goes with Shubalman to search for the Obolos – until she disappears. Screenshots are not up yet but say they are coming soon. This update is slated for April so  look forward to it 🙂

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  1. Tios are the stones you can put into your weapon or clothing slots. They give like vitality +x or attack +x. They also make your weapon shiny XD You can usually make them at the alchemist in every town, but the ones we get from the event are all +5 while usually other tioses are like +1 +4 +3 etc

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