Tartaros Spring Bargain Sale

For a limited time, select cash shop items are on sale for 20% off. The only thing I’m really eyeing are the C class weapon safety upgrade items. Originally 200 they are now 160 yen.  I think I will pick up a few and see if I can get my lv. 40 weapons upgraded to at least +7.

This event will last until April 8th. While killing monsters those little gift boxes will drop again (like with the candy bottles). You can then collect the bottles and redeem them for the following set of prizes:

20 petals = 5 wing portals
30 petals = 3 revival scrolls
50 petals = 30 E stones
70 petals = 30 D stones
100 petals = 1 fatigue removal potion for level 35 and below
150 petals = 30 C stones
200 petals = Sakura face item that only lasts 7 days (ew)
200 petals = Sakura hair ribbon that only lasts 7 days (ew x2)
250 petals = level 5 tios (!!!!!!)

Needless to say I’m aiming for the Tioses and C stones at this time although if I have any extra petals left I hope to get some fatigue removal pots as well. Anything else isn’t really worth spending your petals on. Hopefully they will drop as much as they did with the candy jars in which case I was able to get at least 200 or so a day.

Still plowing my way to level 40 with Cromodo…hopefully will hit level 38 tonight.


2 thoughts on “Tartaros Spring Bargain Sale”

  1. Haha, I was going to aim for the lv35 fatigue potion and the accessories, but now that I know that they only last 7 days, I don’t think I’ll even bother. Stocking up on fatigue potions now. *__*

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