The road to 40

This is my character level status above. Finally did the level 40 scenario and got Ruko who I will never use. Still working on getting Cromodo to 40. He’s pretty much become my main character now but I’m still trying to at least keep Soma with decent gear so I’ve been level 5 stone farming. Level 40 weapons are now in the auction as well so if you’re still sitting on your level 27 one time to upgrade 😆

I bought some webmoney in Japan so I picked up Cromodo’s waiter set:

Gives nice stats if anything and all cash items come with an open slot so when it expires and you have a stone in it, it will stay in your inventory WITH the stone still in it.  I dunno if I wanna pay $12/month to keep renewing this outfit though >_<; It’s only really good for when you are leveling anyway…once you reach the cap there’s no point of having it. I know I’ll be 40 probably within a week or 2 but I am hoping once I hit 40 and can use my new weapon, it’ll make challenge missions easier.  Last night we completed the level 35 ice dragon mission (even though I died twice) so it’s good to know that it’s pretty doable without having to protect any NPCs.

There’s maintenance tonight at midnight EST. The candy event will end and I’m 2 candies short of getting a lollypop. If anyone has any extras and wants to donate please poke me this evening 😦