Tartaros Updates 3/11

Similar to the doll drop event, you will collect syrup bottles and water candies (?) to then exchange for items. The syrup bottles can be exchanged for potions that recover 750 sp/mp or hp (normal pots only recover 500). The water candies can be exchanged for lollypops – a face item I believe (so it will replace your mask/dragon tattoo) . The candies come in 3 colors and will give you hp/sp or mp recovery +10. It’s a good item for characters under level 35 who cannot wear the face masks. This event will only last until the 18th (which means I have 2 days to do this..time to spam pindos e_e)

So one of the weapons that drops from the new challenge mission is a level 27 weapon but with superior stats to what you are currently using as seen above. So you either get this or the level C weapon apparently. Sigh.

There’s another exp event but it’s 8-10PM Japan time from now till Sunday blah. I’m gonna miss it because I work and then I’m going to be on the plane the whole time. Meh whatever. These exp events are really shitty.

There’s a new lottery item which will give you either a C rank weapon, or a C rank outfit – along with some other junk items.  There’s also a new wing box. All the wings in it will give you +5% additional damage. (junk in my opinion compared to some of the wing sets you can make.) Tempted at the weapon/outfit box but I don’t know. It’s frustrating that the only way to get new weapons in this game is to pay money or grind your ass off in challenge mode.

And these are the only updates. 😐 What happened to increasing the level cap?? Maybe they will roll out the updates throughout March I don’t know e_e; Meh I’m kinda happy yet disappointed at the same time. I failed to do the stupid level 40 scenario because I could see guys spawning over & over and there were so many guys my 500mb video card lagged and I basically died because of video lag. I’m leaving that scenario on the backburner and focusing on leveling Cromodo because I don’t really care about Ruko anyway. I’m interested in trying the level 40 challenge mission though but we don’t have enough level 40 people yet…so I hope by the time I return from my trip we can try it 🙂