Tartaros Ep. 2: Updates vol 2 & 3

YES THE HAIR IS HERE! Blonde Somaaa and light pink Pinko so cute!!! x3

Of course there are some unfortunate additions:

Wtf is this shit. Ruko stole Aerlot’s hair and Cromodo stole Ruko’s hair e_e;;; How creepy lol. Additionally cafe Eltail is here!

Sigh almost $7 for a 30 day outfit…*sadtrombone.com* 😦 What I would give to see Shubalman smacking people around with the menu board or Nagi wacking things with a frying pan…or Soma bitchslapping monsters with some flour shakers…but after the latest webmoney fiasco I just don’t know. I’m going to try to get webmoney in Japan and maybe I’ll try Bitcash…as it’s my last hope. For now I think I might just get either pinko’s hair or Cromodo’s waiter outfit. I want the broom but its a separate piece and prolly costs $7 on its own =_=;  The weapons give really good stats though (like concentration +5) so if you have a choice between weapon & armor skin, I’d go for the weapon one. Anyway fashion stuff aside: NEW ATTACKS! (at level 40)

SO FREAKING COOL. Ok so really the only attacks that impressed me were Cromodo and Pinko’s. I didn’t really look at Shubalman or Aerlot’s but I didn’t really find Soma’s or Nagi’s that amazing :s The hina doll event also ends this week and I’m like 5 dolls away from getting my stupid hat afhlasjf!! Need to grind some more ||OTL Only 25% away from level 40!

Ooh almost forgot, a friend linked me to some videos from Tartaros taiwan of the level 40 challenge mission:

I think it’s doable? The hardest part is protecting Michel but if we got our super-Nagi I think it can be done!


6 thoughts on “Tartaros Ep. 2: Updates vol 2 & 3”

  1. lol maybe cause ntreev knows that USA will spend money on anything like crazy? but i saw the update lol gacha and clubs all cookies of course 😛 whatever I’m really done with Pangya ^^;

  2. Sorry for the trouble, apparently the candy clubset just released on USA of all places LOL. The money grabbing is definitely going overboard in this game though…=_=;

  3. the candy clubset isn’t out yet.
    but I just look at the site or maybe I’ll login to the stupid game. Pangya sucks now seriously :S I think I’ve officially reached my fill of it. All the updates are targetted towards your wallet not towards user enjoyment. It’s obvious the game’s headed downhill and they’re just trying to milk every last penny from it.

  4. o-o This game really does look amazing. Too bad I can’t understand anything LOL. Btw, do you still check up on Pangya JP from time to time? I’m looking for screens of that new candy clubset, so just curious if you might have any. ^^

  5. Blonde pinko is cute! But I’m trying to leave the default hair color on all my chars (only changing the style) or else I get confused on who’s who xDDD But I like her light pink dye so I might do that one for her 😀

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