Tartaros ~Play With Maintenance~

Yeaa I feel like they did like 10 hours of maintenance today or something. I finally got to play after work and boom 2 hours later “sorry gaiz maintenance!” 🙄

Anyway yea I had to recreate my character because they erased everything from closed beta. How sad. 😦 Also be sure you have your GPU option off or else there’s no voices during the cut scenes (finally got the damn things to work.) If you want to play in window mode but you want a resolution higher than 800 x 600, set it to whatever resolution you want then you can actually stretch the edges of your client to fit properly. I wonder why I never tried this in CB, maybe because they couldn’t do it in CB? I don’t know.

Anyone who logs in before 10PM Friday Japan time will receive 1 cash point to by 1 random item from the shop. I of course got Soma’s uniform but sadly I couldn’t get his cute combed hair 😦 Additionally what concerned me is the outfit I got was a 30 day outfit. I hope this isn’t like bright shadow where you have to pay money for shit that will expire 30 days later ==; So lame lol, I will never buy temporary items like that. I’ve got no doubt that Tartaros will probably have a gacha for permanent outfits but we’ll see how that goes. I’m not sure I wanna blow anymore money since I already spent a good amount on pangya in the last few months ^^;

Alex and I partied for some mission quests. Funny how the guy is using the girl character and the girl is using the guy character here. We’re both traps!! 😆 Unfortunately you can’t party for scenario quests, gotta do those solo which is kind of a drag. I liked how you could party for scenario quests in Megaten for example. Anyway not much to say now, I’m pretty much dejavu’ing here since I got to level 10 and unlocked Aerlot before closed beta ended. I guess the only merit of doing all this over again is I can hear voices during cut scenes (Nagare Spoon!! ( *´艸`)フフフ) Anyway I hope they finally stop with the maintenance and fix some stuff already, but I guess during all this downtime I can continue on my otome gaming. ^^


2 thoughts on “Tartaros ~Play With Maintenance~”

  1. yeaaa that part takes some time getting used to x_X even after playing for like 4 days on closed beta it took me a while to get used to everything (and not that I haven’t played in like a month I have to get used to it all over again lol)

  2. Haha 😆 Once I unlock more characters I’ll probably switch mains, but for now maybe I’ll just stick with Ilishia.

    It’s gonna take me a while to get used to the controls though. It’s kinda hard to target enemies when you can only move in eight different directions lol.

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