Poupee Lucky Bag Results!

3 more after the jump!

Not too bad if you ask me. The only thing with the pink one is that while it’s cute it sorta looks like my daily dressup today:

So yea I feel slightly disappointed with that but at least I can now reuse the hat with 2 dresses. I quite like the white tights, I really needed some white ones, I’ve been using the sheer christmas socks forever in replacement of them lol. Anyway really glad I bought these, stuff in them was way better than the crap in the Christmas socks lol.

4 thoughts on “Poupee Lucky Bag Results!

  1. Hmm, I got the girly bag, casual bag, cool bag and sweet chic bag, they actually have pretty good stuff.

    I like the dress in the second picture. And the lolita outfit is cute, too.

    Which bag had the worst stuff?

  2. Oh, so that horrible pink suit came in the high brand bag. The damn thing is ugly as sin!
    The bag with the bears is pretty fugly too.

  3. I am so happy that lj was right what was inside them, so I only bought the pink lolita bag and the one with the biiiig bow on it, called sweet chic bag.
    Iam so happy with the results and will wear the lolita outfit often!
    Sometimes the community is really right, even if I know people who spoke against it.

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