I couldn’t help myself.



lololol 😆 sorry I’m on lunch break at work and this is all I could think of. That’s right, this is a world premiere of a recolored outfit. Congrats Ntreev, I can see where the money people blow on your Gacha is going!

P.S. If you’re gonna recolor shit, hire someone who’s got artistic sense and knows how to pick a better pallette. 😆

23 thoughts on “I couldn’t help myself.

  1. But it’s quite odd…in this artwork she’s supposed to wear her cut in outffit o_O; (the violet one).

    I suppose most of the work was actually to change the artwork’s clothes lol

  2. I mean it looks like NyaNya drew a new outfit so most likely this will be coming to Korea as well (maybe Japan? ew) but like god what a waste. If the Halloween disaster wasn’t bad enough now this lol. This shit may fly in Korea or US but no one in Japan will buy this – thats why Japan has sexy bunny girls. 😆

  3. It looks a bit different, but I like the black version more! It´s much more prettier to the eyes. No sugarshock XD

    (Iam so glad I don´t play pangya anymore)

  4. It’s not THAT bad but the whole idea of recoloring outfits to get more money is just so wrong…

  5. I think the fact that its recolored is what makes it a piece of shit in my eyes (along the side with the fact that the colors are hideous)

  6. Wow, another useless money sink, but thousands of idiots will buy it cause ITS LIMITED!1!!. Reminds me of Miku as well.

  7. Jeez. I wish they had released this before the pink version, so I could’ve gotten this one instead. It looks way better than the hannah montana one.
    I refuse to waste more money on a re-color, though.

  8. There’s really no reason to slam Ntreev USA on this. Blame Ntreevsoft for thinking this was a bright idea. God I hate recolors.

  9. Traditionally, whenever someone uses the word “Ngreed” it refers to Ntreev (See above). Also, since I’ve never seen you slam Game Pot for the ガチャとポンタ I just assumed you meant Ntreev USA. Sorry, bad habit. But it might have a little to do with your past posts >.>

  10. Rekrab> No one forces you to read my blog, I’m under the impression you don’t find my trolling amusing so I’m not really sure why you’re still here to be honest 😐

    btw I do slam Gamepot, just not on this blog 🙂

  11. oh god, another re-color? Plus ew why is the top gray lol they could at the very least make wasting money on pointless shit worth it. Keep up the good work, it’s funny to see the bashing on nmoneytreev.

  12. You know, the funny thing about this re-color is that they even mention that that’s what it is in the notice. “Who says you can only watch over the cows in pink?”

  13. btw Japan never got this recolor and they probably won’t. I wonder if someone in US HQ got access to their 3D studio max software and allowed them freedom to recolor whatever the fk they want lol.

    I also think someone from Ntreev keeps an eye on either my blog or my pangya screenshot album because the moment I flooded it with bunny screenshots, boom PangyaUS gets bunny gacha even before Korea!

  14. Ehh… I don’t know. Personally, I quite like the recolour version, it reminds me quite a bit of Hatsune Miku’s outift… xD

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