Open beta info.

Just giving my friends a heads up…Tartaros OB schedule:

1/6-1/12 = Beta signups (if you already have an account you don’t have to do anything)
1/13 = Client download is up (closed beta clients must be uninstalled)
1/14~15 = Open Beta launch

They’ve also added the final cast voice for Cromodo, which is Namikawa Daisuke <333 (After playing so many otome games these are starting to become household names to me xDDD) Pangya updates suck butt lately so I’m really looking forward to getting back into the game. I’m not sure if they’ll be doing a CB wipe, I hope not, I got my Soma to like level 10 and he has cute outfits and hair lol.

I hope to see you guys in game, I’ll probably be tweeting stuff about meetups or whatnot. Just have some common sense and don’t speak Engilsh in public. I’ll see if I can get a guild going so we can all ask each other stuff privately. I forgot what the guild requirements were so I’ll have to revisit that again. See you in game next week! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Open beta info.”

  1. I don’t know any Korean and I’m playing >_> (this is the Japanese version)

    On the other hand, if you don’t know Japanese you’re gonna get pretty lost. 😐

  2. This games looks good. Would it be possible to play this even if you don’t know any korean? 🙂

  3. Dragion> I’m assuming ninja isn’t Alisha right? The japan site did have some character whos face was a silhouette so maybe that’s the one

  4. (Lurker now becoming a commenter; haha)

    I’ve played this on the KR server; absolutely loved it ❤
    Ninja was my main though…don't think they have it released in JP yet.

  5. hinano> I’m pretty sure that news page told me to. Well I did that and I don’t think CB participants would have to do it again. 😀

  6. I think you’d have to Validate your account for Tartaros in MK-Portal first. I did that and I hope I can play the open beta next week. Awesomeness! I’ve been waiting for the open beta since last month. 😀

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