Save your ribbons ladies!

I know we just got the new years stuff but don’t blow all your ribbons just yet. In January 2009 Katherine released her grab bags for new years. There’s a 99.9% chance she will be releasing them again this year. This will probably be the next big event so unless you absolutely MUST have one of the new years items – SAVE YOUR RIBBONS. Comment spam like you’ve never comment spammed before. Additionally, I totally don’t mind if you go to my items and just spam with “ribbon spam :D” or something lmao. It’s a win win situation and I don’t particularly think any of my clothes are amazing or fashionable and deserve incredible critique anyway xDb

5 thoughts on “Save your ribbons ladies!

  1. brb, raiding your closet to comment on anything I can, lol. I regret only buying 1 of the stockings. ): That bag and shall was really nice.

  2. That´s completly what I wanted to say to you today. XD
    Someone suggested it yesterday the lucky bags to be released between the 6th and 14th of January.

    I definitely do everything to buy as much bags as I can. (but no bunny bag. I didn´t like the bunny bag last year)

  3. hi.. i’m new to poupee. XD what’s so good about the bags? will i get other things too if i bought it like the christmas socks?

    btw, what’s your username at poupee.. i can spam your items.. XD

  4. my username is ひなの
    The lucky bags usually have some kind of special items. Like FuchsPrinz said, last year there wasa bunny bag which had a cute bunny outfit and ears (I liked it though.)

    It just like the christmas socks basically yea

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