Poupee Girl makes you sparkly!

I’m glad I somehow had 200 ribbons left so I could get the body sparkles & the face sparkles really. The eye makeup and lipstick look identical to stuff that I already have, it’s kinda pointless. On the other hand I sparkle now! (人´∀`*).。:*+゜゜+*:.。.*:+☆ Definitely a limited item worth the purchase. I dunno what the deal with the background wallpaper is though. I guess to promote Shiseido’s new product line.


2 thoughts on “Poupee Girl makes you sparkly!”

  1. I really thought these were going to be jewel items, good thing they weren’t, because the sparkles were, pretty much, the only things I found worth buying from this and the winter clothes sale. =/

  2. The sparkle thing is awesome! And it´s quite cheap and non-jewel.
    It´s so cool! I love to sparkle! XD

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