Bright Shadow’s “Official” Epic Fail.

epicfailupdateThat’s right, we waited 2 days for them to implement a cash shop full of 7 and 30 day items. Nice, Gamepot, very nice. I don’t mind 7 day items from the lottery guy since you get them for free, but paying for temporary items? Are you kidding me lol. Oh speaking of the lottery guy, they’re removing him as of 11/16! So yea no more freebies either. Level cap is still 40, there’s no new classes…and they expect people to spend money? LOL fail. Oh well I’m not upset in the least bit – now I have more time to focus on Pangya and otome games 😀 Will come back and play more when they actually release more of the game instead of rolling out this half assed product and expecting people to pay for it.


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  1. the point is this – if this game wasn’t fully translated, then it’s not ready to be released. closed beta was fine, open beta okay…but calling it an “official” release by adding a cash shop is stupid. the game is not officially released in my eyes when people can hit the max level in less than a week. i think they should have taken it down after closed beta to work on adding more classes or they should have waited to do closed beta until November with the “fuller” release in December (assuming that’s when they plan to expand the level cap.) At this rate people start, reach cap, and quit.

    I’ve not uninstalled it yet because I have other things to occupy me and I don’t mind waiting. If I really wanted to, I could just go back to BS Japan, but seeing how most of my friends dont speak Japanese I’m sticking with the English version. Unfortunately due to Gamepots crappy release a lot of those friends are now quitting leaving me back at square 1.

  2. Most likely because they want to follow a production schedule that is similar, but probably slightly accelerated.

    Also, seriously, this is a major pet peeve of mine, it’s a lot harder than “translating” when it comes to bringing MMOs over her.

  3. well my meaning of ‘unfinished game’ was more in a sense that “this content is already available on the Japanese server, why don’t we have it in English” rather than the game itself being unfinished.

  4. “Who pays for an unfinished game?”

    Everyone who ever paid for an MMO.

    The online game market is all about selling people on unfinished products that can be gradually improved. Every online game I’ve played wasn’t finished at launch, and wasn’t finished two years after launch.

    The better question, is “who pays for a completely unpolished, poorly thought-out game?”

  5. i think the English version will join the JP version very soon if they fail to add the higher lvl cap + 2nd class. i just started with a 2nd account to make my 1st character’s life a bit safer. but i don’t see that many people anymore where it was used to be crowded.

    but i so do agree with the many topics which are being created and deleted on the BS forum to complain about the so not official release. there was earlier a topic to call everyone up not to buy any gamepot potcash until they release 2nd class.

  6. the thing about those temporary items, they have terrible stats. they only add like +9 hp and +9 mp or something so it’s not even worth purchasing. the free beta outfits you got if you played open beta have MUCH MUCH better stats because they are equivalent of the (probably upcoming) gacha clothing.

    I don’t think this game is doing well in Japan. Last I recall the BS Japan forums had many people complaining about lag, lack of anybody on, constant server crashes during events and awful gacha rates. I know when I played, I only ever saw 1-2 people on, even during Japan’s peak hours.

  7. I’ll never understand how games with temporary items do well anywhere. Trickster JP does the same deal with their cash shop.

    The only rationale I can figure out is that if they made them permanent they’d be more expensive. So rather than paying more for an expensive item you’ll only use until the next best thing, you pay “less” for an item that will disappear and replace.

  8. Zangy> I’m not gonna kick anyone since I’ll eventually quit myself as well. I still like the game for what the game has to offer – but until they actually expand the game’s features I won’t be playing it either. If I really wanted to, I could always go back to BS Japan, but seeing how I’d rather play Pangya & Otome games, I’ll just stick to the English version and play it sporadically.

    Asu> whatever floats your boat =D

    Kana> yea temporary items are super lame, not worth it.

  9. I will not continue BS so you can kick me outside the guild. Don’t love those “money suckers” for temporary items and things like that. I don’t stay on game where money is the only thing who count for developers.
    Cya on other games so ^^

  10. why was i expecting this post to come up here. ^^
    but yeah, i really was like, they went down for 2 days just to implement a crappy item mall function. i want my 2nd class. I’ve spend the last few days on the closed beta to get my gear ready for the moment they would release it. it’s still not complete so i still have a reason to go back to bs. but when that’s finished even i would take a break from bs till they release the new max lvl cap + 2nd class.

  11. I hate games that do that temporary item thing, I really do. The reason I couldn’t play S4 League anymore was because of that… it kinda sucks. D:

    I know Pangya does it with the skins, which I can understand, but I dislike it for every item.

  12. that sucks balls.. I was expecting something cool :< i guess i won't be playing any BS soon, DI grinding on pangya is sucking me back in lol

  13. as far as I recall from the JP version, the only permanent items really were the outfits you could get from the gacha – but the gacha you’d only get 1 piece of the outfit if you won and it was possible to win 7 day ones instead of 30 day ones. The cash system on BS is horrendous, it amazes me how it’s actually lasted in Taiwan & Japan. I guess some people are dumb (like most of the pangyaBR players) and will spew cash on anything.

  14. Wowww. Those temporary items are pure bullshit, I swear. Can’t they just be like pangya and.. I don’t know.. Let us keep what we pay for? I dunno, what money was MADE FOR. >_>;

  15. yea same here. what a crap update. a lot of people who are level 40 are probably even more pissed off since they have absolutely nothing to do. At least I still have 12 levels to go rofl.

  16. They took 2 days, were 5 hrs overdue and the only thing they only implemented this crap and are getting rid of the lottery guy.
    I guess this game will remain at the bottom of my priorities. =/

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