Self Design Adventures


Yeaaa so self design is pretty sweet. I have to make my tablet go into mouse mode but after I adjusted it, designing became a lot easier!

So anyway first up is my Hana and her blue summer yukata! It’s a little different than y original photoshop practice but I’d say it came out pretty well. Too well actually because now everyone is harrassing me to make them a copy 😯 I don’t trust the mail system AT ALL, so if shops were open I’d probably sell it for real. Unfortunately since god knows when shops will reopen, I have to just break people’s hearts, apologize and politely refuse ^^;  2nd up is JP’s yaranaika suit, by his request 😆 This one was pretty easy to make, save for the annoying pant pockets. I’m actually surprised how well my muscles turned out lmao. I didn’t think they looked good until I saw them in action.

And speaking of action…here’s my self design stuff IN ACTION!

At this point I don’t even care about the USA swimsuits lol. The only thing on my mind right now is to get enough money for Hana’s angel wings and to look forward to her motion item. I think the flower or the blue umbrella will go nicely with this outfit 😉


16 thoughts on “Self Design Adventures”

  1. nice work , i already commented it on the forums. keep it up , also i think the motion items will complement your design ^^ have nice day

  2. wow! the yukata looks awesome! How long did you need for?
    I would buy one, when the personal shops are open again.

  3. haha yea I might be selling it when shops are back. on one hand I do like having my own “unique” design, but on the other if I sell it, it would be awesome seeing a bunch of people wearing my works 😀

  4. Very Spiffy, i like it. Especially the Max clothing -drool-

    I made my first for lucia, but it didn’t turn out as well as i had liked. I’m gonna use on of the pen mouse things (whatever) next time i make self design. I’m gonna base my Kaz self design off clothes i actually wear 😀

  5. you make me want to make an outfit for Hana now >:

    I had to end task tablet.exe for my tablet to work until I found out about the mouse mode after I was done designing. ;___;

  6. @Hinano: Maybe your blue/red flowers design could be limited edition/for you only? And you could make another set that was the same design but different colors? You did a great job~ *w*

  7. Amai> I don’t think it will be limited edition. I was planning on selling it (as I also wanted to make a school uniform from pet detective y’s for my hana.)

    Problem is I’m not selling it via email system. Don’t want to deal with the headaches of lost items/pang etc ^^; I wish they’d enable to stupid shops already -_-;

  8. Pfft yall are Lucky
    i had to use a Mouse cause i dont even own a Tablet
    But i still like my design ^^

    And yes shops do need to be open
    And Pangya needs to be hack free hmmm what can we do…

  9. yehp no tablet here, quite a pain to make a few details but meh, it was fun to mess up with pixels =p

    too bad there were no shortcuts like photoshop =p
    would have made the whole drawing 50% more faster

    at least ctrl z worked

  10. I have a tablet, but it´s not working correctly, with pangya. The pen is far to fast to draw with and even with reducing the mouse sensibility to zero it doesn´t work.
    What settings did you take to make yours work?
    Mine is from Wacom.

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