PangyaBRSEA Update: Self Design & Ghost Mode

Oh well I'm sure we'll get more by the time I get home tonight.
Oh well I'm sure we'll get more by the time I get home tonight.

So they implemented Ghost Mode and Self Design. I’ve been looking fwd to self design for a while now….but the most disappointing part is that I cannot sell my works! That’s right, shops are STILL disabled with no ETA when they are coming back. I guess that means I’ll only make the initial design I had planned for Hana and I’ll post a video or screenshots on the blog when it’s done ^.^ I plan to make JP an outfit for his Max as well 😈

Hana Self Blanks
Hana Self Blanks
Ceci Self Design Blanks

The price of the blanks is pretty decent. I don’t really know why Hana’s is the cheapest while Cecilia’s is the most expensive @@ I would think Arin or Lucia’s would be the priciest but *shrug* I only planned to design for either Kooh or Hana so Ceci doesn’t really interest me =P

ghostmodeGhost mode is implemented but I heard it’s still buggy. I haven’t actually seen anyone have a ghost yet (I guess it’s too early) to test it out, but I also have to be at work in about an hour XD; Someone claimed that they finished an 18h ghost game so my guess for anyone who crashes is…they’re just playing a 0wind hacker 😆

The other significant update includes them adjusting the bridges on hole 5 and 18 of Lost Seaway to make them like ice…so that the ball bounces off and out instead of getting stuck under the bridge. While I agree this is a SIGNIFICANT GOOD CHANGE, I’m disappointed the  downgrade bug hasn’t been addressed yet =/ They claim to have improved the messenger bug, but I can’t confirm this either. I don’t know what the hell else they fixed, but everything seems the same otherwise. I’m happy we have self design but disappointed I can’t sell my designs. Happy we have Ghost Mode, but I’d rather we had gotten Approach Mission instead =/ I don’t really care too much about cards to be honest.

Also it’s now been a week, I’ve played daily, not a single swimsuit has come out. What a shitty event lol. Oh well at least I can get home tonight and design something nice for Hana ^_^


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  1. I tried the ghost system this morning but the game data went corrupt. I would like to know why but Iam going to try it again. (since you can play without someone babbling and get exp)

    the self design system is strange. I haven´t tried yet but I heard some people say you need to buy the points clothes to copy your design to the pang clothes. I don´t know if this is true.

    I want to try it but not yet. I´ll wait till phase 3. I wish the motionitems and card system came before ghost mode.

  2. Just so you know, you get less exp/pang in ghost mode. Yes you need to buy points clothes to design, this is intended.

    Ghost mode is often going to crash. If you play against a ghost that quit a tourney, it will crash. If you play against a hacker, it will also crash.

  3. ahhh Self designnn FINALLY HERE *abuses tablet*
    I’m gonna save up for a shirt for lucia’s first since she’s nekked :u And I’m doing one for Kooh too *spazzes*

    yess ghost mode, I can finally study Teddy’s moves mahahahah :> (I’m sure he doesn’t mind lol)

  4. Also, I noticed that Nuri’s self design is the same price as Hana’s. Maybe because they’re the starter characters so they made the price lower? lol idk

  5. yea probably. i dont get why CECILIA’S is the most expensive though. Seriously what the hell lol? xD Lucia and Arin’s are the same price. Max is around there as well.

    I’m glad Hana’s is the cheapest because I like her blanks the most, they’re the most useable when it comes to creating designs lmao

  6. So far i’ve gotten 2 ghosts in and then played myself. I got bonus pang and everything at the end and everything went perfectly so for my first ever run in with ghost mode it was just fine. We’ll see what happens in the future when i try playing someone else’s ghost.

  7. thats good, did you take note how much exp and pang you got? I could never figure out what the numbers are supposed to come out like.

  8. Ahh, finally! Too bad I wasted all my money on other stuff lol. If I had known they were adding it I would have saved some for Pangya. Oh well, hope to see some cool designs soon~

  9. Hmm I think in Korea and Japan the exp for Ghost was like 20 something for a game (27, 28 I can’t remember clearly, 3@DI with time boosters is still way better in earning fast exp) as for the money I think it depends on how many pangs you, the ghost player earned and how much clicks per second can you make. 😀

  10. well i am excited for the self design(starting to draw mass amounts of outfits) I was hoping that there would be a blank that would allow me to dress kaz like the girl he is though, so disappointing :c.

  11. I was really hoping for Cards / Approach but I guess not :[

    And I still have NO luck on Swimsuits even though I’m playing a couple hours everyday, yet my friends who played less got 1 to 2 swimsuits already. /isunlucky

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