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lukofigApparently this guy bought the garage kit and painted it. Pretty impressive if I say so myself. I wonder if it will ever be sold mainstream. I bet every Pangya player in Japan would purchase it 😆 At this rate, maybe someday we’ll see a Pangya anime too…they already have a pretty famous cast voicing the clubs. Why not?

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  1. Actually it is getting a regular release as a finished PVC figure, that’s the sculptor’s website! It’s been in a few hobby magazines which had the details, and is also on display at the most recent Wonder Festival. I’ll have to make a post about it when I get home cuz I don’t remember all the details.

    But yeah lol I was thinking how it’s about time Lucia gets a PVC figure, what with her popularity and all that. Pretty much free money for the makers right there. =P

  2. Oh so she IS going to be released as a finished PVC! That’s really nice. I’m tempted to buy it haha but I hate spending crazy money on dust collectors in my apartment. I have a C.C. figure from Code Geass I only got cause it was $20 xD

  3. So where’s the Kooh figure!!! And Caddy too!! As for an anime, wouldn’t it be hilarious if was made by kyoani =P

  4. kyoani only makes anime based on 4koma and eroge.

    id expect the pangya anime to be made by whoever made ragnarok the animation 😆

    also a kooh figure came with the korean purchase of pangya portable

  5. First they have to turn Pangya into a shounen manga about hot-blooded golf with 200+ chapters, then maybe it can get an anime series.

  6. There are tons of Pangya erodoujins already made (lol).

    As for the figures, I saw a 3 types of Arin figures like you said Hinano (with different colour schemes), 3 types of Kooh figures (including the one with the PSP game) and one Hana figure. Lucia is comming soon, but where the hell is Cecil…
    You can find some Pangya merchandise here .

  7. Lol I just realise that almost all of those goodies from moekei site is sold out… orz

  8. Yeah lol, even as a figure collector, gotta admit these things are huge dust collectors. If I don’t dust weekly, things start to look unsightly around here.

    But yeah just finished the post about it. This is gonna be a pricy one… XD

  9. saw the post very nice collection. I have that small arin keychain with the dolfini xD Got it an an anime con. I really want the stuffed papel xD

  10. Now if only they Made Some Papel Slippers In my Size I’d buy them
    AND a Papel PLushie
    With some Key-Chains as well 😀

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