I’ve gone wide, and I cannot go back.

Goodbye my records
Goodbye my records

Haha sorry I’m spamming you guys with so many entries lately 😉 (The Japanese Pangya blogs I follow post like 3 things per day so I’m not as bad…)  This evening I decided to try the unthinkable – play in 1600 x 900 in window mode. I turned off my windows aero so that I wouldn’t get visual lag and be able to hit Pangya. Not only was I able to hit Pangya, but the graphics were so nice T_T If you click on the screeny above you can see just how large my window was. Sure I can no longer use the power bar method to calc anything, sure my scores are gonna be crappier…but I don’t care. Last week when I was playing in 800 x 600 full screen, I accidentally pressed my keyboard’s start key…Pangya instantly crashed. Basically the moment I’d (even accidentally) alt tab out of the game in full screen, the game goes kaput. With window mode, that will never happen. I will no longer be restricted to only running pangya. I will be able to alt tab and open other windows without Pangya dying on me.

Best of all….it looks so pretty!! Yea that’s probably the best part 😆 Oh well, here’s to a new gaming experience!

P.S. Updated my Pangya album with more of the wide screenshots ^_^


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  1. I would die if I played max resolution 1920 x 1080 x_x

    That would be Bye Bye 90%+ PR XD

  2. That would b e Nice 😀
    I”m half way done and this Is gonna knock the socks off the Pangya USA Community

  3. berz> why are you surprised about that (country stat thing) 😆 Restarting all the time was really lame, also I quite enjoy like browsing websites and changing mp3s while I play in window mode now…

    Blaze> I can’t really record any shots cause when I turn fraps on it lags my pangya so I can’t hit anything xD;; I have some replay tapes I saved but again those don’t show the ball going in really…if you don’t mind that I can send you a shot of me doing a HIO on Blue Moon or something XD

    Symphonist> yea playing in nice graphics has made the game experience a lot more pleasant…more so now that I don’t expect to get a good score therefore when I do bad it’s less frustrating =p

  4. I totally understand what you mean! ><" I tried once setting it to the widest, and…the graphics is damn nice.

    It has been a struggle of better score, or better graphics, and I went with better score ): So I'm stuck with bad graphics, and crashing pangya. Lolz.

  5. Hey Hinano And People on Hinano’s PAge
    Doesnt Anybody wanna help me Make my Pangya Music video by sending me Some Amazing Shots? 😀 (chips,dunks,hios, stuff along that line)
    You Will be Mentioned in the Credits of the Video ^^
    If you want more Details I have a Thread on the Pangya forums

  6. btw, loooking at your counter. br is in third LOL
    its big but looking at the ones you could call ‘national’ visitors, its only 1/10 XD
    based on this, how is it going on the servers?

    its the other way around? with 9/10 foreign people online? @_@

  7. lol
    wonder why they cant make things stay the same size =(

    as for me i`ve returned to 640×480. its one game 1 restart but im sinking in again

    strangely for me, my guesses on the shotting and stuff rly work on 640 but work kaput on 800 =(
    (and yeah, in 800×600 i`ve never crashed)

  8. I have no clue Blaze. i don’t record stuff off my computer xD i’ve been trying to get joy lite to work on my PSP so i can record videos from Pangya PSP. But gave me a headache. so i’m sure Xfire or Fraps would make me insane

  9. Who here knows how to record video using Xfire D:
    Or knows something better
    Fraps is making me mad! ><

  10. That is why majority of my HIO’s are made with 1-3m winds :D. I have some HIO’s on DI too but they are sitting in “wow my blind guess was right” category. XD
    I managed to make most of my HIO’s using my “magic” ruler http://i25.tinypic.com/t9z39j.jpg . ^_^

  11. ohhh DI hhahahaha. i actually got a HIO on that course with my method!! xDDD I used to use that method but i dunno it never worked for me. maybe because it feels like everytime I play a vs the wind is 7-9m :S

  12. I always assume that 1tile=1m, of course I’m talking about those small tiles with different colours not the big ones made by the black lines. So lets just say I have 2m (almost) straight horizontal wind, I measure the lenght of 2 tiles in cm with the small correction for wind and aim. For all you faking pros don’t LMAO on me, its very primitive but it works with the weak winds as long as I make a proper cut and hit pangya. 😛

    Of course this method is pretty much useless on DI with its hexagonal tiles… 😦

  13. hahaha hmm. i dunno how to measure in tiles though 😦 I used some stupid japanese method which involved using the 640 x 480 powerbar 😥

  14. I always zoom in and use a simple ruler, measure the size of the tiles and make an aim. Its not a very precise method but it gives me a HIO from time to time (made 3 just today). The problem with this method is that it tend to leave a smudges on my monitor (lol).

  15. yea like I said I’ve been using an index card….but its 5cm now so its too small. even 1 little bit off and I’ll miss. May as well learn to eyeball now ^^;

  16. lol
    I did paper sticker, like a ruler with scale of hio-meter. And when I need it, I attach it on the top of my monitor. And everything is fine.

  17. abi> thing is, Ive always used my stupid index card method to get HIOs…I dunno how to measure any other way. It’s gonna all be eyeballed from now on so I don’t expect to get anymore HIOs in the near future lol

  18. Welcome to the Dar… I mean Hires Side of the Pangya. Like you probably remember I use 1024×768 Window Mode and although the game doesn’t look as pretty as in 1600×900, its still better than 640×480 or 800×600 and my pangya hit rate is not so bad (close to 130 HIO’s in KR (´ー`)). I’m sure that you will adapt to the new resolution and get back on the record track soon ^_^.

  19. Yeah! It looks amazing! Same here, no lags and beauty picture. The game is simple pleasure. And don’t care about hio’s 😛

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