Pangya Summer Beach of Love

It’s been like ages since I’ve done this, but I finally made my first Pangya music video. This is also my first video made with fraps as opposed to anime footage like before ^^; I hope you enjoy! Song is 恋のサマービーチ by Hatsune Miku. Thanks for Yun, Isx and JP for co-starring in it xD.

12 thoughts on “Pangya Summer Beach of Love

  1. haha yea I tried to make it fit the lyrics, I think those who understand Japanese will prolly appreciate this more xD;; I’ll upload it to niconico probably tomorrow

  2. Very nice video, I wish I had a summer set for my Kaz to participate in it but on the other hand, Kaz is probably too emo to have fun at the beach 😀 .

  3. Ahhhh LOL that was very cute xD Nice job Hinano! It was fun participating in your video ^^ wow the quality came out great, now I really want that danged recording program TT_TT

  4. Yun> Try searching for it on mininova, I think that’s where I got it from lol

    jorik> I’ve made anime music vids before but I since quit cause I got bored of it I guess XD;

    Isx> Indeed thanks for helping out xD

    Main> glad you liked ^_^

    Abi> Yea we had Yun bring out her Kaz but all he did was punch the sand out of raeg 😆

  5. I love this video…and the song was in my head all day today, usually that’s a bad thing, but this one is just sweet.

  6. I was just wondering if this was made in Pangya Japan? I just started Pangya today and noticed that it was not open to walking around or going to various places like it is shown in your video (which was the reason i wanted to play in the 1st place.) Nice video btw and thanks.

  7. Erm no I actually made this on the US server. You should be able to create a lounge room and walk around in it…have you tried that?

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