Pangya Season 4 news resurfaces.

I feel like a broken record.
I feel like a broken record.

From here:

Ntreev USA announced today that it will launch Season 4 of its popular online casual golf game, Pangya, in North America this July. The game was recently re-launched in the U.S. and includes content for Pangya’s Season 3. With the launch of Season 4 this summer players can look forward to new content including a self design feature, new characters, new custom items and options and much more.

“Pangya loyalists have been excited about the launch of Season 4 for some time now and we are excited to finally reveal when they can experience it,” said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. “With the recent re-launch of the game in North America we promised that players could look forward to many special events and new content updates-and we are keeping that promise with the upcoming launch of Season 4.”

You can read the rest of the article which just talks about Lucia, Lost Seaway, Self Design and the Dolfini suitcase. (Well I dont know what it willl be called here in the US but it was Dolfini in Japan.)

In addition I picked out this quote from the forums:

I don’t know a lot about scratchy cards yet, but my understanding is that the rates are significantly higher to accommodate the fact that players cannot trade the rares won, so it *is* expected that the individual is able to “go it on their own” so to speak.

If this is true perhaps there will be less rage but I’ll let other people decide that for me. I’m not spending a penny until I hear how low/high the scratch card rares are -_-; If S4 is launching in July, I’m gonna be an ass and guess that it will be like July 31st or something. This means that I have really no reason to come back to play until they begin the beta testing. And with all the hacker reports I sent to Ntreev they better send me a closed beta key or something! 😆

11 thoughts on “Pangya Season 4 news resurfaces.

  1. The question is what kind of scratch card model they will adopt – Korean/GOA or Japan/A18 ? My only scratch rare outfit I got in Japan after just 2 tries, on the other hand I heard about some players who scratched 200 tickets in Korea in one try and didn’t get any rare…

  2. I haven’t really changed my attitude Dan 😛

    GOA doesn’t have scratch card because gambling is illegal in Europe or something. I don’t even know if they’ll ever get one.

    Korea’s scratch card rate is high because they allow trading of lottery items, from what the GM said above, this will not happen in the US therefore they MUST increase the chances.

  3. About Goa, Diune said that we WILL have scratch card but when we don’t know…especially when it’s a GM speaking.

    When Pangya Season 4 US will be officially launched I will surely play A LOT in this serveur. Then, if you don’t mind it would be nice to do some games together since I comment your blog of quite some time now XD It would be nice to “put a character on a name”.

  4. Lol at the earlier news release saying that wthey would “release it before summer”. Kinda lame it’s going to be released that late into the summer. I was hoping early June.

  5. not surprised at the rate they’re going..
    1. Took them a month just to put up a placeholder site
    2. took them 2 months to put up a real site and a cash shop
    3. half the features are still not available
    4. hacker problem still not resolved.

    I’m surprised July is even an estimated release time! I was thinking Fall 2009 at the pace they’re going ! 😆

  6. at least now i know on what ill be spending my money on XD
    but yeah, like i got any other choices XD

    i accept the fact that stuff on us server will never be as good as jp or kr. but having lousy rates when others have normal ones is just sad T_T

    btw, not seeing you online till august?

  7. ya i only logon to report my “daily hacker” (for the lulz) and get my gifts. the gift thing ends on Sunday though so unless there’s a new event I won’t be logging on. Prius is keeping me busy these days ^-^

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