Poupee Travel Event

*heads off to Disneyworld in a Chinadress*
*heads off to Disneyworld in a Chinadress*

Well the interesting thing about the event is you can buy a “ticket” which will change your background depending on where the ticket is. The options are China, Africa & the Netherlands (soo random. Why not America?) They’re so expensive and I only had enough ribbons to buy that China dress. Good thing I still have a leftover suitcase from the last travel event. Katherine’s events are getting so expensive now I’m losing the motivation to blog about them. This might be my last Poupee event blog post.

One thought on “Poupee Travel Event

  1. Hi I ask you a question
    how do you go to other places because I get so concigo in my home …
    you could help me with this
    add me in poupee girl: Nandinha
    ok hope reply kiss

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