Bright Shadow Weekly Update 3/24

gothlolibsA little behind on this since I’ve been playing Pangya Wii but I figured I’d mention it anyway. New lottery as always, featuring some goth loli dresses for the girls and umm whatever the hell that is for the guys. 😕 They also mention that they are aware of the random lag problems (which everyone but me seems to get  lol) and they’re working on fixing it…so that’s good to hear. Unfortunately I’m almost finished the Silvia Canon map in Pangya and moving on to Deep Inferno so I’m still on a little BS vacation until further notice 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bright Shadow Weekly Update 3/24

  1. i`m also taking a break on BS. catching up with dexter and house XD

    also because of random projects @_@

    anyway, so now u`re swinging your wiimote around? =p

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