Megaten Acts Completed!

So this evening JP and I finally completed our acts on Megaten. I say completed because that’s all the game currenctly has to offer episode wise. I think that’s how far they are in Japan as well so doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting anything new anytime soon. ^^; All that’s left now is to help our guild mates with their acts and just grind our way up (until I can finally use NATION RULER – that’ll take me like until the end of the year at this rate!!) The acts helped me go from level 32 to 36 in a day but I also have to thank the Halo guild peeps for helping JP and I out. It was just a pure coincidence that I logged on inside the Ichigaya camp dungeon and was asked to join an act 14 party. Pure luck had us join forces and complete our missions. I don’t think we would have been able to do it without them.

Recently the only events Aeria’s been having for Megaten are AP buying events 😐 I hope they have some more double exp or no death penalty events cause that’s what we really need in this game, particularly for those of us who are now finished our acts and the only thing we can do at this point is grind or help guildmates/newbies with theirs. とにかく頑張ります(o・ω・o)


6 thoughts on “Megaten Acts Completed!

  1. too bad i`m not playing this weekend +_+

    fri: 6 hours driving to another city(taking books, chairs and other stuff to my apt)
    sat: samba @_@
    sun: carnaval +_+ (yeah, friends are dragging me out of here so no gaming)
    mon: yeah, 6h driving again, to enjoy my last 3 weeks of college break XD

    dang, and i needed to expand talk again =p

  2. Hi there,

    We’ll be having in-game events all the time (including 2x exp days)! Be sure to check our forums for the latest info.

    Also, we are working on some new content already (it’s in translation phase), so don’t worry! It’s coming!

    Producer of MegaTen

  3. berz> oh noes haha only 3 more weeks before you disappear from sight again!

    Spencer> Oh awesome, great to hear that 😀 Wow near all the Aeria games gms and stuff have been coming here xD nice to know~

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