Da Capo II Island Christmas Party

kuripa1Well I basically missed the Christmas party this morning because I chose to sleep/had to go to work but I managed to get a consolation prize out of it.

kuripa2I talked to some dude in front of the Da Capo school gates and he transported me to an area that was basically like the Da Capo school grounds but dark with sakura petals everywhere and a lit up Christmas tree.  I talked to a bunch of DCII girl NPCs (actual characters this time) and they talked about how the fireworks were great. Darn I missed the fire works. Damn time zone differences! (⊃ω・`。)

kuripa4Anyway when I talked to Otome (otoutou kunnnn) I guess she felt bad for blowing my ear drums when I watched DCII S2, that she gave me a tiny Christmas tree as a consolation prize.

kuripa31The tree was really pretty and I kinda regret not being around the party now. Oh well. On a somewhat related note, I was visited by one of the main 5 Clannad girls every day for the last 5 days. After Kotomi came by then followed

and Tomoyo
and Tomoyo

Each of them gave me a Christmas card and in return I gave them Christmas cake, champaign (non alcoholic!), Xmas socks and cookies. Turns out that “gift” I thought I had wasn’t actually a gift. I think it was a quest of some sort since I didn’t really get anything out of it. I hope there’s some kind of New Year’s event, or that we get more consolation prizes lol. (I bet they will have kimono outfits for Nico points though 🙄 )
Btw I wanted to ask, does anyone have a bed in their room? I got one but Ican’t sit or stand on it. What gives? 😯


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  1. Crap, I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on this. I’ve been intentionally avoiding everything involving ai sp@ce because the entire premise of the game sounds ridiculously appealing, but I can’t read a word of Japanese (well, maybe a word or two, but that’s certainly not enough). I guess I’m stuck spending Christmas Eve in Animal Crossing for now…

  2. That’s nice^^
    I still didn’t download it yet. even though i made my Nico account, but I wanna but Ima wait till febuary to get my own laptop. (my mom’s gonna get me one when she gets taxes back! >w<) Can you put wigs on your avi and your chara doll? (someone told me that)

  3. Do you have to buy BUY nico points? and when i start to play should i pick “energetic” so i can get Tomoyo as a roomie?

  4. micchi> haha well I think since you last posted there were significant changes so give it a look.

    lov3> you get a default chara doll as a roomie, you won’t get a clannad character etc. nico points you have to buy with real money but they are really expensive.

  5. Oooh! I get it 😀 can you name her? and my mom’s gonna get taxes back after New Year’s so ima play soon! xD

  6. also ima get a vista laptop, and before on my friend’s comp I chose japanese, after it let me switch between english, but when I switched to japanese it wouldn’t let me type in JP, how do i make it change to japanese? :}

  7. um you gotta go into regional settings and set keys to switching from keyboard to keyboard.

    i hope your laptop has a video card cause my old vista laptop had an integrated video card that was shit and lags aispace like hell

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