Poupee Girl Xmas Event

poupeexmasHaven’t written anything about poupee in a while and figured I might as well. Katherine has added some Christmas items to her shop (which will cost you an arm and a leg because they are all cute 😆 ) as well as changed the background to fit the holiday theme. ^_^ I think the items in the picture above is all I’m going to buy. Also it seems that on Christmas, the xmas socks will turn into some sort of a gift. I guess we’ll have to wait & see what it is.


2 thoughts on “Poupee Girl Xmas Event”

  1. GOD that store is expensive, but i’ve been saving for a while so its all good~ 😀

    btw, I thought you wern’t going to blog Poupee Girl anymore?

  2. Eh I figured since it was kinda festive I might as well. I probably won’t blog it as often as I originally intended to though.

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