An Ai Sp@ce Christmas

Yay it's snowing in Akihabara!
Yay it's snowing in Akihabara!

And so with Christmas approaching, pretty much every game out there is going to have a Christmas event, ai sp@ce not being left behind in the celebration!aixmas02

So the obvious update of course is the Christmas aiPON. Needless to say you need niconico points to be able to try your luck and since they are ridiculously expensive. For those who do not wish to spend $1 per 88 yen, there is an alternative – the Christmas item lady.

aixmas03Ok nevermind I lied. All she sells are collectors items like wreaths & xmas cake (which I bought lol) and stupid hats as seen in the picture above. Yes you can wear a horse’s head (as seen in H2O footprints in the sand commercials and in the Haruhi ending with Kyon wearing it) as well as a swan’s head (although I typically see men wearing that on their crotch orz;) Needless to say, I’m glad I have some red colored items so at least I’m somewhat festive =_=;

aixmas04Game updates! First we got a couple scenery changes. Aside from giant xmas trees everywhere, the clothing sellers now have some actual store fronts. Rather than just being in a tent, they’re actually a store! Unfortunately none of them are selling any new items really so nothing else new to see there.

aixmas06Ai Baito! This is the “part time job” feature implemented into aisp@ce to help you earn some dere points. You talk to Rin in Akiba (the one you play Jan Ken Pon with) and tell her you’ve got nothing better to do. After that she tells you to go to X island (I’m guessing it’s either random, or depends on what island your apartment is at) and tells you to find some cloned “things”. In my case it was dangos! 😀 So I had to find the copied dango daikazoku from Clannad island and use the “special feed” she gave me to “catch them” lol. It was silly and I had to go back 5-6 times but eventually I ended up getting approximately 6000 dere for doing this which is pretty decent. I’m not sure how often you can do this job (maybe once a day?) and it seems to depend on how many other people are doing it at the same time.

There will be a Dacapo Island Christmas Party but I’ll be sleeping so I won’t have a chance to participate however it will take place at about 5AM – 9AM EST if you are interested in getting up at the buttcrack of dawn. Maybe I can at least come in for the final hour x:


3 thoughts on “An Ai Sp@ce Christmas”

  1. oh you can? wow that’s lame.
    i mean exchange rates aside, nico points are REALLY expensive. LIke even in Pangya I get a better value. Considering there’s not much to do in aispace i dont think its worth it anyway.

  2. omg ❤ dangos! aispace will be pretty awesome if I can find something to do in it besides sitting in front of the TVs watching niconico videos lol. And yeah the exchange rates suck so bad right now, but what really bothers me is how aipon is 500y a pop and on top of that you can get duplicates

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