Otome Game Review: Love Drops (PS2)

So for old time’s sake I decided to replay my first otome game, Love Drops for the PS2. Obviously this means taking out all the pr0n, adding new scenes and there’s actually a new character. This will be mostly a comparison post rather than a full summary. For the original game summary please see my PC game post.

Floria – It’s strange hearing Toriumi Kousuke as Floria now that I actually know who he is. Come to think of it this game has pretty nice cast of seiyuu that I didn’t really know much about when I played this game 4 years ago 😆 So hm Floria’s a massive horn ball in the PC game who kept groping Kanata at every moment he could but here….it felt like nothing happened in his route. I guess with all the pr0n taken out it just felt like…nothing happened. I mean all I remember is him manwhoring then munching on Kanata’s ears. She woke him up with a kiss and her tears since obviously blowjobs weren’t an option this time around XD;. They did use one of the ero scene Cgs (the kitchen one) but the scenario was rewritten so that they are just “hiding” from Hugo lol. I suppose that’s what happens when most of Love Drops ero Cgs have them fully clothed >_>.

Sakura Tomoya – ARGH Tomoya was so irritating I wanted to punch him in the head. He was absolutely aggravating with his obsession with Kanata. Ok I know we have yandere characters who want to lock you up in other games but he was even jealous of Kanata talking to HIS MOM. WHY ARE YOU JEALOUS OF THAT omg. (´≖ ‸ ≖`) Maybe his annoyance was overshadowed by all the sex in the PC game cause now all the sex was just converted into half assed kissing CGs and I guess it was a lot more obvious? XD Man what an irritating character plus Suzuki’s voice on top of that blah. I also totally remember while playing the PC game for the first time, I didn’t use a guide and this SOB kept dying over and over and I couldn’t get his good end lol. Fortunately I don’t play without guides anymore but this dick is so not worth any good ending (ಠ_ಠ).

Roy – Gah I just love Roy ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆ Totally my favorite character before and still is. All his pr0n was replaced with really cute and sweet CGs. Mostly hugging and kissing but still adorable none the less. I do admit I kinda missed his “I wanna hump” every 5 minutes but some of those were replaced with “I want to kiss~!” XD In the ending the hump scene was replaced with him coming back saying he got a special magic that allows him to age appearance wise with her (but it will cut his lifespan in like half.) The salt to the wound though was freaking Hijiri. He just goes to the library and hugs & makes out with Kanata who’s like “ahh~ I’m swept away by shota even though Roy is feeling fucking terrible and needs me more than ever~!” So yea I think that was probably the worst part of Roy’s route but otherwise I just loved it. Maybe I shouldn’t have played it 3rd because after Roy everything else just feels like a drag (´・ω・`;).

Toudou Hijiri – Gah Hijiri was annoying with his whole “oh no I’m not manly enough for you senpai!” It didn’t help either that I was reminded of the stupid whiny bitch in his route who then possessed him. The good part of course being that I was spared his horrific screeching voice from the ero scenes but instead they were replaced with “kyaa senpai is kissing me!” Oh well it was kinda nice seeing Kanata take the lead for once in this game but at the same time I kept going “when can I cheat on you with Roy?” XDXD Although I admit during the cheating route I felt rather sorry for the poor sap lol. Also in this route they censored Kanata’s panties. OH noes pantsu what shamefulness.

Hugo – Well Hugo was as dumb as usual although I admit I did chuckle at a few moments of his stupidity. I can’t believe he voiced Kyle in Under the Moon. It’s like a completely different personality (and I liked it UTM a lot better…). Most of his ero was just replaced with hugging CGs. Actually in some CGs Kanata looked like her head was ripped from some other CG and rotated to fit into Hugo’s 😆 Also I totally didn’t realize this but in the rebound ending for Hugo…does Kanade shoot her?? First he shoots poor Hugo (who I actually felt sorry for by this point) into the sea..and then I think he shoots her. What the hell honestly. Needless to say, I was not too happy having to now go play Kanade’s route urgh lol.

Kanade – Urgh Kanade was just….yea I expected wangst and of course I got it. Since I now have played Armen Noir, his character was almost identical to SWORD from that kusoge so that made the rage even worse. Now instead of Kanade raping Kanata whenever his wangst flag was pulled, he would just repeat the same phrases over (I’m not a humaaaann) & over during a badly drawn CG. OK I shouldn’t say badly drawn but badly COMPOSED since it looked like every CG I saw in Floria and Tomoya’s routes or something. Even when Kanata jumps for the kiss (instead of the blow job) it still isn’t drawn with their lips touching so by now I’ve just given up any hope for this port. Lol yea I don’t know maybe I would have been sad if this was my first time playing it? But his manwangst of being Mr. Dead Ghost was definitely not welcome the 2nd time around ( ´_ゝ`).

Cifar – You thought I was gonna just say how Cifar was a rapist and end it eh? Well apparently his story & character personality (and like every single CG) was changed for the PS2 version. Not surprising but at the same time they coulda just left him as a “kiss rapist” for the PS2 version…but they decided to give the poor guy an actual story. Well aside from his whole “I’m in love with Haruko but she didn’t give a fack about me” plot, his story was intertwined with the new character, Saeki sensei. When sensei  makes Roy, Hugo & Floria his tsukaima, they keep battling with Kanata so each time Cifar shows up to save her ass. So then Kanata gets all depressed so then we get Hijiri, Tomoya & Mikoto coming to cheer her up. Mikoto aside, the fack with Tomoya and Hijiri who just come over so Kanata can make them dinner. (ಠ_ಠ)So anyway this “fight against sensei → Cifar saves her ass → goes off to emo somewhere → become Hijiri & Tomoya’s cooking slave” pattern continues about 5 times until they finally have the last battle and defeat sensei. I guess sensei is like super saiyajin because Cifar loses, dies (as he makes out with Kanata sans drool) and as usual she meets with him once again in the ending just like in the original PC game. It was a really strange experience to be honest. I guess I was thinking of Cifar as this massive rapist from the original game that suddenly them making him this good guy was really….weird. Like I want to like you, but my heart will just not go on.

Saeki Ayato – Ayato was the new character voiced by Suwabe which I was looking forward to until Cifar’s route pretty much ruined it for me above.  So he’s Mr. bad guy in the last route but suddenly he’s the good guy who keeps saving Kanata from that evil fallen angel Cifar! 🙄 So much for consistency. If that whole repeat cycle of “save me sensei” wasn’t enough, she then decided she’s gonna train her magical powers too! So now it  was a mix of practice magic powers, deredere sensei and random scenes with all the other guys in the game (except Kanade cause he just dropped off the face of the earth.) So after they defeat Cifar he becomes like extremely dere and then says how he’s in love with Kanata and they make out by their favorite wangsting spot (the pier.) I kinda wish those last 5 minutes of the route were like how the whole route was but sadly it was spent on mostly “lets be exorcists and magical girls yay”. Also his sprite and CGS were mostly QUALITY. Didn’t help that his hair color kept switching between brown and black either (ಠ_ಠ).

Mikoto End – If you don’t talk or go on dates with anyone and go to the Halloween party by yourself, instead of getting raped by Cifar, you end up with some random transfer student named Shiba Akira….who strangely enough has the same va as Cifar 😆 Turns out it IS Cifar trying to make out with Kanata but it’s all to trigger for a Manly Mikoto ending. I swear I always said she’s rather manly but this route confirmed it lol. So then because she saves Kanata from Cifar’s spell, she gets hit by the spell instead..and then Mikoto turns into a jealous obsessive bitch over Cifar. Sigh. ( ´_ゝ`) So then they fight Cifar and Mikoto makes horrific orgasming noises and they break his spell. So suddenly everyone shows up and starts fighting over  Kanata and just when I think HELL YEA HAREM END it turns into HELL NO FRIENDSHIP END WHERE MIKOTO TAKES KANATA AWAY FROM ALL THE MANS (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ what the fack. I want those 2 hours of my life back (ಠ_ಠ).

Eugh yea that was definitely not fun the 2nd time around. All the new CGs were really low quality and a lot of them just felt the SAME.  It just felt like maybe they flipped Kanata horizontally and just changed the dude in the picture. Also there was a huge amount of CGs where kissing was happening but they didn’t actually draw lips touching. The only properly drawn kiss CG was for Hijiri and I really dgaf about him. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Stuff felt more dragged out than usual particularly with Cifar and Ayato. The harem end was MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT and well overall I realized just how much I hate the “go to place, talk to guy system.” I guess 5 years ago this was my first otome game and I was like “woo otome games” so I was all pumped about it. Playing it a 2nd time around…not so much. Or maybe it’s because Dimple didn’t give a damn to put enough effort into it, which possibly let to their demise. At least Under the Moon provided amusement with their kiss orgies 😆 And now for some comparison pics! PC on the left, PS2 on the right:

Oh noes not kissing! Oh wait.
oh come ON (ಠ_ಠ)
Gasp! Tongues!
Smoking is bad mmkay.

Lol whatever honestly if you’re going to wipe out things like cigarettes and tongues….why even port this to PS2. Pretty sure they weren’t as uptight about things in Under the Moon as they were here but maybe they learned their lesson in that one lol. Oh well whatever this game just dragged on way too long for my liking, thank god it’s out of my hair permanently. ( ´_ゝ`)


9 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Love Drops (PS2)”

  1. no Hijiri like did it with her either at home or outside the school at night (which they replaced with the making out CG I posted above.)

    I wouldn’t say it’s the worst. I’ve played worse. (Just look at anything by DataM/Polystar…) I am disappointed at the port though, it was almost meaningless to be honest. It’s not like how the UTM port was completely different with the rape removed or how a port of ijiwaru my rapist would probably actually be worth it. Sadly I doubt they’ll ever port anymore Sugar Beans games since the company itself is looking like it’s ready to go out of business at any moment.

  2. I thought Hijiri did it in school with her? Can’t really remember the exact scene, but pretty sure he was actually almost loud enough to attract the security guard (in fact I think he wanted her voice to come out vocal enough). Huge panic on female lead who tries frantically to squash her voice.

    After which he sat down and reflected at his actions.

    Anyway, I’m surprised that you didn’t rage more because this game was really bleah to me. One of the worst otome games I played actually.

  3. @Hinano LOL true. tho i’d rather have that than the rape and the weird emofaggy rape-ish kanade stuff. i just rmr in the school outside sex one i was like whoa that was pretty cool.

    haha idk. maybe i just like wimpy chars LOL

  4. Or maybe it’s because recent games have been over bloated with characters I can’t deal with anymore. Manwhore’s and their annoying fangirls, overbearing guys that I know have a fear they will look me up and just plain jerks or emofags whom I know won’t get better. And most psp games don’t have big casts, so a lot of the boys end up falling into one of those categories. I disliked almost half the cast of amnesia because of that, Ikki and Toma falling into the manwhore with fangirls and creep category respectively. Like with shoujo manga, I’m tired of dealing with the same thing over and over, which is why I actually enjoyed Gekka. At least it was different. And Arcana was just a very good game. I have hopes that BWS will be like either of those, other than that, not looking forward to any other otome games.

  5. yea that whole scene was changed completely so she’d be like NO u shouldn’t cut class! Lol

    Hijiri manly in the ero scenes? I recall him going “omg im so sorry does it hurt? want me to stop? im so sorry!” that’s not very manly in my opinion 😆

  6. I liked Hijiri in the PC ver cuz he was a manly man during the sex scenes but still complete doormat normally (muahaha best combo evarr) but I guess if they take out the pr0n… There isn’t much to him.

    Loling @ how they took out the cigarette. That’s too bad I liked that scene too and how the choice you were supposed to pick was “if u wana smoke go smoke outside school.”

  7. I guess with 80 otome games behind I have a different outlook on otome game characters than I did 5 years ago (´・ω・`;A) He really got on my nerves this time around 😆

    I guess you don’t have much patience left for otome games. It seems to me like you’re ready to put the hobby aside for some time xD; I play every character for review purposes (unless its a chick cause I’m just not into that stuff.)

  8. Kinda surprised that you did not enjoy Hijiri this time around, since you found him rather cute the first time. Just like with the UTM port I won’t play this, because sugar beans game are so about the porn, that the games don’t even matter or become even worse without it. Plus the only character I like is Roy, and he’s not worth the effort.

    That said, sometimes I do wish I could cheat in other games and end up with another guy. Getting bored with the emofag drama or the guy never stops being a douche? Make the heroine grow a brain and go for someone else then! Yeah cheating is horrible and I normally don’t like it, but I’ve playing so many otome games that I don’t care about that it’s just impossible for me to do all the characters, so I just do 1 or 2 routes. Games with systems like this would make me put up with the uninteresting/jerk characters for at least a little while. Games where you can choose who to visit are actually the only games I can complete now, since when I get tired of a guy, I make a save and spend a few turns with someone else.

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