Domain name registered

I’ve registered to make it easier for everyone to get to this blog x3 I’m sure most of you guys just subscribe via wordpress or use an RSS reader but hopefully this will make things a bit more convenient.

For anyone linking to this blog I would appreciate if you updated your bookmarks. Thanks!

The movement on to PSP games.

So unless you’ve been under a rock, you should know by now that nearly every new otome game being released is PSP only.

I grabbed this schedule off Girls’ Style and as you can see if its not PSP its DS and MULTI is PSP and DS. Not a single PC release in sight! I decided to just give in and I bought myself a PSP this past week. Unfortunately that means I can no longer broadcast my otome gaming. I was unable to get RemoteJoy Lite to work on my Windows XP Virtual PC and I’m not going to disable driver signature on Windows 7 because it’s unsafe especially since I broadcast on a daily basis. While I still have a hefty PS2 backlog left, a lot of PS2 to PSP game ports have additional content/scenario/CGs added on to them. Therefore a game I may have originally intended to play on the PS2, I want to maybe play it on the PSP instead. The good news is I can take screenshots so I’ll keep my gameplay tumblr updated, but my broadcast will be few and far between and eventually I will probably stop broadcasting all together.  I’m sure there will be PC game releases in the future but a lot of them will probably be R-18 and well I’m rather tired of that genre so that’s another reason I won’t be playing too many of those.

Anyway just thought I’d give a heads up for anyone who has been following the broadcast & secretly lurking ;D. Maybe someday they will release a better PSP to PC broadcast program but for now I have no intentions of purchasing a capture card so that will be the end of that. Thank you to everyone who’s watched it up to now. I’ll still broadcast all the games I can so be sure to stop by if you haven’t yet!

My computer blew up.

Well specifically I had a motherboard failure, but basically it’s the same thing. I ordered a replacement from Dell but I think it’s been caught in Dell’s replacement part delay of doom. It’s a total ripoff too ($260 for a new motherboard) and they want to charge me $80 to have some guy come in to replace it if we can’t do it ourselves.

I’m so angry at my lack of knowledge of putting together PCs. I wish I could just buy the right parts and put a computer together but I have no idea what to buy.  I don’t want to spend money on a new computer because other than the mother board, all my other system components work fine. I think my video card is okay, my CD/DVD drive I barely ever use for anything and I have 3 gigs of ram + 500 gig hard drive. I don’t want to just “sell it on ebay”. I think they can still be salvaged…but I don’t know a thing about putting together a computer, or the compatibility of anything.

I’m extremely upset about this. While I can still visit sites like poupee girl from my phone or at work, I can’t play otome games. I can’t play tartaros. I can only login to tartaros from JP’s computer to get my login count but I can’t really play properly from his laptop (I don’t know how he does it.) I thought I would be able to be back up and running by this weekend but now it feels like getting back on to a computer feels further and further away.  I don’t know when I will be back but I guess don’t expect too many updates on this site until then 😥

Tartaros Online CB impressions.

My Soma-kun
My Soma-kun

First I want to explain something. My Japanese sucks a lot more than you guys think it does. Sure I can get the basic hang of stuff but when I want to write out detailed thoughts about something my Japanese is watered down to “I like it, there’s a few bugs, I got new clothes and I made a video.” Honestly it’s a pain in the ass. I thought that blogging about Tartaros on so-net would give me points for Postar but apparently it doesn’t unless I blog about gamepot’s games…so yea after posting 3 entries I decided I’m gonna blog about Tartaros here.

To avoid unnecessary people finding this site though, I’ve blocked all search engines from indexing it. I will also not provide any translations or registration guides here, this will simply be a game diary, which is what this blog is supposed to be in the first place. I really don’t like the idea of having to run away somewhere because certain retards keep accessing this blog but I also am sick of limiting my writing because my grasp of the language sucks when it comes to MMO terminology. Until recently, I didn’t even know what the fuck the kanji for “Vs” was in Pangya sigh -_-; My Pangya blogging will continue to be in Japanese for obvious reasons, but for now I’d like to blog about Tartaros in English. (And my blog never made it into the fansite list anyway so not like it matters at this point.)

I’m also considering the return of registered user only commenting but I’ve not completely decided on that yet. We’ll see how the engine blocking goes. It only takes a few people to ruin it for everyone. So anyway on to the impressions. Continue reading “Tartaros Online CB impressions.”