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Otome Game Review: Soukoku no Kusabi ~Hiiro no Kakera 3~

Lol yea I don’t know why the series name is in the subtitle but whatever. I’ve decided to skip over HNK 2 because of its remake crap and having a completely different cast. Instead we’re jumping to Hiiro 3 which takes place the following summer.  It’s now a hot summer and as usual Takuma is eating taiyaki while walking home to the Tamayori shrine together with Tamaki and O-chan (who I’ve promptly renamed to べべぬこ (´^ω^`)).  Everyone is busy studying for their entrance exams and Yuuichi even comes home from his university dorm to help them since he’s on break. One day they notice that a bunch of people are missing in school and when they run outside they realize that everyone in the school/village except for them has disappeared! When they go to check it out and split into groups, Tamaki runs into some shota being attacked by shadowy blobs. They bring him home and name him Rin and just then Ashiya & Kiyono come over. Ashiya explains it’s something to do with mirrors and then says that Drei has been killed along with the other 3 Logos bosses by some dude named Neil. Neil is now the new leader of Logos and he’s unsealed these mirrors which is what caused the disappearance of people in the village. He concludes by saying that most likely this mirror effect will spread beyond this village and THE WORLD IS DOOMED UNLESS TAMAKI AND HER HAREM TAKE SOME ACTION HELL YEA! ヽ(★`益´)ノ 気合ダァ!!

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Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera ~Ano Sora no Shita de~

To make up for the lack of romance (or any character development) in the first game, Otomate released this fandisk! All that stuff that I enjoy about otome games that was just NOT in the original game – ALL HERE BABY. All those キュ━.+゚(○゚Д゚○)゚+.━ン moments and adorable scenes all jam packed into one disk! Beware, major fangirling ahead 😆 Continue reading Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera ~Ano Sora no Shita de~

Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera

It’s Kazuki Yone month! I’ve decided to take on the task of playing every Hiiro no Kakera game that I can, so prepare for a back to back Hiiro marathon! I will probably conclude this marathon with Hakuoki Reimeiroku so you should know what to expect on this blog for the next month or 2. Kasuga Tamaki, a bratty ojousama, goes to live at her grandparents’ house and on the way there she runs into a bunch of blobs. Before she gonna call Ghostbusters, she gets rescued by a hot bishie! He then uses some awesome onmyouji power and blasts them away but our dumb heroine starts bitching & complaining about how scared she is. The dude identifies himself as Takuma and says that he was asked to guide her home by her grandma. Tamaki starts freaking out cause she’s been going to an all girls school for a while and has no idea how to act around men. Takuma explains to her that the round thing she ran into was “god” and that there are various gods like god of the river, god of the bridge etc. Once they reach her grandma’s house, granny explains that the blood of the Tamayorihime runs in their blood which is why they can see spirits. With this in mind Tamaki must now seal the Onikirimaru before someone bad gets their dirty hands on it, and if she fails she will die and the world will end. Granny would do it herself but she’s way past her expiration date so it’s now time for Tamaki to take her place. Luckily our ojousama has a harem of hot men and cute fox demon to protect her.
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