FFXIV: Cumulative Winter Seasonal Event Digest

Also I’m a highlander!?

Alright we’ve had a few seasonal events on FFXIV the past month which is basically Christmas and New Year’s.  They also did a blue mage update but screw that ain’t nobody got time for limited jobs. 😲

I’ve been having an identity crisis on my Japan server character so I had temporarily swapped to highlander to do the seasonal event. This year the music game is back but they have a Starlight de Chocobo as the new song so it was a lot easier to play and feel the rhythm. Needless to say I did the event on all 3 of my girls and got every housing item ガクッ (‘、3_ヽ)_.  As always with Japanese servers, themed housing! I went around 2 popular housing designers on Mana & Elemental DC to check their themed housing!

On the topic of housing, there was also a last minute winter housing tour on Aether DC that we checked out as well!

I always love visiting different housing/studios and I’ve had a friend recommend me some others I have not checked out so I’ll have to come to them some time. So now let’s move on to the new year’s event!

Mochi gone wild

This year instead of the usual mochi pounding monster, we just straight up have the mochi itself going crazy lol. Honestly mechanic wise I think this is a lot easier because I remember every year the mochi pounding thing would kill everyone that wasn’t ranged so this felt a bit more “fair” to every job.  Continuing my identity crisis I went midlander!

As with Christmas, there was some new years housing to visit as well and since it’s Japan, it’s a new year’s (hatsumode) shrine!

Some other random things of note:

After crawling on poetic shortage for like a month I finally finished the umbrite step of my anima. Just need to grind light when I’m not feeling clogged from being sick lol


Unlocked pixie beast tribe on my lalafell because apparently there isn’t a pre requisite quest! Now I finally can get my bard to 80 so my retainer can level lol


Finally got to do a bunbun photoshoot with my long time FC friends


Got my 2nd character’s trusts all to 80 ガクッ (‘、3_ヽ)_

Now that I’m done with Bustafellows I guess I’ll be moving on to Vinculum Hearts that I bought over the holiday sales. Once I get that finished I’m probably gonna get back to tackling my Final Fantasy backlog by getting back to FF12! I only have 1 job on Mana and 2 on Aether to get to 80 and I can finally rest from the leveling grind!

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