Otome Game Review: Koibana Days -pure flower garden-

So when I first read reviews/heard about the system in this game I was horrified. People claimed it was worse than Wand of Fortune, oh the travesty! Well turns out, it’s not a bad system after all, and now I’m a pro gardener and I fully completed the game. :mrgreen:  But more on that in my final thoughts! Our story takes place at Suzunomori Gakuen, a gardening boarding school where our heroine Misaki Hana enrolls. Her grandfather once graduated from this school and he won the flower show with his “legendary flower.” Now Hana is following in his footsteps, to grow the best flower that there ever was! Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Koibana Days -pure flower garden-“

Otome Game Review: Natsuzora no Monologue

There’s a giant white pole in town that everyone refers to as the “tree”. Nobody knows why it got there but one day it just appeared. Our heroine Ogawa Aoi lost her memory 1 year prior when she fainted  near it. It’s all good though because she’s got her science club buddies who want to help her get it back. Sadly their plans are cut short when everyone starts Groundhog daying it on July 29th, the day before the science club was to disband. The reason being because they all secretly wish that the 30th will never come because they all have various life changing situations that will happen the next day. They’re not aware of this though, and they try to figure out a way how to get out of it until they all start realizing why they’re looping in the first place. Skip to final thoughts to bypass the spoiler wagon.

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Otome Game Review: Last Escort 3 -Club Katze-

So with our final (I hope) installment of the escort series here comes Club Katze! (Katze is German for cat apparently.) To be honest this game feels a lot like LE1 than LE2. They took out all the annoying extras from LE2 (room decoration, touch/look/feel, mini games) and  basically added the features that LE1 was lacking (scene skip, anytime save). Just like with LE1 present making and lottery has come back but for lottery you would just win randomly based on your leveled up stats and the presents would always just “auto succeed” based on your stats. While the game overall was a lot easier and less annoying (pretty much no repeat dialogue during the host visits and before/after scenes) the music and the art took a hit instead. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ The music just sounded like some bland 1950s gangster movie combined with elevator music and well the art….let’s just say some of the characters just grossed me out period 😆 Our heroine is Takaoka Izumi who is forced to attend Club Katze as part of her job (as a spy or something??) but it doesn’t matter as her personality is as flat as a board. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Last Escort 3 -Club Katze-“