Guest Review: Bustafellows

Alrighty, so this time there’s no snide comment like “siiiiiigh, well at least this was in the Christmas sale so I was only forced to pay a dollar for it.” I spent basically full price this time for Buster Fellas! It was released on Steam over the summer and I just waited until they released a patch for it. I managed to get about halfway through it before Endwalker hit, but now that we’re in a bit of a lull there I fired it back up to finish it up. Again, as usual spoilers, etc.

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Otome Game Review: Kokuchou no Psychedellica

Minato Ai wakes up to find herself in a spoopy abandoned butterfly themed mansion with butterfly monsters attacking her. Out of nowhere some caped ikeman appears and they shoot the butterflies together. Having no memories of how and why she got there she takes on the name Beniyuri, based on the room she stays in. While there she meets a bunch of other guys in a similar situation and the 5 of them decide to figure a way out while collecting mysterious pieces of the kaleidoscope. As usual spoilers ahead but let’s be real by now like everyone but me has played this game. 🤣

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Thoughts on Endwalker

Well it’s been nearly 2 months since Endwalker hit and I had some stuff on my mind I wanted to write somewhere that wasn’t going to spoil it for my entire Twitter timeline. (;^ω^) Then I remembered I have a blog! Anyway as usual, spoiler warning if you’ve not yet finished or plan to play it yourself.

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