Otome Game Review: Spade no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful White World~

Sooo after Quin Rose died, many dark days have passed until Otomate picked up their assets and released a brand new game under the label “QuinRose Reborn”.  This time Alice goes into the country of Spades but the catch is….she’s got amnesia! All she remembers is her name is Alice but she has no idea that Peter White brought her here or what anything is. Perfect to get new players into the series right? So this time instead of the clock tower we have a train station (rip Julius) and the “world event” that everyone has to go to is the casino run by the lion, Hannibal Gold.

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Otome Game Review: Shuuen no Virche ~ErroЯ:Salvation~

There exists a small island called Alpeciel in which the government is ruled by a royal family – the Revpowells. However it’s not a regular island – as the people of this island are doomed to die before age 23. Before they hit 23, their lungs stop functioning and they eventually die due to lack of oxygen. In order to combat the rapidly shrinking population, the island managed to create a super technological advancement that allowed them to clone someone’s memory and body in the process called “ReLife”. Because of this, the citizens of the island would no longer fear death and would no longer take life seriously because who cares, you’ll just be reborn anyway. And when they are reborn, they are the same age as they died so most of the population physically looks between 20-23 years of age. Recently however there has been a girl by the named of Ceres, our story’s heroine. Everyone that she comes in contact with seems to die of the lung disease faster or get into a fire related accident. Because of this Ceres spends her life growing up being called a grim reaper because everything around her dies. Convinced that she’s a grim reaper that doesn’t deserve to live, at the age of 18, Ceres decides to end her life.

As usual, big fat spoilers – 11k words of spoilers. If you plan to play the game, skip to my final thoughts as usual. If you’re ready to read a novel, grab a bowl of a popcorn or a cup of coffee, we’re going to have a bumpy ride. 😱 Warning this post contains gory details and is not for the faint of heart.

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Guest Review: Taisho Alice: Epilogue

Okay, that was a looooooooooot faster than I thought. It’s only one route, but seeing how much of a slog it took me to get through the previous episode I was expecting this to take me longer than a day to get through. But then I checked Steam and oops, they’re only charging half price for this one after all so I probably should’ve known better. Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, as usual spoilers ahoy, especially given the nature of how this epilogue plays out.

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Guest Review: Taisho Alice: Tokyo Drift

As I mentioned before, I grabbed all the rest of the Taisho Alice games when they got released before the Steam Summer sale. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut then we got sidetracked by Real Games For Real Gamers (TM) for the last few months (and trying to finish up our final prep before the upcoming FFXIV expansion) so this game has been sitting in limbo since then. Anyway, like I keep mentioning each one of these releases covers another set of storylines, this time for Snow White and Wizard and since this game is like 5 years old now I’ll spoil away.

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