Otome Game Review: Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Twin World~

Who knew I’d play another Quin Rose game!? I guess boredom hit me hard this summer and with a lack of any new otome game releases period I decided to play the FD I never bothered to. It’s actually the FD to the first Alice game except they replaced Dee & Dum with Humpty & Dumpty. They claim themselves to be twins but they look nothing alike and Alice thinks she’s going crazy cause it’s not Dee & Dum lol. Nightmare explains that it’s just a “crazy storm” where everyone changes temporarily, except Alice, since she’s an outsider – and that’s why nobody thinks Humpty & Dumpty replacing Dee & Dum is odd except for her. So basically it was an excuse for QuinRose to justify changing people and making them O/C and while it worked in some it ended up ruining things for me in others.

Blood Dupre – Since Alice and Blood are married now, he just wants to spend more bedroom time with her but Alice acts like nothing has changed lol. Blood suggests Alice go to his private resort house that he plans to buy to use while the storm passes so that it’s safer than being at his house. He then gets into a fight with Alice cause she doesn’t wanna sit around in his private home and not visit all her wonderland friends. She locks herself in her room like a child and Blood gets so mad he literally shoots/breaks her door down. (;^ω^) He ends up dragging her there anyway along with some servants. Turns out the reason is because of this “storm” he feels like he’s not himself and he wants Alice to pass the storm without his “fake” self – even though Alice says he’s pretty much the same. Still, he is all like “uh if you even look at me that’s not me I might kill you”. Bleh, I guess I can never really like Blood after all LMAO. Anyway Alice agrees to stay in his vacation house but when the storm happens she doesn’t go anyway so what the point of that whole argument is I don’t know. When the storm comes to the Hatter area it begins by making their area night time vs the rest of the world being day time. Other weird stuff happens like Elliot calling himself a dog. Ultimately Alice thinks Blood is acting weird but can’t put a finger on it and instead he suggests they just “bang to pass the storm” lmao. Nice Dream End: Blood decides to buy a house just for him and Alice to live in – not a vacation home but a private home where he doesn’t have to be a “mafia boss”. He even changes his hatter clothes but ends up looking like the guy she had a crush on IRL 😂. He says he did this for her cause she didn’t like being a “mafia boss’s wife” so when they’re at this house, they are just normal husband & wife.

In the end she gives me a sleeping medicine mouth to mouth so he finally gets some rest after he refused to sleep until the storm passed. Goodnight End: Blood refuses to sleep and decides to bang Alice in his office until Elliot cockblocks \(^o^)/.  Blood & Vivaldi End: Alice sees a  flashback of young Blood and Vivaldi pressured into acting like proper noble kids by their mother. This kinda makes no sense to me since in the original Alice game they are kinda already THERE in adult form and their life is just their “clock” so its weird to see some child rendition. And then on top of this it shows Vivaldi giving herself up to be sold to some pedo GGE so that her family can get money to stay afloat. Blood of course was against this and tried to stop her but she told him it’s her duty. So apparently it’s explained that Blood immediately became an adult because he was angry that he was a child who couldn’t do anything so his time “warped” him to be older. Meanwhile Vivaldi’s time slowly twisted her to an adult form because of her responsibilities as the queen. Turns out that the Heart no Kuni no Vivaldi is just a figment of Blood’s imagination because it’s possible that the real Vivaldi was killed and met her doom like all the children before her. Knowing that they’re mentally kids is kinda creepy since Blood is really horny and is constantly banging Alice what. ಠ_ಠ He also says he killed his parents and the current Hatter Mansion is pretty much his old house that has changed to his imagination too. When he finds out that Alice saw his secret, he tells her she must die because nobody must know any of this but him..but can’t bring himself to kill her or his imagination Vivaldi. Vivaldi then shows up in his rose garden and it turns in yet another 3P end. Honestly this ending kinda ruined a lot of things for me and I ended up just skipping Vivaldi’s route because of it. 😒

Elliot March – Elliot tries to become more manly for Alice by working out and pumping iron but his bunny ears are the reason she thinks he’s cute so it’s probably a waste of time. 😂 She ends up going with him to apparently a huge modern gym that so happens to now exist in wonderland which includes tons of exercise machines and even a rock climbing wall lol. But in the end he can’t figure out how to be manly and Alice just tells him she thinks he’s cute regardless and she loves him that way. When she finally calls him “cool” during another rock climbing session it instantly makes him bang her afterwards lmao. During the crazy storm, Elliot turns into his bun form and calls himself a dog just like in Blood’s route. Despite the storm passing, for some reason Elliot remains in his bun form calling himself a dog. Not only this but he enjoys being in his “dog” form because he likes when Alice calls him cute – the opposite of his real self! But eventually he goes back to normal and they cuddle in bed where he goes from bun to his normal self. A couple days later he goes back to his normal self and is shocked to find out he was turned into a “rabbit”. Manly Man End: Alice helps him calm down when she says he was “cool” in his bun form 😏. And then they go making some carrot cake or something which leads them to bang on the kitchen counter. Date End: Alice tells Elliot he was cute af in his bun form and he’s in despair. They then end up going to the amusement park on a date together and Elliot apologizes to Gowland for bothering him about “cool dude” advice. I was worried Elliot’s route was gonna have weird drama that it had in the last couple games but ended up being pretty cute!

Humpty & Dumpty – I didn’t mind twins in human form but was definitely not looking forward to their creepy egg forms. Also they claim to be twins but one of them looks “older” than the other. On top of this as I mentioned in the intro, Alice has no idea who they are and feels like something is off (because lol Dee/Dum). They also carry egg grenades in their belt pockets because they feel its ~more beautiful~ to throw those than to use scythes or guns. ಠ_ಠ The brothers tell Alice that she shouldn’t strive to be like her sister and instead try to be individualistic in her own way. That aside, the rest of the route kinda flew by me because unlike in the original Alice game, neither Humpty nor Dumpty appear to have any interest in Alice and generally only care about themselves. At the very very end, Humpty and Dumpty randomly give her some jewelry and are like yea let’s bang now ye? And the excuse is “uh yea we’ve been together for a while but we haven’t done anything like this so yea let’s try!” ಠ_ಠ The problem is even in the end Alice is still like “Whomst?” to them so it’s just so vapid and emotionless to me lol. But of course Alice is like HELL YEA 3P and is totally into it rofl, well alrighty then! Dumpty End: Both Humpty and Dumpty somehow come to a revelation that they’ve fallen in love with Alice. They tell her to pick one over the other and Alice can’t so Dumpty just decides he’ll be it and she’s like uh okay I guess? But then he’s like yea but I love you and my brother so we’re just gonna 3P it, and I’ll just get priority LOL. OKAY. Good grief, Alice keeps rejecting Peter but 2 randos who she has spent barely any time with decide they are gonna be her boyfriends and she’s like ayy baybee I love being double teamed. ಠ_ಠ Humpty end pretty much ends the same way except Dumpty suddenly gets horny for watching the other 2 get it on. But then he gets jealous and they end up having a threesome anyway lol. King & Egg End: Alice finds out that Humpty and Dumpty’s mission is to make someone “king” and then they “crack open” the truth about that person. Without a king they can’t crack open and so they’ve been trying to convince Alice to become one by having her have these constant egg dreams. Wrong Time End: Alice remembers about Dee & Dum but decides to go with Humpty & Dumpty for now anyway.

Merry Gowland – Gowland has no idea what his “change” is other than maybe he’s lost one of his earrings. Things go as usual and Alice and Gowland are all raburabu but then Peter kinda hijacks the remainder of the route and I guess I’m ok with this? 🤣 He and Gowland end up having some kind of race competition. Once the storm comes, Boris turns into some shota and Gowland actually looks like a properly dressed gentleman lol. Alice keeps telling him to change and no matter what he puts on he finally looks normal instead of like some clown lol. Alice has to tell Merry that she only loves him and not Peter, but I’m sitting there like ..yea that’s what you think dude. 😂  During his recital Merry actually plays properly instead of some  tonedeaf melody that makes people’s ears explode. Unfortunately since Peter’s still hijacking this route, he comes and interrupts the performance. They get into a gun fight and then Merry whisks Alice away on a horse for some forest date. Musical End: Merry tries to give Alice a passionate love confession on stage after his performance and it just makes Alice cringe. They then get drunk and go bang at her room in the amusement park. At the end I kinda felt sorry for him because he needs to validate the fact that she chose him :|. Recital End: Merry keeps his talent after the storm for some reason and puts on a grand performance for the park. Unfortunately his singing is still terrible and ruins his performance lol. Just then the clock spins, the storm passes and Merry is back to playing screeches on his violin and Boris returns to his adult self.

Boris Airay – As seen in Merry’s route, Boris’ change is he turns into a shota but just like with the twins he can pretty much change his form at anytime if he wanted to. He takes some random medicine from the stupid twins and after drinking becomes sick with a high fever. While he’s sick, Humpty keeps trying to NTR her even though it’s Dumpty’s fault Boris got poisoned in the first place. He ends up force kissing her, and when Boris finds out he’s furious. Needless to say despite Alice saying she felt nothing for the asshole, Boris still gets pissed and ends up chaining her to a bed in the middle of some flower field (?? lol). This obviously only lasts a few days until the storm comes and then Boris is shota-fied. Despite Alice thinking he’s so cute, she’s reminded that it’s really Boris because once the musical is over and she’s done helping, she’s back in the uguu flower field of love & chain. Anyway the whole thing was really creepy until the storm passed and he returned back to normal. Normal is relative to the fact that he still wants to kill Humpty for NTRing Alice and that’s what Alice finds him doing when she’s “freed” from his multi-dimensional love shack. Nothing really comes out of it and they return to his multi-dimensional bedroom where he admits he just wanted to scare him to show him that Alice belongs to him..and Alice is like uwu what I can do to make Bowis not be so wowwied about me~! And then she comes up with the idea to chain HIM instead!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 It’s super effective because he finally calms down lolol. Lock Me Up Gently End: Merry finds them chaining each other up and thinks they’re a bunch of BDSM fetish weirdos.🤣 Boris tells Alice the fact that she loves him enough to chain him up turns him on despite him being a cat. At the end they go to some magic show together with Alice being in some box and when she comes out she’s in her catgirl costume lol. She’s so angry about it later but Boris is like a cat in heat just cause she’s got cat ears on lmao. 🤣 Tie Me Up Gently End: Alice becomes a shotacon and asks Boris to temporarily change into his shota form again…but then she sees him as like a kitten and ties a ribbon around his neck and plays with him and hugs him lmao.

Ace – As usual Ace is my guilty pleasure because of Hirakawa ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆). Ace like Blood, is upset that he might be “different” during the storm and refuses to tell Alice anything about it. He also then makes friends with some little chameleon. After the storm comes, Ace and Peter (who happens to be there) don’t appear to change at all from the outside and of course Vivaldi changes her appearance like in Blood’s route. A bit later when they’re alone Ace even  offers to strip nekkid for Alice to check if anything physically changed on his body ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆). Meanwhile for some reason shota-form Ace is randomly running around the heart castle with everyone trying to catch him. Anyway nothing interesting happens other than Ace being worried that Alice might run off to another country but she says she’d rather be “lost” with Ace and then they go bang in his camping tent. A Brief Nap end: Ace takes Alice from her room in the heart castle and jumps out the window knocking her unconscious. She wakes up in Ace’s lap after having a weird dream. Lost End: Alice runs into shota Ace and realizes it’s him because of the chameleon he’s chasing. But then the storm ends and he just..vanishes and Ace still has no idea what his “change” was..but after playing Peter’s route it’s basically confirmed that Ace’s change is since he “split” from his “lost shota form self” he stopped getting lost. That’s how he was able to hang out with Alice and actually go to places without wandering for days. So once the storm ended and he merged back with his shota self they went back to being lost again and wandering around/camping.

( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆) GJ Alice

Peter White – Ah I’ve been waiting to do Peter’s route because it’s been so long and because he got shafted from the upcoming Spade no Kuni (´;ω;`). At first Alice instinctively punches him as usual but then realizes being with him makes her smile and starts to loosen up. After Peter gets a little bit jealous of Elliot, they make up by going on a date to the amusement park. After the storm hits, Alice starts stripping Peter in his room to see if he has any “physical changes” but he thinks she’s just being randy ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆). Needless to say they end up banging after this lmao and then it’s revealed that Peter forgot how to turn into his “animal” form. After this they go to the amusement park while the storm is raging at the castle and spend their time in the ferris wheel waiting for it to end. The next night she has a dream where she’s cuddling bun form Elliot, and says his name while sleeping – and Peter hears this and gets well..rightfully angry. Well they make up and bang after that I guess…poor Peter. One day a bride end: Peter takes Alice to a church and puts on some bootleg veil on her saying they should get married or something. Spending Quality Time End: Alice lies to Peter saying she just thought that Elliot’s bun form was cute and it was nothing deep (when in reality she missed bun Peter.) He tells her that he’s angry that Elliot can turn into a bun and says that he’s the only one allowed to be a bun for her. She then asks him to turn into a bun and they spend time cuddling in the garden together lol. Before going back to the castle Peter turns back to his normal form and kisses Alice. While Peter had cute parts of his route I can’t help but feel like something was lacking? Or maybe it’s just been too long and I completely forgot my love for him…or maybe it’s just the usual quin rose’s writing going down the toilet right before they went bankrupt. (´・ω・`)

Julius Monrey – After like a 2 week break of this game I finally got back in it to Julius route and the first thing i saw was a really weird looking hand holding a weird looking sandwich. Come on QR this is why you went out of business. 😂 Unlike Peter though, Alice was completely deredere for Julius from the start and was happy that a rando called them a “married couple” even though they’re not officially so.  Unfortunately after this the route derailed into dull dry conversations or Alice just straight up going off to hang out with other dudes completely breaking the nice mood. Things finally get interesting when the storm passes over the clock tower and Julius gets a haircut lol. It gets extra interesting cause Julius becomes suddenly very open with his feelings to Alice and says he thought he was going to die without his “one and only wife”. 😂😂😂  He also has no problems shooting at guards who try to stop him from taking Alice out of the heart castle so he basically has turned into Peter lol. Memorable Photo End: While Julius is about to bang Alice in his storm form, the storm ends and he returns back to his long haired reserved self. The next day Ace visits bummed about the fact that he didn’t get to see cool ikeman Julius. A couple days later they take a selfie together..and then Julius admits he was worried about losing Alice during the storm and seeing that he’s glad she isn’t gone he goes back to being his horny self again. ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆) Alice wakes up to see that he’s hung their photo on the wall and teases him about it. Husband & Wife End: Alice & Julius like that some people consider them husband & wife so they decide to live together like that.

Nightmare Gottschalk – Since Alice can only meet Nightmare in her sleep she mostly meets him in his “dream world house” which apparently he now has one and has not had one in all the previous games lol. He tells Alice that just cause she’s an outsider doesn’t mean she won’t change and turns her into a bun to show her (which was super cute lol). In this route Nightmare also owns the egg idiots kicking them out of Alice’s dreams and thanks to the storm, he’s able to visit her outside of her dreams. He even attaches his room to her room at where you decide to stay (I did this route from Hatters.) His “room” just looks like his room from Clover no Kuni though lmao..and not only that but she can see clover no kuni from the windows of his room. They go on a date in Clover no Kuni together. Warmth of Your Arms End: Unfortunately the storm ends so Alice is back to only seeing Nightmare in her sleep. Despite that, all the stuff they bought “outside” her dream is all there in his “dream room” which makes her happy they have some sort of a connection to reality. In the final egg dream Nightmare tells Alice to destroy the throne and then Nightmare sort of hints at Alice meeting him again one day in Clover no Kuni (but only those who played the other games would get the references lol.) To the Other Door End: Nightmare tells Alice to only think about him next time she has the egg dream and she will eventually “reach him” in the “other world” which I guess is a good way to connect this game to Clover no Kuni so it’s best to play Nightmare’s endings last I suppose. A little bit disappointed with Nightmares route, as it felt a little less romantic than the other ones? Even though Nightmare and Alice appeared to be mutual I feel like he deserved more cute scenes with her.

Bun Alice lol

Well that was…that. I think this game made me realize why I stopped playing QuinRose games and I guess this was a reminder that I’m not really missing out by not playing anymore of them in the future (not like it matters as they’re all old abandon-ware games by now on shoddy thumbnail sized PSP screen.) I’m also I guess over my whole Alice obsession or maybe it’s the shoddy half assed freelance writing that did it but my excitement for Alice as a heroine was kinda bland and my excitement for Peter was also ….rather lacking this time. In fact I honestly found Julius to be the most fun route this time around lol. (And that 1 Blood ending aside, Boris’ entire route was just…..no.) It also made me realize how much I like Sugita as Nightmare so having them change voices for him in the upcoming Spade no Kuni kinda nailed the coffin for me to not bother getting that one. I think Alice nostalgia can only go so far so if you aren’t “currently into the series” it’s really hard to get back into it (but doesn’t help that QR changes writers a million times so a lot of the writing differs between games.)

I really wish they didn’t add this “original plot revelation”

In this particular game there was a couple odd things I wanted to point out. For some reason whenever someone would be talking from another room/via it sounded like they were talking from inside a bathroom and the gun sound effects sounded like some kind of car engine. Additionally, I thought it was really weird how they had so much modern stuff in this game…gyms, cameras…like I almost forgot this was an old timey alice in wonderland game…it’s like they just gave up all fucks about what fits the “lore” of the game lol. I did like that they kinda hinted towards Clover no Kuni in Nightmare’s route so it sort of adds a bit of a connection if you were to say play the original + this game first and then move on to Clover no Kuni after. The art quality varied between routes but overall it wasn’t too terrible like in some of their other Alice games (looking at you Dia no Kuni lol.) Overall I think it’s a worth FD to play if you just finished the original Heart no Kuni/Anniversary, but not particularly a stand alone game like some of the other Alice games in the series.



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  1. True, considering they brought back the writer that did Diamond no Kuni. From my experience, people’s quality don’t change much when they return to writing or drawing for a long time lol

  2. I’ll hold off on reviews for spade before buying, cause for all we know the writing could be as good or as bad as this game was lol

  3. Oh man, the nostalgia of my obsession over Heart no Kuni and Quinrose. The main reason I was really into them was because of their character designs. Like most of the male characters looks very unique and interesting compare to the majority of the other otome games. But yeah, I agreed with the others that these scenarios are becoming repetitive (same can be said for the OG nowadays).

    With that being said, I’m curious as to what Spade no Kuni has to offer.

  4. haha, yes… the virus situation and staying home…

    This game did seem to have a lighter tone, but lol, the blood/vivaldi stuff definitely seemed weird to me, gotta agree!

  5. Yea they really weren’t….only Julius really stood out to me lol. Probably whoever wrote all the original Alice games didn’t even work on this one since QR’s “Satsuki Kou” was like 40+ people or something working under that pen name.

  6. yeaa I had a lot of time this summer thanks to the rona and being home a lot lol

    The game was definitely a lighter tone over the other games but I feel like it made Blood/Vivaldi so much worse than it needed to be

  7. Even I remember being into the whole Heart no Kuni no Alice a couple of years back when the Manga appeared in my school library popup shop. I rememeber reading about the initial games and getting into the whole manga/anime. But even my nostalgia gets me so far, like these scenarios don’t even seem interesting.

  8. thanks!
    well now, I didn’t expect to see another Alice playthrough looool! Ah, QR, old tiems old tiems! I do like their characters, but some of the plots just don’t make sense so welp!
    I actually have a couple of the Alice manga myself! Which, besides not having colour, is a reasonably fun read!
    I also think I’ve read like Julius’s route in twin world, maybe as a oneshot in one of the compilation mangas hm…I think that was pretty cute! It is probably online that I read it, I think…

    Lol for this game…Hm, Boris and his chains! Julius not being a tsundere and being deredere instead is seriously cute though! Elliot’s route seems pretty cute as well! And I do quite like Ace too in this route, he didn’t seem overly…dark, this time, in a way! hahaha!

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