Otome Game Review: Meiji Tokyo Renka -Twilight Kiss-

No OP movie cause Broccoli erased all existence of it from Youtube

This is the fandisk to Meiji Tokyo Renka that came out back in 2015 on PSP but I never got to play until now – after Mages ported it into their mobile app and allowed me to play it for free!

Mori Ougai – The route begins with Mei being married to Ougai in the past time. One day he discovers that his favorite manju store has closed because some youkai keeps stealing the red bean paste. Ougai then decides to play detective and with Mei’s powers to figure out who’s behind it. Mei hates his chazuke but agrees to help him anyway. And it turns out to be since spirit shota who washes azuki and Ougai asks him to nicely give it back and everything is resolved lol. Day end: Ougai takes her to a restaurant reserved for the 2 of them to eat beef as usual. After that they go home and bang and the next morning the azuki store sends them manju as a gift so Ougai flies out of bed to make the chazuke for it. 😅 Night end: Ougai tells Mei he knows she loves meat and then they bang in his study. In the bonus story they go to a hot springs together and have a private bath all to themselves. I’m not sure if it’s been too long or what but even though Ougai was absolutely my favorite character in the original, he annoyed the hell out of me here. Maybe he was always like this but it was just more noticeable?😅 He just kept ignoring anything Mei said and would just do things his way and shove tea drained mochi into people’s faces. Mei also annoyed me with the whole uhh I can’t tell him I hate those things or he’ll be sad! And just let him go on about with his bullshit. Maybe I was just going through a namikawa daisuke phase at the time and just forgave every dumb thing Ougai lol.

Hishida Shunsou – Shunsou is eroero in this fd and they jack it up a tier when they have some tsukumogami possess him.😂 He says all sorts of horny shit to Mei and she’s like 😳 until she talks to Kyoka who instantly figures out a spirit is behind this. I mean come on Mei, his eyes literally lit up red twice and you still think he wasn’t possessed by something? Did we not learn anything last game??😂 Anyway the spirit is from some art tool of an artist who passed away and after Mei convinces it to take over her body instead, Shunsou tells them both that the artist died years earlier. The tool spirit is in despair but Shunsou tells him that it’s his job to be the tool for the next owner who bought him, and so the spirit thanks him and disappears. Day End: Shunsou tells Mei that even though he’s going to study in America in 2 weeks, he wants to live with her and gives her the keys to their new house. In the night end, he just moves her there, including all her stuff from Ougai’s house and tells her she has no other place to go now!! And then they spend the night banging. Honestly I’d like to know how/where did he get an entire house?? Did Ougai buy it for him? Shunsou is just a student right? He doesn’t even have a job! ಠ_ಠ And then in an unfortunate turn of events, the onsen omake literally just CUT OFF Kenn’s voice completely W T F. Muh dummy head mic hewwo!?? Needless to say once I got the CG I didn’t bother wasting currency to unlock the last chapters because wtf man. (´・д・`)

Kawakami Otojiro – Otojiro has weird stuff happening, such as theatre props falling on his head, while he’s trying to do his Hamlet play. It’ss some angry spirit who looks like Otokko and she hates Otojiro! Turns out that it was the spirit of a dead sister of one of Otokko’s patrons. Her name was Koharu and she always dreamed of being an actress on stage but in that era only men were allowed on stage. Not only that but she was sold into prostitution and ended up taking her life. The reason she comes out to haunt the stage is because the patron gave Otokko her obi which angered her when she saw Otojiro acting and not using it. In the end Otojiro tells the spirit that he wants to change the rules and allow anyone no matter what age or gender to be on stage. Her brother also tells her that he regrets not being able to save her from prostitution. With this her spirit is freed and as she dances on stage she vanishes in a cherry blossom blizzard. Day End: As everyone is celebrating after Otojiro’s performance, he takes Mei outside and after kissing her they both see cherry blossoms fly by them even though it’s autumn so they know who did it for them. Night End: Otojiro makes out with Mei backstage as his co-staff yells at him to come celebrate with them already. Onsen: same as all the others but at least the voice actually worked!!

Izumi Kyoka – Kyoka has a special place in my heart because I visited his museum in Kanazawa last year ( ˘ω˘ ) Unfortunately it didn’t have any otaku stuff there lol just real stuff about the figure he’s based on. Anyways in the FD Kyoka can no longer see spirits, including his beloved bunny. Since Mei still can he lets him know where it is, since even though he cannot see it he can “feel” it. Unfortunately he gets a puppy spirit attached to him at a shrine at one point, and it just WILL NOT LEAVE HIS SIDE. It constantly rubs against his legs and licks his face and Kyoka can’t see it, only “feel” floof and tongue. 😂 So because of that he’s horrified because well that’s kinda weird and also because he just hates dogs lol. Mei tries to help him out and separate them but that doggo is just too attached and will not let go! After having Kyoka cross dress, hide in a broom closet, and get posessed by something, Mei realizes clearly something is wrong and runs after him when he goes wandering to Koishikawa. When she gets there they are both spirited away but thanks to that doggo komainu he snaps them out of it. Day End: Kyoka finishes writing his book and everyone has a release party at the geisha club house. After that Kyoka takes Mei outside to make out and when they come back everyone teases them. Night End: Kyoka and Mei help fix up the broken shrine for the doggo spirit as a thanks and go to a summer festival. While there Mei finds some clovers and almost slips into the river but Kyoka saves her and falls in instead. She then rushes him to a tea room (aka an old timey love hotel) to dry off and well since they’re already there may as well get down to business. In the onsen omake, Kyoka flips his shit, gets horny but when he tries to do anything he passes out from spending too much time in the hot bath lmao fail. 😂

Fujita Goro – I already didn’t like Fujita from the original game because he was so STIFF and boring, and sadly his FD route didn’t improve on that situation. I could barely focus on what was going on, and the lack of romance made it hard to pay attention even further. At some point Mei is kidnapped and tied up but she manages to escape to Fujita for help so at least that was a plus I guess? I dunno in the end they seal off some shrine with some weasel spirits that attacked them or something. Day End: Fujita takes Mei to Hijikata, Saito and Kondo’s grave and pays some respects with her. Zomg Hakuoki!!11 ಠ_ಠ Night End: The writers decided they should actually have some romance in this game and after babbling about Shinsengumi flashbacks again Fujita decided he’s gonna bang Mei and the next day gives her a repaired version of her chopped up ribbon. Honestly there was a lack of romance, as usual Fujita treats her like “just a woman near him” with basically 0 respect. I get it, it’s ye oldey times, but all the other guys actually treat her properly so Fujita’s entire route is irritating lol. Also to throw the final salt into the wound, his onsen route had no voice like Shunsou’s, so I only unlocked 3 chapters  for the CG and called it a night. ( ´_ゝ`)

Koizumi Yakumo – Yakumo’s route was a breath of fresh air after Fujita and not just because he constantly makes fun of Fujita and kisses Mei in front of him to show off at the start. 😂 Yakumo goes on a field work trip and runs into a Yukionna spirit, and she gets so angry that he doesn’t immediately fall for her that she decides he will be her husband and NTRs him by putting a curse on him. The curse is, whenever Mei tries to get close to him or show him any physical affection, she instantly feels like she’s hugging a frozen ice block and gets insane chills. The only way to stop this is to distance herself from Yakumo, and as both of them are distraught about this, they both go searching for ways to break the curse. So then the spirit of Yakumo’s cousin Jane shows up, tells the yukionna to cut it out and the Yukionna turns into a loli named Yukinko and cries that everyone is being mean to her. After this she vanishes, and the curse is broken. Day End: Yakumo and Mei get married the traditional Japanese way but Yakumo gives her a ring anyway since it’s a western thing to do. Night End: Yakumo buys a house for himself and Mei to live in. The onsen omake AGAIN had no voice for Yakumo wtf Meikoi App!? At least by the time I was on this route it was completely free so I unlocked it in case they ever fix the voices later :(.

Charlie –  Boy this was a glorious waste of my time. It didn’t feel like an “FD” route at all and felt like a bootleg extension of the previous game. Basically absolutely nothing happens except Charlie being dumb with his magic crap until Mei gets sucked into the spirits world via a mirror – because she internally wished she could be with Charlie 24/7. Since Charlie disappears during the day and only comes out in the evening/night, the mirror world would allow her to be with him all day cause in there its night all the time. But no, Charlie’s like no you don’t belong here and rescues her out. There’s a flashback of her crying as a child and Charlie patting her on the head telling her it’ll be alright – but absolutely no explanation why – though I can guess maybe it’s based on what the anime mentioned how she was bullied as a child for being able to see/talk to spirits. And yea that’s literally it. Day and Night End are interchangeable in where she either ends up back to square one hanging out in the park with Charlie and training magic skills or tells Charlie she’ll become a mononoke when she dies and be with him 5ever. Even the onsen omake which was actually voiced was disappointing because he just acted like a goof and there was like no romance. IMAGINE WANTING ROMANCE IN A FANDISK HOW SILLY OF ME ಠ_ಠ.

Turns out they fixed the onsen voices literally the day after I had already finished the game so maybe I’ll go back to listen to at least Shunsou’s or something later lmao. Anyway FD was just okay, the dummy head mic was best in Ougai, Shunsou and Kyoka’s routes. Fujita and Charlie just straight up sucked and Yakumo couldn’t really have romantic contact with Mei for -PLOT REASONS- so that killed a lot of potential romantic scenes. What’s really sad is how much nicer the new app CGs and sprites look – but the down side is no dummy mic (unless you pay to win). Anyway if you’ve ever wanted to play meikoi or the FD, definitely get the app because they will make the stories free to read every once in a while so you’ll be able to see the CGs in higher resolution compared to the PSP counterpart. This game also made me realize how unpopular Dummy Head Mic is anymore which is kind of a shame cause if used correctly it can be really good lol. Guess the fad died along with abusive wifebeating love interests sometime in 2015. ┐(´д`)┌ As far as how is Mei in this game? I’ll let these 2 screencaps speak for themselves 😂:


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  1. I mean the fact that they were being used in mostly abusive rejet games probably had something to do with it…….. lmao

  2. Huh, I had no idea the dummyhead mic was losing favor. Maybe they weren’t being implemented correctly? Well, I’m looking forward to finally playing the first game since it’s been collecting dust on my shelf for forever (/ω\)

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